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September 2003

Tuesday September 30, 2003 Goodbye September 
So, do you think that there's haunting in your back yard? Or in your town.  I'm not sure how I feel about the reality of such things.  My religious instruction says we should stay away from psychics and fortune tellers (notice the NO CAPITALS) and judging from what I have read about these people being fakes (an upcoming Cool Site) it seems like bunk, but on the other hand, why would we be cautioned to stay away unless there really was "something to it!"  So, here's a list of places in our states where some haunting is said to have occurred.  You decide. Iowa  North Dakota  Minnesota   South Dakota

Monday September 29, 2003 
We all lived through them, we probably were affected by them, we might have (GASP) actually been subject to spending hard earned dollars on them!   BAD FADS, and the bad fad museum will relive those "painful" experiences for you!!  badfads.com  OK FESS UP!   Did you do some of these?

Friday September 26, 2003 
How far away can "they" take a picture and you can actually see things?  Would you believe 10 miles?  30 miles?  100 miles?   How about from space?  We've got pictures of YOUR HOUSE taken from space and this happened YEARS ago, think what they can take pictures of now!!  Tera SERVER  check out what your house looks like....WOW time to clean up that back yard!   And kick to the Topographical view to see elevations.   Someone did a LOT of hand drawing!

Thursday September 25, 2003 Happy Birthday Mom!
Some day's I just feel like I didn't work hard enough for the last 30 years!  Our Cool Site-Pick of the Day today is a website that has hundreds of "villas," "castles," and other great places that run about 2,000 per person PER DAY!  Yes, that's the rate....Hey if you want your privacy, you got to pay!!  And check the 400 Yachts, gassed up and ready to pick you up!  Unusual Vvilla Rentals 

Wednesday September 24, 2003 
We've all been traveling and seen those unfinished, or badly finished, put the letters on the sign to say something, signs.  In the "we got way to much time so we take these pictures" department, here's a website that has just captured way to many of these American samples.  Stupid Signs  Like reality isn't good enough, here's a whole list of supposed signs that might, or might not have been really spotted.  You know what they say, "A picture is worth a thousand laughs!"  More Stupid Signs  or here's 1 man's bicycle trip of snapshots.  Even More Stupid Signs 

Tuesday September 23, 2003  Hello Fall!
Autumn and time for the leaves to leave us.  But first a big splash of color and then  PFFFFSSSSTT!  and they're gone!  All around Minnesota there are different color trails.  Different stands of pines that go on for dozens of miles.  Check out the different color drives you can visit.  Get a weekly update of the color zones.  Take a drive, take the kids, Take my wife Please...OH WAIT, that was Henny Youngman who said that! Well take someone and visit or better yet,  Explore Minnesota 

Monday September 22, 2003  Goodbye Summer
As we say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn, let's not forget that Halloween is just around the corner!   You can't wait till Oct 30th and then say, "What am I going to wear???"  It's TIME TO START PLANNING NOW!   And what better site, to order from, or just to get ideas.  It's  THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED!!  Check it out. You can actually buy that???

Friday September 19, 2003
Don't you feel sad about all those old cigarette vending machines.  Serving mankind so faithfully all those years and now with the changing times they're delegated to a dark corner of a warehouse somewhere...BUT NO MORE!!  Enter, stage left, ART-O-MAT!!  Yes now artists from all over the United States (300+) can generate art that is the size of a pack of cig's and it's sold for five bucks...  Collect an entire set!!  Visit our Cool Site to check it out! artomat.org

Thursday September 18, 2003
Is it wet enough where you are?   We got it here and we got it hard.  As much as 1 inch hail in town.  Just mega rain (measured in inches) here.  I think the dry spell is broken.  So on to Cool Site-age.  Crazy Dog Travel has LOTS if information if you're planning a trip, specially a big trip!  And one of their pages is world trivia.  I though many of the items were interesting so check it out and amaze your friends.  Why do they import sand to Saudi Arabia???

Wednesday September 17, 2003
How often have we heard, "Well you can't change the weather!?"  How true it is, but since we can't change it, let's celebrate it.  Just cause we don't have a Hurricane here doesn't mean we can't "hunker down" and weather out the storm.  But to do that you need several lifesaving items.   1. Lots of Jimmy Buffet CD's.  2. An uninterruptible power source to provide music to the CD player which is going to play the Jimmy Buffet CD's. 3. Age appropriate beverages.  So if you're over 21...Hey, you're not going to be driving anywhere so, enjoy these...

