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ATTENTION:   Tom Carl, please email John at the Link below! (Tom was the purser on a recent Northwest Airlines flight who had some great stories that I would like to pass on by interviewing him again, so if you know him, please have him get a hold of us!) I've since heard he's got a GREAT Hawaii story to tell and I WANT TO HEAR IT! 

Features and benefits of John Reitmeier's Cool Site Pick of the Day:
  • Add upbeat, enthusiastic, fun content to the morning show!
  • Draw in listeners to beat the competition!
  • Drive people to YOUR Radio Station website!
  • Gives you a new program that can be sold to technology, travel, food, and clothing/luggage companies!
  • "Storyteller John Reitmeier is an attraction in himself!" - SO SAYS Southern Living Magazine
  • Show is relevant to world events for news hungry morning listeners!
  • John is a seasoned veteran of radio, broadcasting from Israel, Germany(more than 20 visits), Amsterdam, England, Mexico, Canada, 28 American States.
  • We'll become the water cooler conversation topic!
  • Gives station a "technology" image yet people without computer access still relate!
  • "I learned something every day on the Cool Site!" - Jim Bollman, KNOX, KCNN
  • Show can be as adjusted to fit the tone and length of your format. Our main goal is to make your station and morning program sound GREAT!
  • We're available to cut commercials/endorsements/visits for your best advertisers!
  • No cost to you (except a few phone calls)!
  • Show is bartered: We get an opening and closing sponsorship tag and 60 seconds of commercial time OR 3 thirty second commercials per day with 20 seconds of our ad and 10 seconds pitching the show.
  • Minimum of once a year in your town for a meet & greet!
Contact Info:
Send email to us:    r e i t m e i e r @ g m a i l . com 

The Erfort Dom (Cathedral)   This church holds a 7 million dollar pipe organ.   Me in front of the German Parliment Building.   My private retreat in Tennessee.

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