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September 1999

Thursday September 30th 1999
Ahh...the end of September...as we say goodbye to summer..take a moment and remember the lazy days of summer and our youth at a summer camp. Here's all the memories..remember the song!
THIS LAND IS YOUR LAND...THIS LAND... - TAKE ME     Swimming! Woodticks!! Leeches!! I'm glad I'm going to cyber camp.

Wednesday September 29th 1999
Need to send the leaders of Bolovia an email? Here's 195 countries and their leaders emails, web page addresses, and phone, fax and snail mail addresses.
Bolovia THAT'S IT - TAKE ME     Develop your world wide email list.

Tuesday September 28th 1999
Just can't get enough trivia? Here's Absolute Trivia

  • $1,000,000 in $1 bills would weigh approximately one ton. Placed in a pile it would be 360ft/110m high - as tall as 60 average adults standing on top of each other.
  • A balloon released into the jet stream would take two weeks to travel completely around the globe.
  • A bubble is round because the air within it presses equally against all its parts, thus causing all surfaces to be equidistant from its center.

Monday September 27th 1999
Wondering where your lost relatives are...is your namesake in jail in Minnesota? Here's where to find out!
THE SLAMMER THE SLAMMER - TAKE ME    Location, reason, date of release - it's ALL HERE

Friday September 24th 1999
Wines across America...is your state listed?
WHERE's THAT CORKSCREW? - TAKE ME    Keep this site handy if you're going cross country.. you can stop for tastings all along the way.

Thursday September 23th 1999
WOW Let's take a trip..From Duluth to International Falls - and then let's stop at all those funky little roadside tourist stops!
I'VE GOT MY TICKET STAMPED - TAKE ME    From the Sandpaper Museum (it all started in Minnesota) to the Cabin of the Root Beer Lady, it's ALL HERE.

Wednesday September 22th 1999
It's the NUT lady, valuable historian or CRACKED? You decide!
I've got MY NUTCRACKER - TAKE ME    Is she Nut Lady, or Nut Visionary? How about Nut Missionary, Nut Activist, Nut Evangelist?

Tuesday September 21th 1999
It's the equinox..see it globally along with lots of search action at our portal!
WOW A VIEW FROM SPACE TAKE ME    It's the red and yellow box down the page..it's an image of where it's daylight on the earth at this given moment. Watch it change from morning till night and from season to season.

Monday September 20th 1999
Are you search engine intolerant? Can't decide which to use? How many to list with? Here's ZDNet's top choices.
I'm LOOKING I'm LOOKING TAKE ME    Don't waste your money listing with all the search engines, just list yourself for free with these!

Friday September 17th 1999
1787 US constitution adopted by Philadelphia convention
WOW WHAT A PATRIOTIC DAY RIGHT TAKE ME    Complete text and signers!

Thursday September 16th 1999
Books you didn't know existed...anti-gravity, free energy..could it be?
I'M FLYING I'M FLYING YA RIGHT TAKE ME    On the other hand...what if....

Wednesday September 15th 1999
It's High Holy Days in the Jewish Calendar! Tradition says "eat Sweets" so here's the recipes.
YUM TAKE ME    I'm going for the Apple Kugel!

Tueday September 14th 1999
Francis Scott Key wrote it on this day in 1814. It's National Anthem Day!
TAKE ME    Here's what he was writing about.

Welcome Ellen Ratner - here's her page!

Friday September 10th 1999
Can you believe it...the Government wants your opinion on something? Here's the official Social Security Site Get your Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement (PEBES) HERE
TAKE ME    They made me say the following: The Social Security Administration's Web site provides information about Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance Benefits, and Supplemental Security Income. The site also provides wage reporting information for employers.

Thursday September 9th 1999
Tired of the same old daily rag? Need a new look in a newspaper? HERE'S CRAYON Create Your Own Newspaper
YOU MEAN I CAN PICK MY OWN HEADLINES? - TAKE ME    Grab the sources you want and make it into your own newspaper!