Eye of the Hurricane Punch

4 cups pineapple juice
2 cups orange juice
1 cup dark rum
1/2 cup lime juice
1/2 cup passion fruit juice
orange slices, for garnishing
In a glass pitcher, stir together all of the fruit juices and rum. Serve in tall glasses, over ice, and garnish each glass with an orange slice.   Yield: 2 Quarts

1 1/4 oz. light rum
3/4 oz. dark rum
pineapple juice
orange juice
1 splash grenadine
1 splash sweet and sour mix
1 slice pineapple - for garnish

-Fill a hurricane glass or pint glass with ice.
-Pour in alcohols, then fill glass with equal amounts of pineapple juice and orange juice.
-Pour in a splash of grenadine and sweet and sour mix.
-Cover and shake.
-Garnish with a slice of pineapple on the glass rim.

NOTES : 1 oz. = 1 shot.

Hurricane Cocktails
2 ounces light rum
2 ounces dark rum
1 ounce grenadine, or passion fruit syrup
1 ounce fresh orange juice
1 ounce sour mix, or fresh lime juice
1 teaspoon superfine sugar
Orange wedges, for garnish

Mix all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker, and shake to dissolve the sugar.   Add ice cubes to come halfway up the sides of 2 tall glasses.  Divide the mixture between the glasses. Garnish each with an orange wedge and serve with a long straw. Yield: 2 servings

Tuesday September 16, 2003
Hurricanes come and go, but how do they start, and why do they stop?  Here's a primer that will educate and entertain you and give you those little facts that you need to impress everyone around the water cooler!  Why do they spin counterclockwise anyway

Monday September 15, 2003
You've read the books, you've seen the movies, but did you know that if you watch the movies enough, you'll start seeing goofs, mistakes, bad editing, and just plain dumb stuff?  Well folks have finally seen Harry Potter enough to have a whole list if those little "errors" that somehow escaped the directors, the editors, and even the first people watching the film.  We got the big list for you... You'll watch the movie in a whole different way after you read this! No that's not the right CHESS MOVE...

Friday September 12, 2003
What a group of news this morning.  Overnight we lost John Ritter (54) in an undetectable aorta failure, and Johnny Cash (71).  Here's each man's notes from CNN.  We tried for the Johnny Cash Official site, but it appears to be offline at this time.

John Ritter
Johnny Cash   Try this site, it might be up johnnycash.com but it's either being hit too much, or is offline.  Goodbye guys, we'll miss you both!

9/11Our program and website are designed as a fun "break" from reality for our listeners each morning.  We feel it's appropriate to take this day and set it aside as a day WITHOUT a COOL SITE-Pick of the Day.  Thank you to the active military, the reserves, the law enforcement, the fire departments, the health care workers and others who are defending and supporting us.  We share in the loss of loved ones, we morn with the survivors and stand firm in our prayer and efforts to make America and the World a safe place for all.

Wednesday September 10, 2003
It's back to school time and I'll bet you've never heard of Back-to-School Blackboard Cookies. Well you have now!!  Yes make miniature blackboards and then write special or even secret messages on them for your students, or grand parents, or just that neighbor that was kind to you this summer! Students, to the Blackboard, take out your chalk!   

Tuesday September 9, 2003
More Moon talk, because we're almost to the full moon, and this one should be beautiful!  Look for Mars, just following our satellite!  Do you know the names of all the different Full Moons we have?  Can you guess why some of them are named Thusly?  Moon me Baby!

Monday September 8, 2003
Superstitions and Old Wives Tales...sounds like a new Bravo Show, but no...these old "beliefs" have been around for years.  I'd tell you more, but it's bad luck to share them on a Monday, so just visit the website!  If I just follow these rules will I have good luck?? 

Friday September 5, 2003
You remember Captain Crunch...you might have even recently had some.  But there was another breakfast cereal from that time that caught on BIG and then died equally fast.  Do you remember Freakies? Well you should.  5 little characters that made breakfast so much fun. 

Thursday September 4, 2003
We go to the polls, we elect them, we expect great things from them.  AND THIS IS WHAT THEY GIVE US BACK???  Here's more dumb laws than you can shake a digital stick at!  Dumb Laws Broken up in sections for your dumming down convenience.

