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Friday December 30, 2005  OUR LAST TIME TOGETHER THIS YEAR
I don't know about you, but I only have 1 New Years Resolution,  to keep last year's NEW YEARs RESOLUTION to NOT make New Year's Resolutions.  Here's some others that I might consider!  I John Reitmeier being of sound (well pretty) mind and body (HA) Do solemnly swear... 

Thursday December 29, 2005
I think it's KRAP, making end of the year predictions.  Yet folks pay 200 and 400 and more to get their futures told.   WELL do it here for free,  find out who you really are.   Just your name and birthdate gets it all!  http://www.123numerology.com/ 

Wednesday December 28, 2005

Tuesday December 27, 2005
Remember that new car year excitement?  Seems it's one more marketing ploy that's gone by the wayside...but alas, we can relive those golden days of yesteryear as we follow the release of the auto known as THE SMART in the USA.   http://www.usa.smart.com

Monday December 26, 2005
So just how weird and whacky can news stories get?  Check out this list of unusual activites for 2005.  NO WAY  THAT DIDN'T HAPPEN 

Saturday December 24, 2005 Sunday December 25, 2005
From my family to your, all the best this Holiday Season!  Much love and hugs from Northern Minnesota.   John

Friday December 23, 2005 2 Days till Christmas
WOW it's here, our last day together before Christmas 2005.  Where has the time gone!  Santa is being traced by NORAD again this year, but with newer and better technology we can learn his whereabouts  almost instantly!   Check out their great site HO HO HO!

Thursday December 22, 2005  3 Days till Christmas
OK we're running out of time to get that special gift, but did you know that you can get a B&B certificate and WOW WHAT A GIFT.  Check out this giant compendium of B&B's in our region or the ENTIRE nation!.  Minnesota  NorthDakota IOWA

Wednesday December 21, 2005 4 Days till Christmas
It's not to late to get that gift out...call your local florist and send one of these!  http://www.ftd.com/5970/

Tuesday December 20, 2005  5 Days till Christmas
Today we celebrate the birth of Hallie Ruth Reitmeier, born to Paul and Leah Reitmeier my cousins and across the road neighbors.  Thank you Lord for a healthy baby girl!    See her picture at Reitmeier.com

It was bound to happen, you put just 1 to many strings of lights on your display and your neighbor turns you in to the website:  UGLY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS dot COM.  Better check out if you're on the list!   BA HUMBUG YOU CAN'T HAVE TOO MANY LIGHTS 

Monday December 19, 2005  6 Days till Christmas
Don't get anyone these gifts for Christmas...you can't even REGIFT them! OPEN ME FIRST has an Entirely new meaning!

Friday December 16, 2005  9 Days till Christmas
Give a Goat!  Yes you can give a family a goat or a cow or even a camel for Christmas.  Oxfam is the big facilitator in this are, but there are others.  Start your inquiry here...  Wow it gives DO YOU HEAR WHAT I HEAR an entirely new meaning!

Thursday December 15, 2005     10 Days till Christmas
Wow, the countdown is on!  So need some toys for kids,  here's Canada's testing of most of the toys out there...see what they have to say!  I've BEEN GOOD   I've BEEN GOOD

Wednesday December 14, 2005
Walking in my Christmas underwear, right to the bar and mix one of these drinks for the Holidays!  How many ways can you make Eggnog!?

Tuesday December 13, 2005
So you're a Kitty, and You've been bad...OR, you don't know if you've been bad.  Well, here's the BAD KITTY LIST!  Something for everyone.   A must see for every cat in America.  Meow, MMeoww, MMMMMEow

Monday December 12, 2005
So what's your LEAST favorite Christmas song?  Vote here!  WOW I HATE THAT ONE 

Friday December 9, 2005
Just how many kinds of Christmas Cookies are there anyway?   Count EM UP! 

Thursday December 8, 2005
OK the downhill slide to Christmas has begun!  Did you check the gift registry at Target to see what to get me? ;-)  Do you know the difference between a Colorado Spruce and a Norway Pine?  Then how can you go and purchase a Christmas tree???   Check out the subtle differences here!  OH Tannenbaum   

Wednesday December 7, 2005
Pearl Harbor Day!  Read stories from people who were there!   nationalgeographic.com/pearlharbor/

Tuesday December 6, 2005
Well the concert was nothing but Spectacular!  You might even say it was Spectacular Spectacular!!  But Winnipeg offers much more than one concert at any given moment.  This is an active city.  We ate, we drank, we danced, we walked and walked and walked, did I mention the walking?  See more of this JEWEL on the PRAIRIE http://www.destinationwinnipeg.ca/ 

Monday December 5, 2005
We've been waiting and anticipating this day for many many months.   We're coming to you LIVE FROM WINNIPEG MANITOBA CANADA this morning as we spend the day in the city that I think of as my 2nd home.   TONIGHT  ANDRE RIEU' in concert.  We're just 30 feet from the concert hall doors and excited.  The tour busses are in their private compound even as we speak.  Visit Andre's website and experience some of what we're going to do tonight!   http://andrerieu.com 

Friday December 2, 2005
Oprah and Dave made up, can Israel and Palestine be far behind?  Oprah has made some great Christmas Gift selections.  Check them out here!  If it's good enough for Oprah it's good enough for me!

