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Thursday December 30, 2004
It's Here, It's Now, It's Hockey and they've come from all over the world!  Who will be the big winner?  Visit the Official Website for the 2005 World Junior Hockey Championship.  SKATE SKATE SKATE

Wednesday December 29, 2004
FOOD FOOD FOOD, remember it's not what we eat from Christmas to New Years, it's what we eat from New Year's to Christmas...think about it, and that means we got about 2 more days to grab those extra calories.  Here's some...actually MANY New Year's Eve Recipes!  FOOD FOOD FOOD

Tuesday December 28, 2004
They're wild, They're Wacky, check out these Wacky Cards.
NO They didn't do that-did they????

Monday December 27, 2004  Countdown to New Years
Check out what people USED to do on new years,  I like what we do better!
They Did WHAT??

Friday December 24, 2004 MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE
Yes it's here and you can track Santa as he makes his way to your chimney! 

Thursday December 23, 2004 1 Days to go!
Santa busy at this web site, lots to keep everyone busy!   LOOK OUT Retail shops, this late buyer is ON HIS WAY!  Build a Snowman Here

Wednesday December 22, 2004 2 Days to go!
I almost missed the program this morning...having too much fun throwing snowballs at this website!  The North Pole Times really delivers! REMEMBER TO DUCK!! 

Tuesday December 21, 2004 3 Days to go!
We all know about Santa's LIST, but did you know that your name on this list is in code?  Yes for the first time ever the code has been broken and you can find out your "secret" name that Santa keeps all your goodlist-badlist information under.  Check it out and find out your secret name.  I'LL BE GOOD I'LL BE GOOD I PROMISE

Monday December 20, 2004 4 Days to go!
So, we've had all sorts of recipes that are new to the holidays, but how about some that were recorded in a cookbook back in 1518.  Not so good in the "lo fat" department, but otherwise they sure look worth trying!   YUM YUM I WANT SOME MORE

Friday December 17, 2004 7 Days to go!
In ZA GERMAN Plazes zey do Christmas in za diverant schtyle.  Chezk out zee fun zay vant you to have.  VE VILL HAVE CHRISTMAS AND YOU VILL ENJOY IT 

There once was an Ice Sheet named Ralph
Inhabed by an unfriendly Elf
Thou he tried to be nice
as he slid round the ice
Tripping gophers kept him in good health!
copyright @ 2004  John Reitmeier

Thursday December 16, 2004 8 Days to go!
How many ways can we do "Twas the night before Christmas?"  Well here's a BUNCH!
There's more chimneys here than in Merry old England at the height of the Industrial Revolution   

Wednesday December 15, 2004 9 Days to go!
Did you hear what I heard?  A Christmas Limerick?  You got to check these out.  Grandma Tuckers Limericks 

Tuesday December 14, 2004  10 Days to go!
HO HO HO Let's bundle up, put on those gloves, fill the cyber van with gas and head to the North Pole, cause it's almost time! 
North Pole Awaits

Monday December 13, 2004  11 Days to go!
Recipes, Songs, Letters to Santa, it's all at this Christmas site!  HO HO HO HO HO stop me already

Friday, December 10, 2004
Yorkshire Pudding, YUM and how about some new Christmas recipes.   Check out this site, BUT remember to send me a sample!  Santa would like this! 

Thursday, December 9, 2004
Don't forget to register in the big Dell Car and computer giveaway.  If you win you have to share with me ;-)   This is the place 

Wednesday December 8, 2004
Oh the weather out side is frightful...or NOT, but it does seem like snow is on the way.  Here's a scientific site with AWESOME pictures of the how it's made, why it happens, and where it falls.  COOL BREEZE 

Tuesday December 7, 2004 
If you spell it Chanukah or Hanukkah it's still starting at sunset tonight!  Learn about this ancient Jewish Holiday.  It's all about the Macabee's 

Monday December 6, 2004
Check this out, a picture of most every cell phone available for this Christmas.  http://www.russellbeattie.com/notebook/1008177.html 

Friday December 3, 2004
Did you know that this is the Eve of the Feast Day of Saint Barbara?  It's a biggie in Germany.  Here's the scoop!   Barbarazweig

Thursday December 2, 2004
The holidays are fast approaching and hundreds of thousands of us are NOT going to be here at home for Christmas.  BUT you can send them an e-mail message.  We should all do this.  Visit this site, pick your branch of military and send them an email of thanks and support!  Operation Dear ABBY

