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September 2002

Monday, September 30, 2002  Goodbye September
Have you been sitting at a table with friends and someone drops a word on you like...Blitzkrieg Tender Offer, or Bottom Fisher, or Jonestown Defense?  It's all about investing-and here's the mother list of info on what all those words need!  HEY I GOT SOME EXTRA CASH 

Friday, September 27, 2002
No show today...Studio moving and can't take any telephone connections.

Tuesday September 26, 2002
Recipes?  Yesterdays site went over so well that we decided to find more recipes you can make at home but that are from famous places.  Here's 400 from eating joints that you've paid big bucks to eat at!  You've got to just click on each web pages code, but it's worth taking a chance on!  The O's are Outback Steak House recipes!  Take me to the secret recipe place!  

Monday September 23, 2002
Sailing, sailing over the ocean blue, and no matter where you sail, the ships claim to have the best food!  Well now you can sit right here and make your decisions because we've got their secret recipes!  Cruise Line Cuisine 

Thursday September 19, 2002
Alpha Charlie Bravo, or Whiskey Papa Golf.  Just what do they stand for.  Well, over time and since radio has been invented, we needed ways to spell out words that didn't "copy" well over the radio waves.  But did you know that there's dozens of lists around the world... Yes they have different lists of words for Israel, or Turkey, check em out.   Apple, berry, cherry...no no that's not it! 

Wednesday September 18, 2002
As promised here are some pictures from our visit to Duluth...more to follow so check back!   Anchors Aweigh! 

Tuesday September 17, 2002
All around us we here a few letters that are supposed to stand for a phrase or idea.  There's just too many of them now and so we need a place to sort them and refer to them.  What does that stand for? 

Monday September 16, 2002   
When searching the web, speed is always a benefit.  This search engine is SUPER FAST and also seems to have just about everything you could want in results.  Yes it's ALL THE WEB! 

Friday September 13, 2002   I'm NOT SUPERSTITIOUS!    
Did you think that when Baywatch went away that we'd be free of David Hasselhoff?  NOT SO FAST BATMAN!  A little known fact in the USA is that DH has a singing career in Germany.  He covers old bubblegum pop songs and if you haven't seen this, then you haven's seen him at his worst.  Check out his latest video!  You've got to be kidding! 

Thursday September 12, 2002   
If you're going to break the law, at least be smart about it.  Here's some real LOSERS and the stupid things they did just before they got arrested.  Yes they are CLUMSY CROOKS   


 Wednesday September 11, 2002     
No fun and games today, we stop and pay our respects to the victims of 9/11 and to the heroes many of whom gave their life to try to save others.


Here's where we'll be to do Monday's show.  From what looks like a little box in the center...actually it's as big as a house!  Ride along with us!

Friday September 6, 2002 358 Days After  
What's behind your name? Sometimes a religious meaning, sometimes tied to war and leadership.  Here's a list of thousands of first and last names and some of their history.  FIRST NAMES  LAST NAMES  

Thursday September 5, 2002 357 Days After  
Next week we're going EAST.  Duluth beckons!  And we're going to have a fun time.   Tuesday's stop is the William A Irvin, ore boat turned museum.  Get some "pre-info" here.  Ahoy Mate! 

Wednesday September 4, 2002 356 Days After  
Sometimes we just have to say we're sorry...but where to find the exact words.  Are you in the dog house?  Here's a great way to create the perfect, "I'm Sorry!"  I'm SORRY, NO REALLY I'm EXTREMELY SORRY  

Tuesday September 3, 2002 355 Days After  
Today's cool site has 2 purposes.  It's an awesome web site that all us internet folks can learn some tips from.  They make and deliver custom built shoes.  With dozens of options, made to your order in size and color and style!  It's an incredible site.  Along with that, do you need some custom, stylish, shoes?  Here's where you can order them EXACTLY the way you want!  Shoes Shoes take me to the Shoes  

Monday September 2, 2002 354 Days After  
Happy Labor Day!  Some of us have to work, some of us get to play.  But either way it's time for a Cheeseburger!  How American!  And you can get a list of thousands of places to get the great American Treat at this web site! Take me to a Cheeseburger in Paradise!  


August 2002

Friday August 30, 2002 351 Days After  
Weather, we need to track it, we need to know when we've got to get the radio turned on!  Here's a little box that you can put on your desktop.  When the green light turns RED, make sure you've got your radio handy and find out what's going on !  A great EARLY WARNING System  

Monday August 26, 2002 347 Days After  
We have chili cook offs, some folks find that mundane, boring, just downright uninteresting so what did they do?  WELL check out this website.   Making/molding hats out of...MEAT?  That's not possible...Check it out!  WOW PLEASE PASS THE PASTRAMI TAKES ON A WHOLE NEW MEANING!  