Thursday DECEMBER 1, 2005   Welcome to a new month!
Just a fun site of places around the world that have newspapers, radio feeds, TV feeds, and dictionaries in most of the popular languages!  I CAN SAY THAT


Wednesday November 30, 2005  WHERE DID NOVEMBER GO???
So you're thinking of going on a cruise?  Here's where to start.  Then go to your local travel agent to have them book it! 411cruise.com  cruises.com  cruiseweb.com  and cruisedeals.com   and check out what this guy has to say:  CruiseCritic.com  

Tuesday November 29, 2005
So you want a short domain name?   Like  J.com  or V.com  or I.net ??  Well now you can.  They're releasing them, but wait there's more...it might cost you a cool Million!   SAVE THAT NAME FOR ME! 

Monday November 28, 2005
This'll keep you warm!  GLOG GROG and GLUWINE

Thursday November 24, 2005
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  And what's today without the Macy's Day Parade?  Here's some history of the parade.  FLY ME   Click the MORE HISTORY on the bottom for a time line.

Wednesday November 23, 2005
WELL, here we are 24 before the bird!  Did you know that a "Thanksgiving Festival" is not uncommon in many countries in the world?   No Pilgrims, but lots of eating!  We gather together to ask for someone's Blessing!

Tuesday November 22, 2005
WELL MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING IS DONE!  Just a few clicks at  STUPID.com  And I'm Kickin' Back.

Monday November 21, 2005
WOW I can almost smell the turkey now!!  YIPPIE!  Here's some riddles you need to have in your back pocket so that you can get threw those NO ONE'S TALKING MOMENTS at the RELATIVES!  WHERE DO YOU GET THESE FROM??? 

Friday November 18, 2005
If you can't cut a donut into 13 pieces with 3 swipes, then you shouldn't do a THING till you study this website!   WOOSH  WOOSH WOOSH  DONE 

Thursday November 17, 2005
Remember that for us to have a Thanksgiving, the revelers came over on the Mayflower.  Not exactly a cruise ship, check out the experience here.  LAND HO 

Wednesday November 16, 2005
Do you know the difference between a PUTT and a YELP and a CUT?  Then check out this site.  IT's MORE THAN GOBBLE GOBBLE

Tuesday November 15, 2005
It's around the corner!  And prices are stable.  How many pounds is your turkey going to be?  Here's the original MOTHER OF ALL TURKEY SITES!  TO BASTE OR NOT TO BASTE   OR MINNESOTA'S  JENNY O  

Monday November 14, 2005
Fall forever huh?  Well today might change that.  Here's what's coming on a microscopic level. You'll know a stellar dendrite from a capped column!    It's a FLAKE OK 

Friday November 11, 2005
http://vetfriends.com/   Vet Friends
http://reitmeier.com/willardinterview.htm  Check out this interview between a German foreign exchange student and Willard Reitmeier, at the time an 80 year old veteran of WWII.

Thursday November 10, 2005
So terrorists aren't enough for you? How about plants that want you for lunch?  MEAN PLANTS

Wednesday November 9, 2005
What to do if you're attached by terrorists.  Well of course, we turn to the Federal Governments page!  Ready.gov 

Tuesday November 8, 2005
Some places it's election day, VOTE EARLY and VOTE OFTEN!  How about a list unusual and odd facts to amuse and entertain?  NO NO NO That CAN'T BE TRUE 

Monday November 7, 2005
They're regular people but they sure live in unusual houses!  And some of them are for sale!  Take me to those Dream Houses 

Friday November 4, 2005
How tough can a foreign language be?  Remember PIG LATIN?  Well check out this generator that changes what you type into a new language that you can appear to have command of!  IXNAY on the ATINLAY  

Thursday November 3, 2005
Did you know that today is WORLD USABLILTY DAY?  Making things work better for the regular man is the purpose.  It's 30 hours of activities that you should be involved it!  http://worldusabilityday.org/usabilitystories