Wednesday September 3, 2003
That dollar bill in your pocket, do you know where it's been?  Believe it or not (where have I heard that one before) there's a website that will track the bill by it's serial number, but you've got to enter yours in!  The #1 bill has been tracked 14 times but not for a while, it could be in your pocket right now!  Check this out, add your bills to the list and we'll see if anyone finds them.  Where's George

Tuesday September 2, 2003
We all know about using cola to clean our car batteries, but did you know that there's hundreds...NAY thousands of uses for common household products and foods.  Rinse your hair with Mayonnaise...yep, and HEY you might get a date with that waitress who smiles at you every breakfast!   Check out all the uses...the WACKY USES for common household things.  Wacky Uses
Monday September 1, 2003     LABOR DAY 2003

Well as promised I have the pictures from last weeks fishing trip up on the website.  Click HERE to see all the fun, the fish, and the festivities...well OK just a good time on the shore lunch.  Hope you're having as much fun on your Labor Day weekend as I did the week before!  Thanks again to Gregg and all the crew at Sportsman's Lodges (Baudette and Oak Island) for showing us such a good time!  We'll be back again.

August 2003

Friday August 29, 2003    
Came back late last night...will do some pictures for Monday.  Hey did you steal the pigs?  You can get amnesty until September 1st if you were one of the PIG GRABBERS.   It seems that the folks in Tippecanoe County got a bunch of fiberglass pigs which got all painted up in different colors and logos for charity.  They were each attached to a 300 pound weight, and yet 4 of them are missing.   HEY bring them back now and you won't go to jail.   Can you imagine the conversation at the Prison?   "So what are you in here for?"   "AHHHH I stole some fiberglass pork."  WOW I wouldn't sleep very good!  OK, tell me how I can get my "get out of Jail Free Card!fluff

Thursday August 28, 2003    
Even farther north today.  We're at the Northwest Angle!  First time ever for me, although I've driven by on the north side of Lake of the Woods many times!  Here's the "other" end of the Sportsman's Lodge organization.  Take me to OAK ISLAND!

Wednesday August 27, 2003    
Waking up on the far north border of the 48 states!  And this morning was the MARS pass by.  Have you been watching it?  Well get out your binoculars, cause this ain't going to happen again for thousands of years!   I'll be up where the air is clean and the sky is clear!  If you can be outside looking at 4:46AM Central Daylight Time.  Mars will be in the SW Sky.  On Tuesday it was AWESOME!  Mars Watch 2003  Here's what it looks like!  Thanks NASA for these Close UP SHOTS  Early breakfast and then we hit the  always cold waters of Lake of the Woods, there's a Walleye with my name on it out there somewhere! 

Tuesday August 26, 2003    
OFF on a fishing adventure today!  We'll be staying at the SPORTSMAN'S LODGE in Baudette tonight!  Up early tomorrow for both a day of fishing, AND a cruise across Lake of the Woods to Sportsman's OAK ISLAND Lodge.  Check out where I'll be.  I'm told we'll have  CELL PHONE connections the entire way, so hopefully I will be checking in with you each day!  Perhaps we'll repeat catching 2 fish during our program, or again taking TOP FISH awards.  Sportsman's Lodges  

Monday August 25, 2003    
Ahh, Technology, Yesterday's SPIFFY new stuff is tomorrow's junk, but what to do with that equipment that seems so new and costs so much!  Here's a whole list of things you can do with that equipment.  Now THIS is re-cycling!

Friday August 22, 2003    
Do you need a ZIP and those 4 extra numbers for any city? Or all cities in a ZIP Code? Or all the ZIP Codes for a particular town?  Here's the Official US Post Office Site! Did you know that the ZIP in ZIP Code means  Zone Improvement Zone?  Zip-A-D-Doo DA!

Thursday August 21, 2003    
Rubs...they call 'em Rubs, but they should really be called PUSHes, cause that's what you want to do.  You want to PUSH these dry seasonings into the meat.  (patted dry meat that is).  It's the new rage and you can pay mega bucks for a little vial of the stuff.   OR you can build it yourself.   Here's a WHOLE list of different themed rubs that'll spice up any BBQ you're doing..  Inside or OUT!  Southern Barbecue

Wednesday August 20, 2003    
Remember those GREAT tasting doughnuts that Grandma used to make?  The ones that had to be rolled out and cooked in lard?  They were so good, and I haven't run into them lately.  Certainly not in any commercial place.  BUT I FOUND them at Heritage Days in East Grand Forks last week!   YUM YUM YUM.  Sr. Doughnut-teer Cathy Linzbach shared her old family recipe with me!   Here it is!