Friday August 23, 2002 344 Days After  
Is it possible that those hardworking folks who make the movies and TV shows make mistakes....na can't be...or is it.  Here's a site with thousands of "mistakes" that someone has observed on the silver screen!  Slip UP's Galore  

Thursday August 22, 2002 343 Days After  
Oh the agony, the pain of being hoaxed.  And here it is all in one website.  It's the Museum of Hoaxes!  That must be true, I read it on the Internet! 

Wednesday August 21, 2002 342 Days After  
Our salute to those expressions so hackneyed and insufferable that they should be forever banned from the nation's news reports. TAKE THEM AWAY GET THEM OUT'A HERE 

Tuesday August 20, 2002 341 Days After  
So you'd like to be queen for a day?  WELL there's LOT'S of rules and things you have to follow.  Just being nice don't cut it!  So here's the big list... YES I WANT TO BE A QUEEN 

Monday August 19, 2002 340 Days After  
When I first saw the site, I thought it was a hoax.  I thought they were pulling my leg, but as I read further, these people are dead serious about the fact that they feel that we are causing INHUMANE pain to FISH when we catch them, or when they're netted for our food needs.  Folks, you need to know that there are people out there with money and influence and this is their cause.   They say FISHING HURTS 

Friday August 16, 2002 337 Days After  
I know it's true, I read it on the internet!  75,000 facts that just have to be true cause someone posted them and they wouldn't say anything that wasn't exactly correct!  TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH 

Thursday August 15, 2002 336 Days After  
If the IMPOSSIBLE should happen, you need to be prepared.  Back in 1950 some folks got together and wrote: ATOMIC BOMBING
HOW TO PROTECT YOURSELF.  Yes, the manual that give you the instructions, the power, the good feelings of handling being in an atomic blast! 
I'm ready, take me. 

Wednesday August 14, 2002 335 Days After  
It's a conspiracy!  We know Jackalopes exist-We've seen pictures of them!  And now, finally, the truth is out.  Here's the mother of all JACK sites!  Approach very carefully, they are dangerous! 

Tuesday August 13, 2002 334 Days After  
Well, the baseball season ain't over yet!  Do you need some good heckles to share your feelings about multi-million dollar salaries, or just bad playing?  Impress those strangers who sit by you.  Collect them all, trade them with your friends.  Do they work for radio personalities too? I've seen more heat in an E-Z bake oven!    

Monday August 12, 2002 333 Days After  
What a Cook Off it was!  All the judges said that this year's chili was the best yet!  You better get your entry in for next year!  Today's cool site...old and traditional plants for your garden.  Some grow 10 feet tall, most are very historic! Show me the plants. 

Friday August 9, 2002 330 Days After  
Just 24 hours till the annual chili cook off begins!  Still time to enter.  Do you need a little prodding in the recipe area?  Here's the mother of all lists of ways to make the red stained thick soup! I can Make that better than YOU!  

Thursday August 8, 2002 329 Days After  
Just back from my first vacation in years!  It was wonderful, Yellowstone and points between.  More info will be coming.   BUT as promised, here is the FAMOUS TROPICAL DESERT that I thought was so good from the Annual Amazon Company Picnic!

Tropical Cream Pie  

Step 1:
1 C flour
1 stick margarine
cup chopped pecans

Mix well and pat into bottom of a 9 X 13 pan.  
Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes; cool completely.

Step 2:
8 oz cream cheese
1 C powdered sugar
1 (8 oz) carton whipped topping, thawed

Mix and spread over cooled crust.

Step 3: 
1 large can drained crushed pineapple.   

Spread over cream cheese mixture.

Step 4:
2 small pkgs instant vanilla pudding  
3 C milk       

Beat for 2 minutes and spread over pineapple.

Step 5:
Sprinkle 1 can coconut and 1 cup chopped pecans on top.  
May garnish with cherries.


July 2002

Wednesday July 31, 2002 321 Days After  
Cousins...children of cousins, grand children of cousins...how are they related to you?  It can get confusing, but here's a grid that figures it out quite easily!  HEY COUSIN! 

Tuesday July 30, 2002 320 Days After  
Can it be 25 years since we lost Elvis?  Unbelievable!  I was a night time DJ and the news came over the wire about 11pm.  It was only then that the true effect this guy had on music became clear.  The official Elvis site has LOTS of fun memory things and a free download of the latest song that they have found in the archives!  Cause I can't help falling in love with you! 

