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March 2001

Friday March 30, 2001 Goodbye March
We're used to the American style of journalism, but all over the world are folks covering all sorts of events. Here's a collection of writings about unusual and far away places.

Thursday March 29, 2001
WOW, just 115 years ago today, a pharmacist put together a concoction of leaves and nuts from the 4 corners of the world, and Coke was invented. They have one of the most awesome built sites I have been to! Check it out.

Monday March 26, 2001
WHOA BABY, can you imagine living permanently on a mile long ship? Airport on top, traveling the 7 seas. No taxes, All FUN? Here's the ship...All Aboard!

Thursday March 22, 2001
WOW How about those girls BB players from UND! Here's their extremely COOL SITE.

Wednesday March 21, 2001
Just how much is Bill Gates worth? It changes from day to day...it jumps up and down by as much as a billion in a day. Check out today's Bill Value.

Tuesday March 20, 2001 WELCOME SPRING
How can spring come without remembering those great songs of our youth. I hum AMERICAN PIE often, and for sure today! Here's AMERICAN PIE explained...every line, and it's references to actual happenings. Don't let me catch you singing it by the water cooler!

Monday March 19, 2001
ROCK AND ROLL...memories, what ever happened to old what's his name? Here's articles, news, and great comments on the old hitmakers.

Friday March 16, 2001
It's time to be puttin' on a lil' green...Sunday comes the Irish! 'ere's a fun St. Paddy's day site.

Thursday March 15, 2001
Do you write down a phone number and then forget who's it is? That late call in the night and then a hang-up...who's calling you? Here's a reverse phone lookup...you punch in the number, it tells you who owns the phone and their address.
Try 202-456-1414

Wednesday March 14, 2001
Movie time...the weather warms, folks drop by the many choices for movies...here's where to get the scoop on what's coming soon...Trailers, gossip, info.
Keanu signed to do Matrix II and Matrix III

Tuesday March 13, 2001
Pennies, Pennies everywhere...but how many does it take to make a pile as big as a school bus? What does a billion pennies really look like? Here's the stack-o-pennies site.
PS. Thanks for all the calls!

Monday March 12, 2001
How presidential speeches have changed. When FDR did his Fireside Chats, the tone was quite different. Check the entire scripts of his message out.

Friday March 9, 2001
President Bush has come to North Dakota...and he spoke at length about Agriculture. Do you believe him? Phrases like "level playing field" have been around a LONG time. Let's see what the 3 country wide farm groups have to say about what's happening in American Agriculture.
American Farm Bureau
National Farmers Union
National Farmers Organization (NFO)

Wednesday March 7, 2001
It was just 66 years ago today...something happened that changed the world forever. Charles Darrow invented Monopoly...How many hours have you played? Come on now, be honest...

Tuesday March 6, 2001
Got a wedding or party coming up you want to pick music for? Here's a master list divided by decades.

Monday March 5, 2001
Quick...name 50 things you think that the US government achieved in the last 50 years!!! WOW I was stumped. BUT here's the list... Do you agree?

Lazy...OK here's the top 10.
  • Rebuild Europe After World War II
  • Expand the Right to Vote
  • Promote Equal Access to Public Accommodations
  • Reduce Disease
  • Reduce Workplace Discrimination
  • Ensure Safe Food and Drinking Water
  • Strengthen the Nation’s Highway System
  • Increase Older Americans' Access to Health Care
  • Reduce the Federal Budget Deficit
  • Promote Financial Security in Retirement

    Friday March 2, 2001 It's 3,2,1 WOW
    Do you trust your eyes? If I see it I believe it? Well you might not be so sure after you visit this website.
    TAKE Me

    Thursday March 1, 2001 HELLO MARCH
    Shakers, Quakers, and things that go bump in the night. What happened yesterday in Seattle is pretty common when you look at it in a global setting. Here's earthquakes around the world, updated hourly. See what's shakin' where you are!
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    February 2001

    Wednesday February 28, 2001 GOODBYE FEB
    Today, 1827, the first railroad B&O was chartered to take paying passengers. WOW what a difference a couple of hundred (or so) years make. AmTrak has great equipment and great fun. Check out their deals this spring and "I'll see you on the rails!"
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    Tuesday February 27, 2001
    Waffles, glorious waffles, but who first invented them? Where did they come from? We must know! And this site will tell you all you need about my favorite breakfast food!
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    Monday February 26, 2001
    It's Mardi Gras, let's have some fun cause starting at midnight tomorrow...it's Lent 2001. Here's a site with everything you need to party, or have a great dinner.
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    Thursday February 22, 2001
    You heard me talking about some of the traditional food of biblical times. Here's a web site that has the old and possible authentic recipes. I'm going to try the breads! Let me know if you had any success.
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    Wednesday February 21, 2001
    WHAT A TRIP!! Thanks for all the prayers, cards, email! We're safely back with LOTS of hours of recorded material. If you'd like to stay in touch with what's happening over there, here's a great web site from the magazine Israel Today.
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    Sunday, Feb 11, 2001
    Awake, asleep, awake, asleep, finally we cross Spain, Sicily, south of Greece, the length of Crete, and finally begin our descent into Ben Gurion airport.