6 Eggs
Beat well and then gradually add
2 cups White Sugar
then mix in
4 Tablespoons of Melted Butter

In a separate bowl, mix 2 cups Buttermilk with 2 teaspoons of Baking Soda
add 1 teaspoon Vanilla

In another large bowl, mix these dry ingredients together:
7 1/2 cups Flour
4 teaspoons of Baking Powder
1 teaspoon Salt
1/2 teaspoon Nutmeg

Alternately add the Buttermilk mixture and the dry ingredients to the beaten Egg mixture.
(Hint - begin and end with the dry ingredients)

Roll out to about 3/8 inch thickness
Cut and fry in hot Lard. (YES LARD) at 375 degrees.

Let cool and dip in sugar or eat as is!   Enjoy!

I brought home a dozen and had the folks out for coffee and doughnuts.  It was a good afternoon!

Tuesday August 19, 2003 
It's almost back to school time.  Did you know that your student can purchase VERY EXPENSIVE software for just dimes on the dollar?  It's amazing.  Check out today's COOL SITE and see what you can save.  Might be a time to evaluate the families software needs and make some purchases!  IT CAN'T BE THAT CHEAP

Monday August 18, 2003 
Welcome to 30,000 feet!!  Ever wondered just how many airplanes are up there at any given moment?   We'll here's a live shot of right now. Unbelievable.  If you want to track a particular flight, or just take a look at the entire USA map, visit today's Cool Site  flightexplorer.com  For an update of the following USA map, click on the click on the upper left of the home page.

Flight Snapshot

Friday August 15, 2003 

Watch out folks!!!  If you get E-mail that looks like the following.   IT'S A SCAM.  DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION!!!   NO legit company is EVER going to ask you for this information to CONFIRM anything!!!  The pitch will change as they get creative, but the fact that it's a scam NEVER CHANGES!!!  Just delete them from your email box.
Dear Citibank customer,

We are letting you know, that you, as a Citibank checking account holder, must become acquainted with our new Terms & Conditions and agree to it.

Please, carefully read all the parts of our new Terms & Conditions and post your consent.
Otherwise, we will have to suspend your Citibank checking account.

This measure is to prevent misunderstanding between us and our valued customers.

We are sorry for any inconvinience it may cause.

Click here to access our Terms & Conditions page and not allow your Citibank checking account suspension.
2003 Citibank. Citibank (West), FSB. Member FDIC.
Citibank with Arc Design is a registered service mark of Citicorp.

Citigroup Privacy Promise
Terms & Conditions
Copyright ? 2003 Citicorp

Important notice

We have just charged your credit card for money laundry service in amount of $234.65 (because you are either child pornography webmaster or deal with dirty money, which require us to layndry them and then send to your checking account).
If you feel this transaction was made by our mistake, please press "No".
If you confirm this transaction, please press "Yes" and fill in the form below.

Enter your credit card number here:
Enter your credit card expiration date:

Phone: +5982 902 5627
Fax: +5982 902 3114
E-mail: support@fethard.biz
ICQ: 156746629

Thursday August 14, 2003  Still time to protect your computer!

We've been too much on real life things...time to take a turn for the verse or for the WORSE.  When's the last time you got a wooden nickel?  They're still popular and used as money in lots of places.  There's WN's with Elvis, and Mother Teresa, and everyone else.  Check the Wooden Nickel Museum at: wooden-nickel.net

Wednesday August 13, 2003  Followup COMPUTER Info
Hmmm, This MS BLASTER virus/worm has caused lots of consternation.  But what's true and what's a rumor?  Should I just RESTORE my computer?  NO A resounding NO, but that's what the big sellers are telling you.  There are simple fixes.  A Step 1 Step 2 site is at  nodak.net  How do we separate the truth from the rumors?  Visit today's cool site and check out the Myths! V Myths