Wednesday November 2, 2005   FLUE SHOT DAY
So we've got a change in seasons.  But what to cook?  Here's some bellywarming Northern Plains comfort food that's sure to please!  YUM YUM Better than my Thumb

Tuesday NOVEMBER 1st, 2005


Monday October 31, 2005
It's H A L L O W E E N ! ! !
And we've got DO'S and DON'TS for all your Halloween Costuming along with ADULT Halloween Recipes!   LORD OF THE RINGS IS OUT     I DIDN'T KNOW YOU COULD DO THAT WITH PUFF PASTRY   

Friday October 28, 2005
A little of this, a little of that, but ALL HALLOWEEN Sing me a HALLOWEEN SONG

Thursday October 27, 2005
Carving, Cooking, Chillin', It's all here at this Halloween Site!  BOOOO    SCAT  WHOOOO 

Wednesday October 26, 2005
So how scared should we be about those pesky RUMORS we hear every Halloween?  Here's some Facts among the fiction!

Tuesday October 25, 2005
Everyone needs a few scary stories in their pocket for that evening when you catch up with a group of kids!   Here's some new ones and some golden oldies!  BOO  BIG BOO

Monday October 24, 2005
Do you know about Google?  Well then how about Froogle (Frugal?) It find you deals like Google finds you sites.  http://froogle.google.com/froogle?q=halloween

Friday October 21, 2005
It's coming, Halloween is just around the corner.  Here's a page of fun and particularly Riddles that I haven't seen before!  THE BIG PAGE    The JOKES & RIDDLES

Thursday October 20, 2005
How many times have you been watching a movie and you see something that's JUST NOT RIGHT?  A Movie Cliche'  We'll here's an entire collection of them:  moviecliches.com/

Wednesday October 19, 2005
Well there's a pretty good chance that someone is going going to get their heating bills paid for the year, and EVERY YEAR FROM NOW ON!!!  It's LOTTO FEVER.  Check out some history and Myths here.  SO THIS IS A NEW THING THEN 

[Jackson County Minnesota adopts Hurricane ravaged Jackson County!  Send your donations to:  Mary Leech % Jackson County Courthouse, PO Box  177, Jackson MN 56142]

Tuesday October 18, 2005
  sis.gov.uk   Join UP  Become an Agent for England.  Get that coveted DOUBLE "O" Designation. 

Monday October 17, 2005
You know the words, but do you know their roots?  Here's AMERICAN PIE Explained!  http://www.rareexception.com/Garden/Pie.php 

Friday October 14, 2005
The end of another week...where has the year gone?  Ever wonder why the internet is sometimes fast and sometimes not so fast?  First reaction is to blame your Internet Service Provider, but usually it's NOT THEIR FAULT!  Here's a way to view the traffic on the internet on a world wide basis!  Check out how fast the USA internet is running VS. Asia, and you complain about your internet speed!  Internet Traffic Report

Thursday October 13, 2005
Usually we tell you what the COOL SITE is about right here, but today you just GOT to go to the website to see what a DARK SITE is all about!  WHAT  I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING 

Wednesday October 12, 2005
Digital cameras have become very inexpensive, and there's a new world of photo-journalists out there.  A bunch of good ones post their pictures here!  SMILE PRETTY

Tuesday October 11. 2005
So any ordering, any making, any shopping for Halloween needs to get done now!   Check out these decorating ideas.  NOW THAT'S HALLOWEEN   Don't be a Halloweenie

Monday October 10, 2005
SAILING SAILING OVER THE OCEAN BLUE   But did COLUMBUS do that?  Let's read this!

Friday October 7, 2005
Well with frost on the tomato, thoughts turn to ICE WINE or EISWEIN if you're German! How do they make it?  Why do they make it?  Check out this chilling beverage here!  BRRRRRRR 

Thursday October 6, 2005  (first snow on ground this AM BRRRRR)
The President speaks today, 10:10 Central time.  Did you know there's a big site on the internet from the White House?   Check it out here.  WhiteHouse.gov

Wednesday October 5, 2005
You've always heard it, The Eskimo's have 100 (or 200 or 300) words for snow!  Well do they?  Check here for the answer everyone is waiting for!  OH the weather outside is Frightful!  

Tuesday October 4, 2005
If we all block snow from our minds, we might block it from the sky!  Think NO SNOW NO SNOW NO SNOW.   BUT that does bring up an important tidbit.  IF you want to order some unique Halloween stuff, the time is NOW!   Here's a catalog of Halloween Holiday stuff to wet your pumpkin!  CARVE ME  CARVE ME

PUMPKINS PUMPKINS What do we do with them! http://www.pumpkinnook.com/cookbook.htm




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