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Thursday, September 30, 2004
2004debatejokes.htm  Did you miss some of the late night guys as they make funny about the political campaign?  We'll here's a review and it's great!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004
http://www.letterstoprez.org/  Would you like to write a letter to the NEXT President?  If you did what would you say?  Here's where you can do that, OR view what other's have sent to the "winner!"

Tuesday September 28, 2004
http://spinsanity.com/  Three guys who try to take the spin out of the "stuff" that the political candidates are throwing at each other.

Monday September 27, 2004
http://www.cnn.com/2004/images/09/20/debate.memo.pdf   THE DEBATE AGREEMENT

Friday September 24, 2004

Thursday September 23, 2004

Wednesday September 22, 2004

Tuesday September 21, 2004
All over the country, the world actually, artists are abandoning their canvases to paint on a bigger medium....buildings.  Here's a big list of wall art from ALL over.  Do you have a Mural in your town? It's MORE THAN PAINT CANS

Monday September 20, 2004
So you're traveling in an exotic place.  There's something that you would like to purchase at a little street vendor.  How do you best go about getting the best deal?   Today's site is both funny and usable as you learn the techniques of "bargaining" to get the lowest price.  GIVE ME THE BEST DEAL AND GIVE IT TO ME NOW 

Friday September 17, 2004


Thursday September 16, 2004
Was it 1935 or '44, did it happen in '53 or '62.  Well now you can instantly jump to any year you want and find out the news headlines of the year, who did what, and where they did it.   Check out your favorite year!  Hyperhistory.com

Wednesday September 15, 2004
YA HOO....It's Mountain Dew.  Although they're big on the Do The Dew angle now, the roots of advertising Mountain Dew are quite different.   I remember those first ads and thought it would be fun to drive down memory lane!  Mountaindewbottles.com/

Tuesday September 14, 2004
You NEED 2 programs on your computer.  They are FREE and take away all those little programs called SPYWARE which do POPUPS on your computer you don't want, and eliminate those cookies that send info back about where you go and what you look at. 
They're called AD-AWARE and SPYBOT Search & Destroy.   Get them here.  http://helpdeskguys.com 

Monday September 13, 2004

Friday September 10, 2004

Thursday September 9, 2004
Fall Colors


Wednesday September 8, 2004
Weird Words


Tuesday September 7, 2004
You might not have noticed but there is a big presidential election going on.  Mostly it makes me crazy because the players are just "DISSING" the other side rather than telling me what they want to do to make this a better world.  One of the things I would like more of is OPEN DEBATE on all the issues, but they players and by their representatives.  This website wants that too...  opendebates.org

Monday September 6, 2004
WOW what a fun thing to do...this is going to catch on big and you heard it here first!  It's called LETTERBOXING and already there are letterboxes spread through out the world.  Short story is that you hide a box with a rubber stamp in it and a blank diary type book.   Folks follow clues to find your box, use your stamp to fill in their book, AND then stamp their stamp in your book.   It's like collecting autographs but you will never have to cross some of them out because they got into trouble like our "sports heroes" seem to do.  Check it out...get involved!   FIND MY BOX IF YOU CAN

Friday September 3, 2004
James, John, Robert, Mary, Ion.  All names of people I know.  But where did calling someone James come from?  Check out this site with OH so many different names and the where and why of them.  BehindTheName.com

Thursday September 2, 2004
Fall Flowers can be so beautiful but where did they come from?  Whether it's glads or asters I think you'll find the history interesting!   And sunflowers too.
Fall Flowers        Sunflowers

Wednesday September 1, 2004
Today's website is here for 2 reasons.  Do you know what a BLOG is?  It's short for weBLOG...a diary of sorts that folks keep on the internet for everyone to see.  There are now thousands of such "blogs" and some are most interesting, as the years go by, I'm sure that sociologists will analyze the daylights out of them.  But in the mean time it's just for FUN.  This particular BLOG is by a friend of mine in Northern Minnesota.  I think you'll find it interesting both in finding out what a BLOG is and in following Eric's thoughts!

Tuesday August 31, 2004
I don't know about you but I really don't (or at least didn't) know much about whooping cough.  This website even has recorded samples of folks with an extremely bad cough, but NOT whooping cough, and then great audio samples of folks with the WHOOP!  I learned a lot about it and thought it would be valuable to you too!  I got to go...I got to wash my hands...later.  WhoopingCough.net

Monday August 30, 2004
Sometimes we do sites just for fun and today is totally in that vein.  I got some of the most unusual answers to Test questions, to History questions and to general Science questions.  I laughed and laughed at the way some folks put together words to fulfill the requirement that you at least got to say SOMETHING on each question on a test.  SCIENCE ANSWERS   TEST ANSWERS  History ANSWERS

Thursday August 26, 2004
Who will be arrested in the next six months?  Who will get divorced?  Enter Rehab???  How about actually leaving the planet (and we're not talking about being in the Space Shuttle!)  Check out Celebritypool.com and make your choices! 

