HI FRIENDS!   Here's our OFFERING for 2013.  Come with Me to the Christmas Markets of Germany!  
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GERMAN Christmas Markets 2013

Frankfurt - Munich - Nuremberg - Berlin

Christmas Markets Germany 2013 (on a BUDGET!)

HIGHLIGHTS: Well traveled host from Minnesota, hosts in several cities, Markets in 4 Cities, The Must see Cathedral (Berliner Dom), High Speed Trains,(FIRST CLASS TRAIN SEATS!) Meal in Absolute Darkness, up close and personal to the German people and culture. Local Hosts in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich Free time with assistance to see what you like, Museums, Art, History, People...make your choice.

Delta FRIDAY NOVEMBER 29, 2013 Fargo - Minneapolis-Amsterdam-Frankfurt

SATURDAY DECEMBER 7, 2013 Berlin-Amsterdam-Minneapolis-Fargo
FAR-MPS 12/29 4676 3:15p-4:21p
MSP-AMS 0258 5:20p-8:30a (arriving Saturday)

AMS-FRA 9556 9:50A-11:05a


TXL-AMS 9520 12:05p-1:25p
AMS-MSP 0265 3:10p-5:20P

MSP-FAR 0865 7:10p-822p

AIR-HOTEL-1st Class TRAIN Pass & Local Trains

$2,049.00 Per Person/Double Occupancy

Single Supplement $275.00
Trip Interruption/Cancellation Insurance $129.00

$100 Surcharge if less than 12 People

This year limited to 15 Guests

Must be paid by September 15, 2013


DAY 1 Depart Fargo ND (other gateways available) Overnight flight

(Sleep on the plane...really you need to sleep!)

DAY 2 Arrive Frankfurt

Local Train/Bus from Airport to City Center.

Hotel Check-in

Bit of City Tour, Christmas Market on the Square

Lunch Suggestion (Little side restaurant with the best mashed potatoes in the world!)

Dinner To be arranged...

Sleep FRA (Host Sebastian)

Day 3

Late (Jet Lag) Breakfast

Stadel Gallery http://www.staedelmuseum.de/sm/index.php?StoryID=1190&websiteLang=en

Evening/Dinner Sachsen Hausen (walking district, bars, restaurants, shopping) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sachsenhausen_(Frankfurt_am_Main) We’ll visit the old Cider Houses!

Sleep FRA (Host Sebastian and Alex)

Day 4 AM Train to Munich (Train Pass Day 1) Duration 3:20-4:15 Hours

Early Breakfast in Frankfurt
Walk to Train Station

1st Class Train Seat to Munich (watch outside, awesome views of Bavaria!)

Hotel Check In

Hofbrau Haus and Polaner Restaurant, Glockenspiel-City Center, Markets



The Christmas Market is on the Square in front of the Glockenspiel


(Host Philippe Reitmeier)

Sleep Munich

Day 5 AM Train to Nuremberg (Train Pass Day 2) Duration 1:15-2:00 Hours

Early Breakfast in Munich
Walk to Train Station

1st Class Train Seat To Nuremberg

Walk to Hotel/Check In

Biggest/Most Famous Christmas Market


Evening: Oldest Sausage Restaurant in the World

Sleep Nuremberg

Day 6 AM Train to Berlin (Train Pass Day 3) Duration 5-5:30 Hours

Early Breakfast in Nuremberg

Walk to Train Station

1st Class Train Seat to Berlin Arrive Berlin HBF

Local Train:Ubahn/S/Bahn from HBF to Hotel Check In

Mitte AREA (shopping/bars/food)

Evening: Das Dunkle (Blind) Restaurant


Sleep Berlin

(Host Henry/Jan) (Planned- Easy Hotel Berlin, Hackescher Markt http://www.easyhotel.com/hotels/berlin.html )

Day 7

Biggest Scheduled Day

Early Breakfast

Cab or Walk to Berliner Dom (Dom=Cathedral..The Kaiser’s answer to the Vatican)

MORNING: Berliner Dom

Local Train to W. Berlin



EVENING: Gendarmenmarkt (twin Churches Christmas Market in W. Berlin)

Train back to Mitte/Hotel

(Host Henry/Jan)

Sleep Berlin

Day 8

Free/Pre-Arranged day of Individual Choice. Museums or Art Galleries or WWII etc.

IF you still have good feet...the 3.5 Hour FREE Walking tour is HIGHLY suggested!

Last Chance for Crispy Duck!

