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If you're a HOST

We'll work together with you to create an optimum way for you to maximize the presence of MEDIA people at your event/activity/location.  Every situation is different.  Typically room (we try to put 2 attendees in a room but they MUST have individual beds) food and transportation at the site are included.   All passes, tickets, service charges, etc. are expected to be paid for the Attendee's  unless they know in advance.  


A TYPICAL trip might be:
3 days, 3 nights  Area Tourism Exposure trip.

Arrive late evening before Day1.   9pm Get acquainted/go over schedule/last minute questions briefing.

Day 1
6 AM
Depart for tour/visit of natural geographic site. 
On to tourism site visit.
Noon Time Lunch / presentation by local historian.
2 PM visit to local refinery.  Q/A with management.
6 PM Dinner and presentation by local tourism folks.
8:30 Evening free for production/prep 

Day 2 
6 AM Breakfast
Noon Time Shore Lunch
Dinner at chosen location
Evening presentation of Hosts of other attractions/events/de-briefing/good-byes

Day 3  Informal Breakfast as desired, departure as scheduled!


Another TYPICAL trip might go like this.
All Attendees fly to USA departure point (their expense)
Briefing/meeting at departure city airport.
On board aircraft.  Coach seating (some attendees will upgrade using miles or cash at their own expense)
Arrival Berlin Germany
Transfer to hotel #1.
Check in - Free time - Attendees communicate with Media.
Evening Dinner - Presentation by Hosts
Early Bedtime

Day 1 (on site)
Group breakfast.
Morning site visit
Group Lunch/Presentation
Afternoon Site visit
Group Dinner
Evening Local Entertainment

Day 2
Individual Breakfast
Pack to leave Hotel #1
Morning site visit
Group Lunch/Presentation
Afternoon Site visit
Check into Hotel #2
Group Dinner
Evening Presentation

Day 3
Group breakfast.
Morning site visit
Group Lunch/Presentation
Afternoon Site visit
Group Dinner
Evening Local Entertainment

Day 4
Informal Breakfast as desired, transfer to airport, departure as scheduled!

 General Info:
Attendees are picked based on their ability to bring the HOSTS message to their readers/listeners/viewers.  Typically a print media will have 1 attendee.  Radio generally also is allowed 1, but Hosts may be asked to consider a producer position.  Sometimes we can have 1 producer for all radio station attendees.   TV/Video generally will require cameraman and perhaps sound man or producer.  All these situations are pre-arranged and at the HOSTS discretion.

If you're an ATTENDEE

How wonderful!  You have been asked to be a guest at a fun location.  Of course our Hosts expect something in return.  We will make every accommodation to help you "get the word out!"  This might change from place to place and event to event.

Hard Facts: We get to keep doing this because it's beneficial to the different Hosts we work with on cost vs. benefits basis.  That's why we need lots of feedback of your plans, and what exposure the Hosts actually received.   Please respond quickly to our different report forms.  

We need to know in advance your plans for:
Exposure during your time with your Hosts
Post Reporting.
All this info is collected into Master Reports for our Hosts.   Remember their continued good standing in their jobs sometimes hinges on us being able to show that the cost/benefit ratio of your reports far exceeded what spending the same amount on regular purchased advertising might bring them.

You agree to and are responsible for any damage or extra expense that your host might incur that you or anyone in your group may have caused either intentionally or unintentionally. 

We will do our best to prep you for what to expect.  You'll get info sheets of expectations from our hosts,  best guesses as to weather to expect, hoped for results,

Travel LIGHT!  But don't forget to bring a towel.

We carry a full compliment of radio gear that hooks up to a POTS (Plain old telephone service)  PLUS we carry a laptop that we can feed a signal into and send finished files OR live feed via the internet to your stations.  We carry 2 headset/w mics and 2 free hand mics.  If you have other needs that we can provide, let us know earlier rather than later.

Generally you are expected to be responsible for:
LNR.net arrangement fee.
Your own transportation to and from Hosts Location or to departure city if leaving the USA.
Any food/beverage needs outside of what's on your schedule.
Gratuities-please be generous, we're always being watched and judged.
Any alcohol you desire that's not part of a provided meal or designated cocktail gathering.  Remember 6am breakfast comes mighty early ;-)
RU a vegetarian?  Sorry you'll need to make do with what's available, we can't promise any specialized menus.

Unless otherwise specified ALL locations are non-smoking.
If travel requires use of passports, you are responsible for having all valid papers.  You are responsible for any passport stamps/fees that might be required.  If there is a problem with any of your papers which do not allow you to continue on the trip, or if you should leave the planned schedule for any reason, you are responsible (we will help to the best of our abilities) for your return home not on the schedule.  If any equipment should provide a problem you are responsible for it's disposition/return.

Obviously it's out goal for you to have the BEST TRIP POSSIBLE.  We'll try to provide for your needs and well being to the best of our abilities.  Flexibility is KEY!


Disclosure: Each attendee is charged a fee by the Late Night Radio Network. 
This is a "cover our arranging costs" fee which must be paid by the attendee or their sponsor to have
them added to an ATTENDEE list.  It is not refundable.