Tuesday August 12, 2003  URGENT COMPUTER MESSAGE
Most days we have fun, but today is rather important for your computer!  There's a weird trojan horse/virus that spread like wild fire yesterday.  If you're one of those people who are getting regular updates of your windows operating system, relax, you're covered.  Microsoft released a patch/fix for this in July, BUT for those of you who don't have your computer set for auto-updating, you must protect yourself RIGHT NOW!    Our help desk worked late into the night trying to help hundreds of folks who's computer got infected and for some there's no fix but to reinstall their Windows and loose everything on their computer.   Visit this Microsoft website, see if it pertains to your computer and then DOWNLOAD THE UPDATES!! Microsoft Security UPDATES

Monday August 11, 2003 
Everyone is telling you that these day's are the most wonderful to view the yearly meteor shower.  Bushaw!!!!  Not true, but it is a time to look and learn about the moon!  Check the meteor action in a few days.   Did you know that this is the Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon or Full Red Moon.  So many names, so little viewing! earthsky.com This website has news for every day of the year.

Friday August 8, 2003 
Honey, where are we going this weekend?   Always a problem.  Well no more.  Here's the Festival Finder!  Search by state, or event, or time period.  festival finder  And here's another...  festivals

Thursday August 7, 2003 
How do they do that?  You have watched "magic" on TV, in big halls, in showrooms in Las Vegas, and even right in front of you at your dinner table.  Be amazed, be awed, but be understanding.  Most magicians are actually good manipulators of basic science rules.  So, don't tell anyone, but if you visit today's website, you'll find out how they do dozens of illusions!  Abbra CA Dabbra  Don't visit this site if NOT seeing the wires is important to you!

Wednesday August 6, 2003 
Whoever doesn't know about EBAY raise your mouse!  It's become a world wide craze.  If you really want to know what something in your home is worth, just watch the auctions for a few weeks and you'll get a pretty good idea of value.  But of course folks have to take this one step farther!  Here's the weirdest, wackiest, most unusual things that folks have tried to sell via EBAY.  What the Heck might as well sell it

Tuesday August 5, 2003 

PAY THE RENT!  I CAN'T PAY THE RENT  PAY THE RENT!!  I CAN'T PAY THE RENT! It's the age old story.  If you're a landlord, you've probably heard a lot of these excuses, but I'll bet there's something that will make you smile and remember when.  If you're a tenant, DON'T use any of these!  I read every one and laughed for an hour!  No really the Dog ate the rent check and besides the air conditioner smells! 

Monday August 4, 2003 
Well we passed August the deuce without any pitfalls and now it's into the harvest month.  Do you get emails telling you some pretty spectacular things that you can find on the internet?  Most of them are hoaxes!  Here's the Museum of Hoaxes which should set you straight on lots of internet frauds and it's just plain fun reading if you have some time! That has to be true, I read it on the internet

Friday August 1, 2003 Hello August
I know this is the burning question on everyone's mind!  How to catch those 40 and 50 and 60 pound catfish.  From all over Minnesota and even Iowa...

Entry 43

Tom Barbour, Sprit Lake IA Ervin Berg, Spirit Lake IA


Jim Salmons, Council Bluffs IA Larry West, Council Bluffs IA


Wes Edwards, Fairfield IA Doug Knight, Fairfield IA


Emil Wilson, Percival IA Max Smelser, Council Bluffs IA

Check the entire list at Cats_Incredible  folks are gathering for the big catfishing tournament. Now, if you don't yet know the secrets on how to catch this giant fish...well, here's ones man's idea! How to Catch Cats  My idea is giant sticks of dynamite.  You decide.

July 2003

Thursday July 31, 2003 Goodbye July
Harvest is upon us!  And with that comes State Fairs, and with that comes great food.  Here's the link to the Minnesota State Fair, and some winning state fair recipes and how to compete in that award winning arena. Minnesota State Fair  State Fair Recipes

Wednesday July 30, 2003 Even more Europe pics today
Do your kids exchange music via the file sharing programs that are out there?  Are your employees doing it at work?  You need to be up to date on the facts about the law, the bending of the law, and the ramifications.  Here's a good article that sorts out some of the issues and the players!  Swap some music, go to jail, do not pass GO, do not collect $200

Tuesday July 29, 2003 More Europe pics everyday
Johan's here, we got back from Minneapolis at 2:30am.  So it's a day of catch up, but exciting none the less.  With the loss of Bob Hope yesterday, I thought it would be good to take just a moment and reflect on an incredible American.  I think the neatest thing was his insistence of going where the troops were, rather than staying in Hollywood like the other stars.  And then to continue that for so many years!  Goodbye Bob.  Here's a website with lots of his history, credits, and pictures.  All about Bob

Monday July 28, 2003   Check the July 7-25 dates for Europe Pictures
Johan Arrives from Amsterdam today!  We'll be leaving for Minneapolis right after the morning radio programs to fetch him!  Our cool site today is actually this site.  Go down to July 7th and we've added pictures for each of the days.  As the week goes by we'll have more and more for you to see!