    Saturday Feb 10, 2001  Off to Israel
    Wow what a night, big work day Friday, washing, planning, packing, learning how to record on the new digital equipment.  Finally bed after midnight.  Up at 4:00am, shower, ride to the international airport.  Depart 6:55am to Minneapolis.  Layover in Minneapolis, and then a 2 hour ride to New York's JFK airport.  Then a five hour wait till we met up with the other folks going on our trip.  Finally 8:30pm comes and we can check in at EL AL airlines security.  I must have blinked to many time when I answered the questions (the pollution in the NY air probably) because I was grilled for minutes about where I came from, where I was going, and WHY did I have so much electrical equipment with me and where did I get each piece.  Escorted to the EL AL 1st class lounge to meet my traveling companions.  Nice folks.  Everyone is wired with anticipation, everyone got the same questions from friends, co-workers and family..."You're going to ISRAEL NOW???"  Finally at 11:30 we boarded the 747-400, the largest commercial plane flying.  Mediocre (OK BAD) food, curt almost impolite staff, but hey EL AL is known for arriving safely which is still #1 in my book!  Short fits of sleep, walking around, snacking...please let us land safely.

    Friday February 9, 2001
    Kibbutz, unique to Israel.  Communal business operations.  Here's a master list of many of the varied Kibbutzim.
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    Thursday February 8, 2001
    Tomorrow is departure day! Just to give you a little more background on Israel, it's history, and it's culture, here's a great site hosted by the Israel government.

    Wednesday February 7, 2001
    Israel is in the air....plans are made and we're off in a couple of days. First stop after New York is this beautiful hotel on the shores of the Med!

    Tuesday February 6, 2001
    What famous president is celebrating his birthday today?  Clue:  "Winning one for the Gipper"
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    Monday February 5, 2001
    Where are the storm watches in America?   Hear them on the radio...get further info on the computer.
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    Friday February 2, 2001 CANDLEMASS DAY
    He may be right, he may be wrong, but he saw his shadow and says 6 more weeks of winter. We could only hope huh?

    Thursday February 1, 2001 HELLO FEB
    I know, you're sitting having coffee and someone says they know where it rains the most, or where it's the windiest or where it's the coldest. And you're not sure if they're correct. Here's the master list.

    January 2001

    Wednesday January 31, 2001 GOODBYE JANUARY
    Staying indoors this winter? Here's a great functional site that has lots of unique fonts and other fun things to spice up your email, cards to friends, even web pages.

    Tuesday January 30, 2001
    Do you remember words like san fairy ann, sausage, skilly, stunt, toc emma and uncle charlie?  These are slang words from WWI.  Find out what they mean and a whole lot more.
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    Monday January 29, 2001
    The Superbowl is over... now the Ad wars start.
    Which did you like best?   Were you out in the kitchen getting a cool one?  Here's all the commercials you missed!
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    Friday January 26, 2001
    What a fun site.  It's seed catalog time, but this site has all the exotic seeds from around the world.  Edibles, Smellibles, Ornamentals, WOW.
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    Thursday January 25, 2001
    Well, yesterday was a bad day for millions of users who visit Microsoft sites. Hotmail, Microsoft, MSN, Encarta, and other Microsoft sites were down all day. Here's a summation of what they are saying happened. Or was it an attach on their servers that they're not talking about?


    Wednesday January 24, 2001
    Time to celebrate the Chinese New Year!  What animal sign were you born under.  It's amazing how accurate they can be.
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    Tuesday January 23, 2001
    Like it or not it's time to start thinking about taxes.  Here's the IRS site to get ALL the forms that you could possible desire.  Every form the IRS has, and easy to download and view and print.
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    Monday January 22, 2001
    What are some your favorites breads? See how their are made and what is in them.  
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    Friday January 19th, 2001 
    Useless facts that make you look good at the water cooler!
     Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark.
     The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

    Thursday January 18th, 2001
    Burma Shave signs... 
    Are your whiskers
    When you wake
    Tougher than
    A two-bit steak?
    And MANY More....
    TAKE Me.

    Wednesday January 17th, 2001
    Can you believe it, it was just 125 years ago to day that the saxophone made it's appearance on the music scene, and things haven't been the same since.  Thinking of learning a new instrument?  Want to date a Sax?  Here's a great, fun site!
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    Tuesday January 16th, 2001
    What makes a cliché a cliché?  Here's the master list of bad sports
    announcing clichés!
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    Monday January 15th, 2001
    Tired of winter?  Want to escape, even for just a few minutes?  Here's the World Wide Cruise website.  I like to dream about leaving on that 90 day round the world trip!
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    Friday January 12th, 2001
    If I asked who lives at:  704 Hauser Street, who would you say?  If you said Archie and Edith, you'd be exactly right.  Based on a British sitcom, "Till Death Do Us Part", the show was an incredible change from the TV fair of the time.  Tonight in 1971, the first episode aired.
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    Wednesday January 10th, 2001
    They may be famous people but they say dumb things.  Here's some of the dumbest.
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    Tuesday January 9th, 2001
    Wow, 31 years ago today the Concorde took off from Bristol England and the time to get "home" was cut in 1/2.  Here's some details about this marvelous plane that I didn't know.
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