Wednesday September 8th 1999
It's Fall and time to think about the upcoming season. Here's the OFFICIAL Farmers ALmanac site.
WHAT DO YOU MEAN STORMS - TAKE ME    I'm ready to hunker down!

Tuesday September 7th 1999
Want to know where the money in your hand has been? Well here's WHERE'S GEORGE, with over a half million bills that they are tracking. List your bills and follow their path.
WOW SO THAT'S WHERE IT'S BEEN - TAKE ME      HMMM glad I washed up for dinner!


Monday September 6th 1999
ONCE AGAIN, it's the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon and this year you can watch it on your computer. Real Audio and slow and fast speeds in 3 (count em 3) languages.
OK JERRY I'M READY - TAKE ME      A place to download Real Audio/Video if you need it

Friday September 3rd 1999
If that ain't fall in the air, I don't know what is! Here's the Fighting Sioux Football Schedule
HUT HUT HUT - TAKE ME   Get ready for the Potato Bowl!

Thursday September 2nd 1999
School time and that means Biography time. Here's the top/biggest/ultimate site to find info on the famous and not so famous!

Wednesday September 1st 1999
It's called THE HUNGER SITE. If you visit each day their sponsors will donate 1/2 cup of food to a 3rd world country. I'm not one to suggest these, FLIES ON BABIES sites, but this one asks for NOTHING from you except to view the sponsors little ads.
I'll buy in John - TAKE ME   Let's see how many visits we can generate!


August 1999

Tuesday AUGUST 31th 1999
This is FOR REAL. Fill out a little questionaire (I told them NOTHING extra) and they will send you 10 33 cent stamps in the mail. Each stamp is on an envelope with advertising on it. (WHO CARES) 3.33 worth of postage free.
I'M IN - TAKE ME   And you can repeat in 2 months. Best deal on the net!

Monday AUGUST 30th 1999
THE OFFICIAL WOW WHAT A PLACE WEB SITE for the Simpsons. Even if you don't like them check out the AWESOME computer graphics!!
DOH! - TAKE ME   All I can say is it is a real WOW site!

Thursday AUGUST 26th 1999
Unbelievable factoids about the internet.
HMMMM WOW - TAKE ME   *Estimated number of web users in the U.S.: 57,037,000
*Expected year that the U.S. Census Bureau will use the Internet for the census: 2010
*Number of time servers operated by the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology: 7
*Number of Vanderbilt students who worked on Muhammad Ali's web site: 5
*Estimated number of web pages, as of April, 1998, in millions: 320
*Number of live Internet chats with Koko the gorilla: 1
*Number of terrorist attacks in 1997 using the Internet: 1
*Percentage of U.S. government agencies rated as being in full compliance with the Electronic Freedom of Information Act: 0
*Number of Internet service providers in Saudi Arabia: 0
*Number of dogs I know with a URL on her name tag: 1

Wednesday AUGUST 25th 1999
1800 little interesting bits of science...kept me captivated for hours!
IT CAN'T ALL BE TRUE! - TAKE ME Next they'll say that Columbus didn't really find America.

Tuesday AUGUST 24th 1999
Remember those flexi, plastic records that came in cereal? Well here they are
POP CLICK BUZZ MUSIC - TAKE ME Ahh the HI-FI days of yesteryear!

My sincere apologies to all my listeners. A VERY good and LONG TIME friend passed away suddenly last weekend. The week of Aug 16 was taken up in flying to Tennessee, planning a funeral, the days of the funeral, and the work of the estate. I will miss Lorie for a long time, even though she lives in the hearts of all her knew her, and I'm confident she's at peace and celebrating with our Creator!  I think of her son as "our" son!   Please HUG someone you love today...

Friday AUGUST 13th 1999
It's FRIDAY the 13th..are you SuperStitious?
NOT ME NOT ME - TAKE ME Catch a falling leaf in your hand and you will avoid a cold the following season.
Placing a hat on the bed brings bad luck.
If an owl hoots near a sick person, death may be near.
Nose itches? You are about to kiss a fool.
Hand itches? You are about to come into some money. Some believe it must be your left hand.