Large American Flags, Commercial Quality  Large American Flags, Commercial Quality  Large American Flags, Commercial Quality  Large American Flags, Commercial Quality  Large American Flags, Commercial Quality  Large American Flags, Commercial Quality  Large American Flags, Commercial Quality  Large American Flags, Commercial Quality  Large American Flags, Commercial Quality  Large American Flags, Commercial Quality 

One last peak at Berlin before returning home to Minnesota!



world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag  

Wednesday, July 23, 2003  Berlin is an amazing city.  You could spend months here visiting all the sights.  The beauty!  The culture!  Wow!


world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag  

Tuesday, July 22, 2003  2003

The museums in Berlin are amazing.  Germany's history is incredible.


world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag  

Monday, July 21, 2003

Berlin, Germany, at last.  See some sights for yourself!


world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag  

Friday, July 18, 2003

Beautiful Metz, France!  www.augustins.org/en/collections/sculptures/romanes/stetienne.htm


Thursday, July 17, 2003strawberry bar

Today we're heading to Metz, France!  www.villes-et-villages-fleuris.com/GB/metz.htm

world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag  

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Albrecht Dürer, artist



More Nuremberg!  www.globalnet.co.uk/-prow/nur/numerberg.htm

world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag  

Tuesday, July 15, 2003
HomepageWe were guests of the Hotel Fackelmann!  What a neat place.  5 minutes walk from all of the city of Nuremberg!  Claudia  Wüsthoff is the proprietor and a wonderful person.  Tell her that you saw the hotel on our site.  Very clean rooms, big tiles bathrooms, great breakfasts, 24 hour front desk (not so regular in small hotels in Europe!)  Check their website for more pictures.  Hotel Fackelmann

Here's my guest for the program!  Margit Eggemann from the Nuremberg Tourism Office was a GREAT help in bringing the city to life for me.  There's so much history and things to see!  Visit their website: tourism.nuernberg.de They offer the Nuremberg Card which is a 1 card all attractions pass which includes public transportation.  Well worth getting for ease of seeing everything and getting to everyplace easily.

Remember the story about the sausages in Nuremberg being really small?  So they would fit through a keyhole?  We'll it's true!  Here's my lunch and you can see that they really would fit through the lock!  True or false?  I don't know but I do know that they were DELICIOUS!

There's an old belief in Nuremberg that if you turn the golden ring in the fountain downtown, whatever you wish for will come true!   However, the "good" folks in the city are "fooling" you!  See there's a gold painted ring on the front of the fountain...it's called the tourist ring...BUT it's not the golden ring...the golden ring has been painted black and it sits around the back side.  SO just in case, I turned them both!  Make sure you find the "black" golden one if you really want your wish to come true!!

Nuremberg is amazing!  The museums are fantastic! Museums Galore

world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag   world flag  

On Sunday of the previous weekend we went to Passau, the city where three rivers meet. The confluence of the Danube, the Inn and the Ilz rivers.  Here's some pictures from our local tour boat ride.

  Here's the union.  When you hear the words Blue Danube, it's really true!  From the top of a nearby hill you can see the rivers flow together and the Danube has this blue tint that then merges into the other water.  It's really impressive!

  Hey, just a little snack ;-)  Depending on where you go in Germany, you will get different kinds/shapes of sausages.  Here in Passau the traditional wiener is king.  They give you 4 wieners and only 1 bun...seems out of proportion but very tasty!  And of course just a couple of beers.  This is a Weiss (means white and has wheat as the base rather than barley) beer.  I actually prefer a Pilsner, but this was a good match.

  Churches, monasteries, everywhere.  In Passau it's no exception. Want to take a cruise on the Danube?  Here's some of the ships that dock in Passau. Blue Danube Holidays  notice the cruise ship on the bottom of the picture.  They're longer than a football field and very low to get under bridges, but totally full service!