Wednesday August 25, 2004
Do you know about the "King of Trails?"  It's following old tracks that were made long before Europeans first came to the East Coast!  Highway 75 runs between Winnipeg and the Gulf of Mexico.  Here's Minnesota's web page about it!   BTW it runs right by our RV Park!  Highway75.com 

Tuesday August 24, 2004
I don't know about you, but this cooler weather just makes me HUNGRY!!  And when I'm playing in the kitchen I like to make my versions of famous recipes!  Here's a web page of HUNDREDS of Cloned goodies.  How many of them can you copy?  No WAY they don't use that do they???

Monday August 23, 2004
HOW do they do those magic tricks?   Most every "illusion" is a variation in one of 7 basic setups.   Check out some of them here, and perform your own Magic!  Old Tricks 

Friday August 20, 2004

Thursday August 19, 2004


Some Other Links:
Minnesota State Fair, Official Link  FOOD FUN FRIVOLITY! 

Wednesday August 18, 2004
Are you looking for someone?  Want to use the internet to find out about certain people, or try and find that long lost friend?  Here's a site that brings together most of the people searching sites on the web.... fun and games for all! People Spot

Tuesday August 17, 2004
So often we hear about those famous people who say really OUTRAGEOUS things.  Did they really say it?  Or was it a great impersonator?  Here's a fun website where you can download hundreds of  OFF THE WALL comments that celebrities NEVER said.  Download them, share them with your friends!  I NEVER SAID THAT...DID I??? 

Monday August 16, 2004
WOW what a weekend, Julia Child has closed her kitchen!  At almost 92 years old, she said goodbye to the world and went on a galactic tour.   Over the years she said some pretty funny things and here's actual sound files of some of the best!
What's that Julia, I must have misheard you!   

A couple of years ago she moved from her apartment on the East Coast to a retirement center in California.  When that happened, we all got to be part of the "garage sale!"  And the winner of the kitchen was...The Smithsonian Institute!  They have restored her entire kitchen, right down to the outlines of the pots and pans that her husband had drawn on the wall years earlier!   I don't know about you, but I'm not going to get there to see it for a while, but now with the MAGIC of radio...You can stand in the middle of Julia's kitchen and zoom in on any section that interests you!  Goodbye Julia! 

Friday, August 13, 2004
It is Heritage Days in East Grand Forks Minnesota and We're on location with the Big Brown Bus!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Here's a FUN


Tuesday, August, 10 2004
We all remember Mr. Potato Head, right?  Well now you can do the same thing but in an abstract mode....introducing, MR. PICASSO HEAD.   AWESOME fun as you make a Picasso like portrait.  See if you can make one that looks like someone you know! mrpicassohead.com 

Monday, August, 9 2004


Thursday, August, 5 2004
OK, we're just a few weeks away from the sports season.  Now it's real important that your interview "patter" fits into the "pro sports" sound and then your sound bytes will be repeated over and over on all the media...  here's a zillion sports clichés... memorize them and enter infamy!  Sports cliche.com

Wednesday, August 4, 2004
HMMM, where is it that you come from?  Did you know that how you ask for a carbonated beverage could give away your roots?  (attention all SPYS - this is important stuff - listen up)  YES, some say POP some say SODA.  BEWARE what info you give away about yourself.  Check out the controversy page!  IS it POP, IS it SODA

Tuesday, August 3, 2004
Words and Phrases you want to avoid "with a passion!"  HAHA Don't say that!  I Say Don't Say that!

Monday, August 2, 2004  HELLO FALL?   What happened to summer?
It's Chili Cook-off time, and oh what a time it's becoming at so many locations!  There's a definite difference between Mom's Chili that you're used to, and winning-even a local competition!   You got to have LAYERS of flavor, and we're not just talking the layers like Shrek mentioned in his first movie!   There's some common ingredients that you might not think of using...here's winning recipes going back to 1979...look through them to see what "tickles" the judges pallets!  Hot is NOT the most important thing.

Friday, July 30th 2004
Lots of things happening.  Did you see John Kerry's acceptance speech at the Dem's convention?  I though it was one of his better performances!  Today is my birthday celebration day, as with about 1/365th of the population!   Here's a website that you can put in your birth date and find out who you share your day with, and other exciting things that happened on the same date.  WHO ELSE WAS BORN TODAY???

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-We're on location in Jackson Minnesota for the Jackson County Fair.  See pictures at  KKOJ Photos 

Monday, July 26, 2004
It's today....it starts, like it or not, we're in Convention Mode...100 days till we vote.  Follow all the excitement at the Dems official website  Dems2004.org

Friday, July 23, 2004
SO...in order to get more people out and about and VOTING in the next election, we're going to do everything in our power to get you MOTIVATED.   YOU HAVE TO VOTE.  WE have a slogan here..."Vote Early and Vote Often!"  Yes it's a joke, but if it'll get you to the ballot box, I'll stand on my head!   So take these quizzes and see how you Fair!

Thursday, July 22, 2004
OK, here's the deal.  You can run out to your local bookstore and plunk down a bunch of money for the big report...what we did wrong and right about 9/11.  OR...you can download it for free and read it on your computer screen (or print out all 525 pages). 
You want me to read WHAT???   Is this Assigned reading?    Will I get a grade??

Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Some folks just can't handle things like gravity, mass, speed and such.  It's just too much like Physics.   Well fear no more.  We used that very thing to get those astronaut guys to the moon and you can have some fun with it.  Visit and play with physics today.
Fear o Pphysics

Tuesday, July 20, 2004  We Celebrate the 1969 landing on the moon.
Were you there?  Did you watch?  I was at a Municipal Liquor Store watching the moon landing those many years ago!  How did they decide to get those orbits just right?  Here's a site that will take away your FEAR OF PHYSICS!  HOW far can you throoooooow the Ball

Monday, July 19, 2004
FIRST A DISCLAIMER: Today's COOL SITE-PICK OF THE DAY is Bawdy!  It borders on adult humor.  DO NOT VISIT THIS SITE if you are easily offended or sensitive!  However it's been on the major news outlets all weekend and it is one of the funniest - poke fun at the political system - just make you laugh - websites I've seen in years.    BE WARNED! 
A couple of brothers have just a little to much time on their hands.   They create "spoof" commercials, mostly in a political vein.  Their latest tops the list.  It's a singing gem featuring the two candidates running for president this year.  As it turns out, it also happens to be Sen. Kerry's favorite song, but that happened by accident.   It will take a while to load, have your sound turned down and enjoy!   OK I WON'T CLICK HERE WITHOUT AGREEING TO THE DISCLAIMER  

Friday, July 16, 2004
I know it's not fall yet, but in just a couple of weeks the intense green that is across our fields is going to start changing to a moderate brown and then finally burst out in wonderful golden hues.  This time of the year is when I set aside the Wine bottle opener and pick up the "churchkey!"  Beer, Bier, however you spell it, it's that good blend of barley and hops that goes down so refreshing.   Here's a website with 2000 + beers for you to study.   Pick Carefully!  HEY MAC, POP THE TOP ON ANOTHER ONE

Thursday, July 15, 2004    Happy Birthday Lee Witherspoon
Some folks just can't help Cowlecting strange and unusual stuff.   At least that's what I HERD when I was Mooving some boxes yesterday.   Check out this site of FUNNY commercials/videos about COWS! I want to see this MOOOOOOOOVING website

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
More "too much time on their hands" experience!  Can you believe that a guy would dress in a chicken suit and stand in front of a camera AND do whatever you asked him to do!!  Sit down, spin, flap your wings, bark like a dog,  he'll do it all!   Tell me what you've asked him to do.  I am at your command

Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Some of us have just TOO MUCH TIME ON OUR HANDS.  Can you imagine taking all the sounds that make up Micro soft Windows and playing them all pretty much at the same time, but in a controlled condition so that you have an entire SYMPHONY playing in front of you.  Watch the cursor move like the conductor of your digital orchestra.  A MUST Experience!!  DA DA DA DUM

Monday, July 12, 2004
What a website, it collects pictures that people have taken with their new cell phone cameras, and displays them in an art show.  (there's also a collection that they've asked famous people to submit) Send in yours and we'll see if it gets added.  Part of an art show in Los Angeles.  Watch fast, they change every 5 seconds

Friday, July 9, 2004
So as one of the many Americans who is NOT the president, I would imagine that the 4th of July is an opportunity that only comes by once a year to make some GREAT, POSITIVE, very exposed moments with us regular citizens.   Do you think that's what most Presidents did on the 4th.....well here's the "activity" list all the way back to George. 
Hey honey, let's go watch the fireworks!

Thursday, July 8, 2004
The road to WHERE is paved with good intentions?   We checked into a more expensive hotel so we could get our cool site uploaded,  and then when we're in the room we find that there's a SIGNIFICANT upcharge for internet...so we just had fun talking to our radio stations this day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2004
Have you ever been on an Air Base?  Well now you can!  Visit the Grand Forks Air Force Base this Saturday.  Parking opens at 9am  Events/Attractions at 10am.  Everything is free to participate in.  Bring water and layers of cloths (hey have you checked the temp today ;-)  and you'll have a great time!  If you can't make it, here's their website, a great place to learn more!  UP UP and AWAY!

Tuesday, July 6, 2004
So, just how many people are there on the planet?  Well I got the number for you...changing by the second.  And remember that as folks are being born, some are dying, so there's really a LOT more being born every second than this counter shows. 
Six Billion Three Hundred Seventy Eight Million............ 

PRAIRIE RV-Park & Campground NOW OPEN
Visit our website!

Monday, July 5, 2004
FINALLY some new 4th of July jokes.   You'll love this group of riddles that you can catch your friends on!

What quacks, has webbed feet, and betrays his country?
Beneduck Arnold!

What did Paul Revere say at the end of his ride?
"I gotta get a softer saddle!"

What protest by a group of dogs occurred in 1773?
The Boston Flea Party!

What happened as a result of the Stamp Act?
The Americans licked the British!


Friday, July 2, 2004

Thursday, July 1, 2004  HELLO SUMMER


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