Thursday AUGUST 12th 1999
Strange but true facts...do you belive them?
Babe Ruth wore a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep him cool! He changed it every 2 innings!
Fortune cookies were actually invented in America, in 1918, by Charles Jung!
A man named Charles Osborne had the hiccups for 69 years! Wow!
A giraffe can clean its ears with its 21-inch tongue!

Wednesday AUGUST 11th 1999
This is absolutely incredible! You can actually take a picture of yourself using your computer monitor. Your monitor can discern small electrical impulses and detect bright and dark areas very close to the screen (1-2 feet). This is still a beta site, and the image is blurred, but it works !!! You won't believe this one!!

Tuesday AUGUST 10th 1999
Send-a-quote, the place to find those famous comments that folks have made and send them to a friend in a post card format.
Forsooth and all that - TAKE ME Remember this one by W.C. - "Hey! Who took the cork off my lunch?"

Monday AUGUST 9th 1999
It's Elvis week...has it been that many years? Here's thousands of pieces of elvis stuff that you can purchase.

Friday AUGUST 6th 1999
Need that special gift for that hard to buy for friend? How about a space capsule that has actually been in space? Here's a Russian one you can pick up cheap!

Thursday AUGUST 5th 1999
How's this...a cool site that I can't tell you about. You just have to trust me that it's a great site and go there!
HMMM SUSPECT BUT OK - TAKE ME SEE I told you it was worth it!

Wednesday AUGUST 4th 1999 WE'RE BACK!
It's called "the HUSNRUCK" South East/Central Germany, it's where the German go for their vacations.
Castles, FOOD, WINE - TAKE ME Here's the location, we'll give you lots of links as the days go by.


July 1999

Thursday JULY 15th 1999
After Today, The COOL SITE-Pick of the DAY will be on Hiatus! Back Soon, Where are we? Check out this web site to view the earth where you live.

Wednesday JULY 14th 1999
MORE Useless fact..but on all different subjects!
OUUUE I LIKE THIS - TAKE ME What does the WD mean in WD40? How did cartoon character Donald Duck save an actual water supply? CHECK THE TIDBITS FIRST!

Tuesday JULY 13th 1999
Presidential useless facts! Is it coincidence?
HAIL 2 the CHIEF - TAKE ME By the time FDR's mother died, in 1941, FDR had presided over at least eight annual budgets of the largest fiscal entity on earth. Yet during her lifetime, Sara Delano Roosevelt did not entrust her son with managing the family's money because she did not think her son up to the task.

Monday JULY 12th 1999
Search engines..Search engines..some are good, here's the one that has the most listings.
OH GOODIE - TAKE ME How much info does one person need anyway?

Friday JULY 9th 1999
WOW Cameras Cameras Cameras divided up into categories!
I WANT TO SEE - I WANT TO SEE - TAKE ME Plan to spend some time!

Thursday JULY 8th 1999
Put another shrimp on the barbie...and visit the Better Homes Summer Cooking School

Wednesday JULY 7th 1999
It's Wild, It's West, It's the Wild Wild West. Here's the Official "steam powered" site.
I NEED A BREAK - TAKE ME Can I do the disapearing floor trick?

Tuesday JULY 6th 1999
Ever have one of those days where you just have to win at something? Well, here's a web site of games you can't Loose!

Monday JULY 5th 1999 HAPPY 4th of JULY
As promised, here is East Grand Fork's Official Home page, along with the Campbell Library
OK LET ME SEE - TAKE ME Let's See how many bricks our listeners can sponsor.

Friday JULY 2nd 1999
Patriotics plus...here's music, stories, graphics!
I'M A YANKEE DOODLE DANDY - TAKE ME Remember Magna Carta is NOT something from a volcano.

Thursday JULY 1st 1999
HELLO JULY The 4th is coming up! Do you know when the flag got additional stars added? Here's the time line.
HAND ON CHEST - READY - TAKE ME What star did Minnesota or North Dakota add?


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