Sleep Berlin

(Host Henry/Jan)

Day 9 Depart Berlin to Home

Early Breakfast

TAXI to TXL-Airport (22 Euro-3 per cab)




Expected extra spending: (estimates are all high)
Day 1
Local Train from FRA to Downtown 4E (part of Local Train Pass Card)
Day 3 Stadel Art Gallery Cab Over-3E Ticket-12E Cab Back-3E each

Day 4 Hofbrauhaus in Munich Beer is 5E/Liter
Polaner Restaurant 20-30E (they own their own farms, mate domestic sows with wild boars...some of the best pork you can get anywhere!!)

Day 5 Sausage Restaurant in Nuremberg 20E Oldest in the world!!

Day 6 Unsicht Bar 45-70E (Meal in TOTAL DARKNESS) (and worth every penny!)

Day 7 Berlin Dom Ticket 8E Rent an IPAD self guided tour 4E

Train over to W. Berlin 4E going 4E return (Part of Local Train Pass Card)

KaDeWe Lunch 25E

Day 8 Your Choice: Art Gallery/Museum/History Typical 12-15 Euro Cabs Each way <10E total Walking Tour is free but tip expected.

Day 9 Taxi to Airport TXL Usually 22E Total- each cab can take 3 people or more

Alcohol is expensive...typical cocktails are 7E and up. Beer (large mug) 5E
Food runs up and down...street vendors (Great food BTW) cheap, A restaurant with an Applebee's type menu will run 12-24 Euro. You haven’t had Crispy Duck till you’ve had it from even the smallest joint in Berlin! You’ll never eat American Cheese again!

No Meals included (except possible breakfasts as part of hotel stays)

Typical temps 25 in evening 45 in afternoon.

This is a walking trip. You need 1 carry-on (suggest roller bag!) and 1 Large Suitcase (rollers mandatory!) (Pack light..you’ll want to bring some things home!)

Cell PHONES ANY GSM (T-mobile/Sprint/ATT) or VERIZON cell phone works, but VERY EXPENSIVE.(about $1.50/minute) SMS is 25 cents! (talk to your carrier about using 3G/4G service...or make sure it’s SHUT OFF your phone) Suggest VOXER for smart phones. It’s free on WIFI between each other and to HOME...send voice/chat/photos)

Difficulty Your travel guide weighs 350 and walk with a limp...If he can do it?....well...

Credit Cards Master Card most welcome, Visa Next...A/E not so much.

Good place to change money Kiosk at Airport/Train Stations. Most Germans pay in cash...the Euro has a 1 Euro and 2 Euro coin so you will have a pocket full of metal.

TIPPING is already added to your bill...it’s customary to ROUND UP to the next EURO or next 5 Euro point. IE. your bill is 4.30 Euro you give the server a 10 euro note, and say from 5 euro (they will give you back a 5 euro note and be very happy. Your bill is 27.40 Euro, you give them a 50 euro note and say “change back” or From 30 euro. Again they will be very happy!! Same with a taxi driver!

TAXI/CAB Typical german cabs will take 3 passengers (some vans now take more) Typical cost between any locations we’ll be going will be 7-10 Euro.


Some Terms:
Hauptbahnhof (means great or central train station in each city)

ICE InterCity Express the fastest mostly non stop trains between Germany’s larger cities.

Rail Pass or EURORAIL PASS ...all you can ride for as many days as you purchase. Tentatively we will purchase a 3 day Rail ticket, meaning on any of the days of travel, we can go where we want/as long as we want (in that day) and have a 1st class seat. (to actually reserve a seat on a particular train costs about 3$ which we might do on high traffic days, but usually the train is wide open. There is good food and beverage service available at your seat or in the dining cars.

U Bahn the Subway

S Bahn above ground/on the street local trains

KDW Kaufhaus Des Westin (shopping center of the west)..the coolest/biggest/most expensive department store you’ll ever walk through! 6 floors of awesome!


John’s Suggestions:
Pack extra and OLD undergarments/socks. As you use them, throw them away. Two benefits, you’re not carrying as many dirty clothes, and you’ll have more space to bring things home. AND you got rid of your old undergarments :-)


Folks in Germany wear running shoes when they go running...otherwise they don’t wear running shoes...your choice.


Suitcases CANNOT exceed 50 Pounds, or it’s VERY EXPENSIVE!

John will have a portable scale for you to test your bag


IN Berlin, this is a neighborhood that John knows well.

Suggested eating: Awesome coffee shop/sandwich place Hidden but fun Barcomi’s Deli!!

Altes Europe AN AUTHENTIC German Bar great old guy owns it. means OLD Europe. they still take DMark (german money) for your bill.