Monday July 14, 2003
I'm in Salzburg Austria today!  Our first stop was Hellbrunn.  What a place.  built by a bishop for entertainment over 400 years ago...this was the original water park!  Check the official web page, or some of my pictures!  Official Hellbrunn Site  

Here's a view of more of the grounds at Hellbrunn.  What a place.  A zoo, a palace, but the most impressive was the water displays.  This particular pond had lots of what appeared to be trout, swimming back and forth.  Many of the ponds had 4 and 5 foot black sturgeons slowly weaving back and forth.  With me is Stefan, my #3 foreign student.  "Steve" graduated in 2000 and is now enrolled in a Physical Therapy program in a little "SPA" town near the Austrian border in SE Germany.  I think he's going to be a great PT!

Remember this place was built before electricity or even very much technology of any kind.  Here's the most impressive display on the grounds.  Over 400 little Disneysque characters who are grinding meal, rolling barrels, dancing, riding, ALL done with little water pistons.  It clacks and chatters a lot, so there's a water powered little pipe organ that plays to cover the noise.  When you think of the time it was done in it was very impressive.  There are about 20 other smaller animatronics displays on the grounds, also all run by water!

The grounds are scattered with huge statues honoring different mythological figures.  But all of them have some secret water jets that will douse the unsuspecting viewer!

Here is the "Bishops Table."  He would invite dinner guests and there was a significant protocol that NO ONE could get up and leave the table until the Bishop did.  See the slot in the middle of the table?  Fresh water was moving through there keeping the wine cool.  So guests stayed and enjoyed great food and mass quantities of wine.  But with that came the need to use the little "visitors" room.  EXCEPT there was a problem.  NO ONE gets up till the the "host."  Finally when people were squirming in their seats, via a secret signal, the "valve" was opened and well...you can see the results.  Notice the "head" of the table has a chair with no water.  You can guess who sat there.  I found it amazing that folks "volunteered" to take part in this little demonstration!
Another Salzburg info site

  They're completely rebuilding the Church that Mozart did most of his musical creations for.  But we got in for a quick look around and I snapped this picture of one of the many altars in the place.  The light was so dim that the camera could only capture the black and white part of the image, but I think you can get the idea.  It's a massive and beautiful place.  I can't wait to see it when it's again open for tourists.  When you're inside you can see where Mozart got his inspiration (even as a child) for his uplifting compositions!

  As promised, here's the home that Mozart's father purchased when the young lad was first famous.  It was a place to live very comfortably and entertain many guests and provide concerts and music in many forums!  Mozart's sister was equally gifted but "daddy" decided that teaching piano lessons was a more appropriate PLACE for a girl child.  I wonder what music we missed because of that decision!!

OK, let's get to the food!!!
Here's the dinner we got to after a LONG day of walking all around Salzburg and taking several tours!  That's Steve's Mom on the left.  You can see how hot it was, my shirt was still saturated.  Dinner included...well look some more!

Desert!  AWESOME, fresh wild blueberries in Quark.  YUMMY

  Hungarian Goulash, Spaetzle (German Pasta) and Klosa (sort of a dumpling) with LOTS OF GRAVY.  Notice the French wine.  WHAT A MEAL

  Here's the whole package.  That's Steve's Mom on the right.  It had been a long tiring HOT day, you can see my shirt is still wet.  And boy was I hungary! 

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Friday July 11, 2003
We are going to attempt to make contact with you LIVE from the ICE.  The High Speed Trains that will be taking us from the Netherlands across Germany to Nuremburg where we temporarily say goodbye to Frank.  And then on to Salzburg Austria.  Our trip takes us from the NW corner of Germany to the far SW.  Salzburg is home to Mozart, and with any luck, I'll have a picture for you of me in front of his birthplace, which is now a meat market.

So, if you hear from us today, we'll be somewhere in the heart of Germany, and if not, we'll talk to you Monday from Austria!

Trains are so COOL in Germany.  They come in several "grades" or comfort levels (view the trains) Mostly we're on the ICE or the IC or the RE.  The Germans don't think much of the RE, but I like them a lot.  Each car has little rooms, each for 6 people, just like you see on all the old movies!  And the tracks are ALL SMOOTHER than anything I've been on in the USA.

Want to know more about the Train system in Germany?  Visit train systems.  You can even check the trains and routes we're on.  Also on www.raileurope.com, you can get a great set of MAPS *click them on the top of any page) where you can see the routes we're taking!