Monday July 29, 2002 319 Days After  
Trivia is driving me crazy these days.  Those sports ones Jim Bollman asks about are just to tough!  So I went and found trivia that I have at least 1/2 a chance of figuring out!  Take me to the Trivia 

Friday July 26, 2002 316 Days After  
Cats, most of us think of them as friends, pets, and lazy, but there's a group of them out there that are "working" animals.  Here's lots of fun about cats...but we need to send them some working cats from ND and MN!  Take me to the SHOP CATS 

Thursday July 25, 2002 315 Days After  
Credit, my credit, your credit, we've all got a credit report and a credit score, but just like height or weight, we're all different.  But different than tape measures and scales, it's a computer rating.  What's yours?  Don't fall prey to that "free cre$dit report" gimmick.  They're going to take your credit card, sign you up for a repeating charge and then make you have to take action (translate: fight with them) to get it undone.   GO TO THE SOURCE.  This company is one of the actual credit reporting services, AND they'll sell you the info for all 3 major ones! 9 Bucks for 1 report or 30 bucks for all 3.  Well worth it to check your credit and NO continuing biling!  OK I've got my eyes covered TAKE ME

Wednesday July 24, 2002 314 Days After  
Tonight only, find out about all the gadgets and craziness that is the latest Austin Powers film, "Goldmember!"  Michael York is live chatting about the movie! Tech TV's the Place to BE 

Monday July 22, 2002 312 Days After  
Did you know I'm from the Class of 1000101?  It's binary and also someone's license plate!  Some people are beyond creative.  Can you figure out this one?  2BLND4U   Think about it, only in California.  It says  Too Blond For You.  Here's TONS of actual license plates! Why would a dentist have a license that says B4DKCME ??

Friday July 19, 2002 309 Days After  
Sun spots...they go in 11 year cycles, guess what 2002 brings us?  YEP we're finishing the peak.  There's going to be weird electrical things happening.  Right now there's some sunspots that are several times bigger than the earth.  I understand that they somehow spawn solar flares which can disrupt satellite communications, and mess things up here on the surface.  Here's a site where you can follow what's happening.   Don't HURT MY DATA 

Wednesday July 17, 2002 307 Days After  
Vacation time for all....but if you can't get out right now, visit this site prepared by UNLV.  Funny, weird, Wacky sites about real, and somewhat real tourist traps.  Visit today!  HMMMMM why didn't I think of that??  

Monday July 15, 2002 305 Days After  
The fun continues.   Here's a German site that has HUNDREDS of video clips.  Some are beyond funny, some point out the differences between our cultures, many are in English.  You'll need WINZIP or another unzipping program to view them.  WOW EXTREME FUN! 

Friday July 12, 2002 302 Days After  
The end of another summer week.  It's always sad to let go of another 1/12th of the good days of the year!  So let's have some fun.  Everyone knows someone who plays an instrument.  Here's customized instrument jokes, so you can put in a little "dig" to the musicians you know. EVEN OBOE JOKES!  YIPPIE  

Wednesday July 10, 2002 300 Days After  
Yesterday's cool site was TOO valuable to not continue talking about.  Stop having to deal with all that SPAM email and just get the messages that are important to you.  Save TIME, Save Frustration.  Get the I HATE SPAM program.  Wish I was getting a commission.

Tuesday July 9, 2002 299 Days After  
Saving your email program and your sanity is one of our long time goals.  We've found an "attachment" that works with both Outlook AND Outlook Express!  AND IT'S AWESOME!  There's a free 30 day trial and you should check it out!  It "learns" what's bad and you'll never see that email again.  And no extra program to run, it installs itself right along with your email program.   You'll like this one.  Take me to "I HATE SPAM"  

Monday July 8, 2002 298 Days After  
A chance meeting with the new Mrs. Scott Hennen turned me on to this site.  A great place to find out about movies, their plots, action, and other decision making points that you need to know before you let your kids watch them, or even go yourself.  PLUS some great follow-up activities and interactions that might make the worst movie into a learning moment.   Nell Minow (the movie mom) has created a great site!  Use it often!    Movie Mom Movie Mom, Take me to the show! 

Friday July 5, 2002 295 Days After  
The day after Independence day!  We're excited here because we're days away from receiving a business intern.  Johan Ma will be arriving.  He's from the Netherlands and so we're learning about his country to make him feel more welcome.  Here's a whole bunch of things I didn't know about the Dutch food habits. Just exactly what is VLA anyway. 

Thursday July 4, 2002 294 Days After  
Time to celebrate the 4th of July!  So many things going on, but the best time is spent with family and friends.  We pause and remember those folks, those Americans around the world who are missing a loved one today because of terrorism, or war, or other reasons.  Know that you're NOT alone!  Here's a website about the history of the nations birthday.  Happy Birthday America!! 

Wednesday July 3, 2002 293 Days After  
Wow, the 4th of July is upon us!  It's tradition for us to have food sites over the 4th and we've found a great one.  Make some of these holiday foods and watch the smiles!  American Flag Cake  and Dilled Cucumbers  


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