Wednesday December 1, 2004   WELCOME DECEMBER
This is NOT a Corny Cool SIte, have you considered heating your home with corn?  I can be very economical and you're using a renewable resource.  Here's a primer in how it works...I think I'm going to try it!  HEAT  I NEED HEAT  


Tuesday, November 29, 2004
Video Game Reviews   http://www.reviewcentre.com/consumer_reviews8.html    and http://www.esrb.org/ 

Monday, November 30, 2004

Friday, November 26, 2004
Classic Christmas Recipes

Thursday, November 25, 2004 HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
The years slip by so fast!!  Do you know everything there is to know about the Macy's Day Parade?  Check out these details and this time line.  And for the first time this year, a square balloon... The Balloon History

Wednesday November 24, 2004
It's "T-Day" tomorrow.  Looking for that last minute, got to serve something different, they won't believe this one, recipe this year?   Check these "unusual Recipes!"  You're going to do WHAT to my turkey?? 

John was getting some surgery and so didn't get to the computer.   We talked about toy recalls and here's the place to find the "mother list" before you start buying those "deals" 

Friday November 19, 2004
So just what toys should we get for our kids this Christmas?  I'm overwhelmed when I get to the store.   Here's a good resource to get you started.  Search by age, interest, or Brands. MOMIE MOMIE THAT'S WHAT I WANT

Thursday November 18, 2004
Every year we got the TOP 10 Toys you shouldn't purchase.   Here's the scoop.

Wednesday November 17, 2004
When we're talking showers, we don't just mean water coming out of the spigot!  We're passing through a comets tail (as we do every year bout this time) and you got to be outside and see the Meteor showers falling upon us!  showers

Tuesday November 16, 2004
So did your folks name you after a dear/departed relative?  Did you always think your were more a Dirk than a Joe?  Here's  your chance to "re-name" yourself.  Be bold, be brave, but most of all be someone NEW!  PICK A NEW ONE  PICK A NEW ONE

Monday November 15, 2004
Got things around the house you'd like to sell?  Ordered 2 of something and don't need the second?  Here's your chance to list an item to sell right here in your neighborhood rather than internationally on the e/bay.  Free to list, the honor system when you sell something.  Visit  Kay'sAttic.com2w33w

Friday November 12, 2004
Are we in for a dry winter?  How about a COLD one?  Someone has finally gone out on a limb and made some predictions...let's see if they have it figured out!  WARMER DRYER COLDER WETTER

Thursday November 11, 2004
Today's the big Day!  Along with it being Veterans Day SALUTE  Microsoft has rolled out a new search engine.  Give it a try at...  msn.com

Wednesday November 10, 2004
You know those machines that you can buy that have SURF, and JUNGLE, and  WAVES and such in them?   Well, now you can have all that in your very own computer.  GET RELAXED FOR FREE

Tuesday November 9, 2004
I have found the BAR NONE - ABSOLUTE coolest, find anyplace in the known World, Website.  It's got places that I didn't even know had places.  Check it out at: FIND ME FIND ME FIND ME   Go to the bottom of the page and start digging.  Like for Crookston.... Pick "C"  then "CR" then "CRO" then ...well you get it... try it!

Monday November 8, 2004
Did you see them last night?  Awesome Northern Lights. Not really predictable, but we can get an idea of when the chances are better.  Check this  Solar Weather page.  WOW LOOK AT THAT ONE 

Friday November 5, 2004

Thursday November 4, 2004   COUNTDOWN TO  "T" DAY
Here's some "T" Humor to get you started!

Wednesday November 3, 2004  WELL IT'S OVER - OR IS IT!
Put in your zipcode, then your street address and get all the UP TO THE MOMENT COUNTS!

Tuesday November 2, 2004  ELECTION DAY
Check this history out.  Remember who swept the electoral college?  Grab these statistics so you can watch what happens tonight!  WAS IT NIXON?  OR WAS IT REAGAN

Monday NOVEMBER 1, 2004
Just what is this Electoral College? Do I have to pass the ACT or SAT to get in?  How many credits do I get?   Check out this weird system that's really the election method.  VOTE FOR ME VOTE FOR ME


Friday October 29, 2004
DRESS UP this Halloween.   Here's  costume central.  Is that nose REAL?