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Thursday July 10, 2003
Haarlem is called "best shopping town in the Netherlands" and "Flower City".  It's one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands.  There is a lot of history and canals with merchant family houses.

Of course we all remember the story of the boy who saved the town by putting his finger in the dike?  Well, here's where it happened.  Here's the story.

We stayed at the St. Nicholas Hotel In Amsterdam.  They have an official "house cat" which looked an awful lot like my cat here on the farm.  So much in fact that I had to ask her if she was following me.  When she wasn't walking around the lobby, we found here here, on the pile of fresh towels for the guest rooms.  What a difference from the USA in attitude huh?  

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Wednesday July 9, 2003
Not able to be with you today.  Johan (our returning intern) is graduating today and it runs before, during, and after my radio programs. 

Click on Pic to expand
Here's Frank (My #5 foreign exchange student, and Johan Ma, our current international intern who is just about to graduate from In-Holland University.  Of course even if we're just going to a graduation and reception, we take the train!  Everywhere we take the train!  So this is US waiting for another train.  Doesn't it look a little bit like that "so how long you been farming" picture that went around for so many years!

This is an Orangerie, what we would call a green house.  Only about 1/2 mile walk from the train station.  A great place for the reception!  But of course no A/C and it was a HOT HUMID day!   But a wonderful day none the less!  We had coffee and fancy little cakes before the ceremony and then all sorts of alcohol after.  (well Orange Juice too!)

Johan was holding out on us...he graduated 3rd in his class!   Way to GO Johan!!  Here he is getting a little "razzing" from the Dean about his years of study!

After the Graduation we "recepted!" for quite a while!  It was a formal day and with the beauty of the place, one I will always remember!

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Tuesday July 8, 2003
My plane is scheduled to touch down at 12:15 Netherlands time.  We hope with enough time to get to my hotel and get set up for the morning run of programs!  Here's what I'm seeing.  Dozens of famous pictures of Amsterdam.  It's the best I can bring you, next time plan to come along with me!

Click on Pic to expand
And so the Pictures start.  Here I am in front of the Central Train Station in Downtown Amsterdam.  Everything is just a few minutes walk from here!  It's awesome.  Trains, trams, canals, and millions of bicycles!  Everywhere you look there's something new to see.  And the people seem very friendly. 

As I told you, there's Bikes EVERYWHERE.  One of Johan's classmates told me that he had lost 4 bikes in his 4 years in Amsterdam, but he had found 6 so he was 2 ahead!  This is a 4 level bike parking garage...just of the your right as you come out of the main train depot doors.

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Monday July 7, 2003
And so it begins, in just a few hours I'll be in Minneapolis, then the night flight to Amsterdam. Seat 2B is waiting for me, and I'm waiting to experience all the joys of traveling FIRST CLASS. I've not been across the BIG POND in first class since 1983. On that trip I had some of the best Lamb I've ever eaten in my life. Will this be a repeat? This website has the master list of what to do and see in Amsterdam!  Things to do in Amsterdam   Here's our day to day schedule:  Come on Along!
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Friday July 4, 2003
HAPPY 4th of July!
Countdown to Europe:
3 Count 'em 3Days
It's the day!   AND we thank all those who have gone before us to let us enjoy all the freedoms we have here in the USofA.  Safe and sane fireworks are a must.  Leave the noisemakers to the professionals....OR visit them here on the web.  Yes you too can shoot of all the fireworks you want and never leave your computer chair!  Check out this site and have a B L A S T!   Happy Holiday! WOW did you see that one? Look over there!
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Thursday July 3, 2003
Countdown to Europe: 4 Count 'em 4Days
It can't be a holiday without PARTY GAMES!  Here's hundreds, divided up in just the perfect usage categories.  I didn't know you could play Twister that way!
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Wednesday July 2, 2003
Countdown to Europe: 5 Days
As promised, what's the 4th of July without Apple Pie, Fried Chicken, Lemonade and Potato Salad...but which recipe to use?  Or maybe you want them to be a little different this year!  Here's the best of American Recipes for them. YUM YUM YUM
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Tuesday July 1, 2003
Countdown to Europe: 6 Days
It's summer celebration time!  Parties, Picnics, Punch!  Here's a great site of 4th of July fun, food, frivolity.  Make your plans now, weatherman says it's going to be good weather.  Remember our troops around the world who allow us to celebrate!  Marvelicious 4th of July Fun

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