ANY Sausage Street Vendor...you’ll never have a better Bratwurst!!!

ANY PLACE on Rosenthaler Strasse between Gipsstrasse and Hackescher Markt

There is a great Spanish Tapas bar - Small Plates/one or 2 bites and you order many.


Expect Sit down breakfast cost Approx. 10 Euro, Lunch 10-15 Euro, Dinner 25-40 Euro. Of course you can eat cheap at street stands in many places! ( May 29, 2013 1 Euro = $1.29 or 100$ buys you 77 Euro.)




The heart of “Winter Magic” beats particularly strongly on the Potsdamer Platz Christmas Market and in the Sony Centre, where there is a Christmas Market on the Sony Centre’s 4,000 square metre event area. Lots of lights, handicrafts, music and delicacies ensure a reflective atmosphere at the Christmas Market at Potsdamer Platz. Alongside the handicrafts market along Alte Potsdamer Straße and an ice rink, the Winter World also offers fast fun on the largest mobile toboggan run in Europe, which is 12 metres high and 70 metres long. And anyone still looking for more sporting activity after the toboggans can skate on the 500 square metre open air rink. Finally, the nearly ten metre high Clock Tower from the Ore Mountains is always there too.


An atmospheric backdrop guarantees a wonderful experience at the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market in one of the most beautiful squares in the city. Insights into old handicrafts such as flax embroidery are offered at the Gendarmenmarkt. Wood carvers and stonemasons present their work. Jugglers, acrobats, fire artists, dance groups, choirs, Berlin classical, jazz and Gospel ensembles, as well as internationally famous artists, also ensure a varied show programme. Alongside the exhibitors’ wares, culinary temptations from top cooks also promise “Christmas spirit”.



The Christmas Angel opens Nuremberg’s famous Christkindlesmarkt on Hauptmarkt square in the old quarter. Soak up the medieval charm and the aroma of gingerbread, Nuremberg bratwurst and glühwein. The Nuremberg Kinder Weihnacht is the children’s market and has an old-fashioned carousel, Ferris wheel and steam train. The Nativity scene trail runs between the two markets. By Christmas Eve, more than two million visitors from all over the world will have sampled the delights of the Nuremberg Christmas Market. About 180 wooden stalls, festooned with red-and-white cloth, have given the Christmas Market its name of "Little Town from Wood and Cloth".

Each year 200 stall holders present their traditional wares: Nuremberg spicy gingerbread, fruit loaves, bakery goods, sweets and typical Christmas articles such as Christmas tree angels, cribs, Christmas tree ornaments, candles, toys as well as many arts and craft products.

Favourite souvenirs include the "Nuremberg Plum People", little figures made from prunes. For refreshments we highly recommend Nuremberg roast sausages and mugs of mulled wine.

In Nuremberg the staff of the Christmas Market Council always keep a watchful eye on the goods being sold by vendors. Absolutely forbidden are any kind modern tat, such as plastic fir garlands, mass produced toys or non-stop taped Christmas muzak and carousels.

The Nuremberg Christmas Market Stall Holders also compete for the most beautiful and tasteful stall design. Nuremberg Christmas Market with its traditional image has been a model for many other German Christmas Markets.


There has been a Christmas market in Frankfurt for over 600 years. Full of history and traditions the Frankfurt Christmas Market is one of Germany’s oldest and most popular Christmas markets in Europe.

As soon as you catch your first glimpse of the Frankfurt Christmas Market you will not be able to resist all the beautiful temptations. Take a stroll across the market and you will enjoy a wonderful aroma of baked apples, roasted nuts, gingerbread and mulled wine - quite a contrast to the ever-present Frankfurt Skyline in the background! Its scenery of beautifully decorated stalls, the historical backdrop of the Römerberg market place, St Paul’s church and the gigantic Christmas tree all contribute to an unforgettable experience.

The Frankfurt Christmas Market takes place on the Römerberg square, Paulsplatz and Mainkai quay, 200 stalls offer arts, crafts and seasonal food and drink. A wide range of entertainment around the 30-metre high Christmas tree includes concerts, trumpet fanfares from the balcony of St. Nicholas's Church and the church carillon.


Munich Christmas Market



MORE INFO: John Reitmeier, Your Host 218 280 2808 John@LNR.net



Berlin Welcome Card Unlimited riding 72 hours - € 24,50 INCLUDED

Frankfurt Card 2-Day Ticket EUR 13,50 INCLUDED

Hosts subject to change/Details subject to change