Thursday October 28, 2004
Well we woke up to new World Series Winners.  Boston has broken the curse...or did they just play better this year?  Anyway, it was a good mix of a stellar event with a stareller (SP) event.  If you didn't get to see the eclipse of the moon-you know that big cheese ball in the sky?-here's some awesome pictures from people who were in a luckier place.  THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING 

Wednesday October 27, 2004
The History of the World Series  AND IT'S ONE TWO THREE STRIKES - YOU'RE OUT

Tuesday October 26, 2004
Tea Glorious Tea!  How is it made? What is the difference between green and black and... HAVE A CUPPA  

Monday October 25, 2004

Friday October 22, 2004

Thursday October 21, 2004

ednesday October 20, 2004
It's not the Ice Age, but the migration is on.  The most interesting to me is the Monarch Butterfly!  Did you know you can raise them yourself.  UP UP AND AWAY

Tuesday October 19, 2004
One of the definitions of IRONY is, "the difference between what seems to be and what really is!"  How about you and your spending habits.  Do you think you're frugal but your friends tell you you can't hold onto money?   Are you still looking at a Black and White TV?  Take the Money Personality test and get some answers (and for all you cheapies...it's FREE!)  WAIT WAIT WAIT, can I change my answer on that one?

Monday October 18, 2004

Cheese, wonderful cheese, but where to get 700 varieties.   How about here?  Smelly cheese, blue cheese, white cheese, hard cheese, it's all here. 

Friday October 15, 2004
We visit this site every now and then.  They have a great new look and it's a lot easier to get around in now.  So many things that we think are truths, turn out to be someone's idea of a joke.  Check out the stories before you pass them on at: The Museum of Hoaxes

Thursday October 14, 2004
In business?  Have a computer?   This is a MUST READ!
OUCH I didn't know that! 

Wednesday October 13, 2004
Bored?   Check this site to find out what Darwin was really talking about.  I mean...natural selection is one thing, but this is really the way it should have happened.   I like the grass hopper-gator the best.  Thank God the flood came when it did!

Tuesday October 12, 2004   THE REAL COLUMBUS DAY.

Did you know it was a MYTH   Here's the real scoop on Columbus.  I think he was more of a flim-flam man than an explorer.  "come on just enough money for one more ship...you don't want me showing up looking shabby do you???" Sailing Sailing over the ocean blue!

Monday October 11, 2004
Do you think you can recognize things easily?  I've been having fun this weekend trying to figure out different pictures at this website, PLUS you could win a prize by guessing the current weeks picture!  Check it out...I know what this weeks picture is...do you?  MysteryPhotos.com

Friday October 8, 2004
Back to business as usual and shows from Studio B.  How many products do you purchase each year.  Did you know that some of them might be under a RECALL?  Folks have purchased cars, appliances, so many things, that have proved to be unsafe in some way!   Check here to see that your purchase is a good one!  Recall.gov 

Monday October 4 through October 7, 2004
What a trip, here's connections to some of the places we were, and what we talked about!

Madam X - a cocktail bar facing an uphill fight with sweeping NO-SMOKING laws.

Seafarers and International House
What an interesting place!   It's a small, almost boutique hotel, right in the center of all things Manhattan!   It's associated with the ELCA Lutheran Church, but everyone is welcome.  It's mission is to support and offer services to the thousand or more ships that dock in NY in any given year!   PS.  You and/or your group could prepare a "gift basket" for a ship this holiday season!  There is about 25 men on a ship, so you need to put 25 "packages" together.  Christmas on the high seas is a lonely day, this is your chance to bring a little sunshine to a total stranger.   Just send an email and ask HOW you can get involved!  SIHNYC.org

THE producersonbroadway.com What a SHOW, great songs, dancing and those ever laughable Mel Brooks jokes!   A must see, but a BIG SUGGESTION!   Pay the money to be on the main level.  The theater is more vertical than horizontal (you know the price of a square foot of land in NY)  and you really want to view the show from the same plane as you sit on! 

NewYork.com Everything New York, from fun to shows to hotels to food!  

Friday, OCTOBER 1st, 2004
BID THOSE CANDIDATES UP  Here's a real site where you can purchase stock in your presidential candidate.  Trade with your friends. 





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