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March 2003

Monday March 31, 2003
Friday March 28, 2003
Thursday March 27, 2003

Million Minute March!
   Please visit the web site, get your friends and neighbors involved!   Mailing address no on the web site!  Help us raise a Million Domestic Minutes of Long Distance so our troops can talk to their families!   Better than a care package, fresher than cookies!  millionminutemarch.com Get your business listed on the supporters list!  Email us with your commitment!   Nothing to small, it ALL COUNTS

Wednesday March 26, 2003 

10,000 One Hundred Minutes cards is our goal!
It's the start of the MILLION MINUTE MARCH.  All the information you need to contribute long distance minutes (via calling cards) will be available at millionminutemarch.com  The webpage will come live later today!  We support all our military troops and their families wherever they are around the globe.  Being able to spend a few minutes talking to their loved ones is the greatest give we can give them.  We'll have information on how you can help us make our goal of 1,000,000 Minutes of calling time as the day goes on...check back soon!
Tuesday March 25, 2003 

Who's on the "team?"  These are the countries that support the COLALTION.  When this is over, we're going to make it our goal to do a show from every one of them!  Show me the list!
Monday March 24, 2003 

All weekend we've been hearing about how our captured troops are being treated, and that we adhere to the Geneva Convention.  But just what is that?  When was it first agreed to?  What does it contain.  Well it's a BIG document but we've got for you the part that applies to POW's-Prisoners of War!  A Long Read...But Worth IT

Friday March 21, 2003  Welcome Spring

The Federation of American Scientists!  Started when the atom bomb was created.  Bringing you scientific information about weapons, terrorism, security.  Great stuff to know.  Be the hit at the next coffee meeting, fish not biting...wow your friends.   Visit the site to find out about all the different machines, weapons, war stuff, you hear about on the tube.   What does a biological weapon really do? 
Thursday March 20, 2003

A lot of things have happened since our program of yesterday. 
I'm glued to the radio and other media.  Our cool site today is a link to the state department.  They have a document outlining the safety and security of travel for every country in the world.  Visit it for interest, or if you're going to a country, might we worth a good study.  Check out where I've been...Germany, Israel, Turkey, England.  Interesting stuff.
 Government Travel Warnings

SEND a MESSAGE to all our Servicemen & Women!
 I know it says "navy" but it's for the Air Force Also!

Wednesday March 19, 2003
  We're back home.
Wow what a trip!  It was great to see so many places, talk to so many people, have so many experiences, especially at this time and with what's going on in the world!  Visit our travel pages, see some of the sights we saw, we'll keep adding to it each day so visit often!  Take me to the Travelog

March 1 - March 18, 2003 
Thanks for following our trip to and through Germany.  Who would have guessed last November when we made travel arrangements, that world situations like this would develop!    

Monday March 3, 2003
  Welcome to Germany - Berlin
WOW, we're on the continent!  Berlin, often referred to as the capital of Europe, the former center of EVERYTHING!  A long has changed, but Berlin is again the center of action, arts, society, commerce, even the government!  Here's Berlin's official and in English-home page. Nehmen Sie mich nach Berlin (take me to Berlin)

February 2003

Friday February 28, 2003   Germany Tomorrow!
Dan Rather of CBS interviewed Sadam Hussein.  What was really said?  Read the transcript.  There's lots of chatter today that he really missed asking the central questions.  I wonder what I would have asked after being blindfolded and put in a limo and driven around for 3 hours before starting the interview!  We're supposed to "know our enemy," here's your chance! 

Thursday February 27, 2003
  Germany Countdown 2 Days
What to pack, short trip-long trip, will there be a washing machine?  Here's a website that makes preparing and packing for a long trip something easy.  DO I need my rock collection along??  How many CD's should I take...Where's my hiking boots! Someone please pack for me!!
Wednesday February 26, 2003
  Germany Countdown 3 Days
Big in the news is the tragic story of the young girl who got the wrong blood type organs in here heart/lung transplant, THEN she gets the correct new/new heart and lungs, but dies a few days later.  The family decides NOT to donate the organs.  This seems to be a big "issue" with the different talkers on the radio.  My view is that the family has been through enough and if they choose not to have her body invaded again then they have every right to that opinion!  HOWEVER it does bring up the extreme need for donor organs.  Do you have your donor card signed?  Do you have questions about what happens?  Here's the contact info for MINNESOTA and NORTH DAKOTA   
Land of 10,000 lakes (give or take)  Land of almost no lakes (but great walleye fishing!)

Tuesday February 25, 2003
  Germany Countdown 4 Days
We hear so many stories about heroism, or unbelievable actions on the part of people, or miracles...but most of them are nothing but stories, hoaxes!  Here's the greatest collection of these stories I've ever run across!  I know it's true!  My uncles, brothers, sister-in-law was there!  
Monday February 24, 2003
  Germany Countdown 5 Days
The Grammy's are over, the hoopla is done, but there was another big award system that went rather unnoticed in the world.  The World Press Photo Awards are out.  Unbelievable pictures and photographers from around the world.  Take a close look at these pictures! Everybody Say Cheese! 
Friday February 21, 2003
  Germany Countdown 8 Days
Winter continues and we all need some, warm your ribs, make you smile, stick with you meals!  Here's winter German recipes that'll do just that!  Just what is SPAETZLE anyway?  

Thursday February 20, 2003
  Germany Countdown 9 Days
The big news came out yesterday!  Stash the duct tape, but prepare, be READY.  Here's the Gov's site to lead us through preparations.  I'm thinking rather than duct tape and plastic sheeting, I'm going to try to get by with Scotch Tape and a couple of Zip Lock bags!  www.ready.gov   1-800-be-ready
Wednesday February 19, 2003
  Germany Countdown 10 Days
Do you need  JUST THE RIGHT WORD, but can't think of it?  Tired of reaching for that old thesaurus?  Check this cool site out.  Visual word connections... Let the program load and put any word in the field on the lower left.  Wait a moment and see what happens!  And then put your mouse over the little circle to see the word used in a sentence.     I didn't know there were so many synonyms for HAPPY  

Tuesday February 18, 2003
  Germany Countdown 11 Days
After all this snow, and shoveling, and snow blowing, there's just one thing that's needed.  GOOD WARM SOUP!  But we're adults now right?  I'm pretty much WAY PAST opening a can (except to add to Lutheran Hot Dish).  So what to do?  Here's a gaggle of HOME MADE WINTER WARM-UP SOUPS! YUM  I'm MELTING MELTING...
Monday February 17, 2003
  Germany Countdown 12 Days
Presidents Day! 
Take a president to lunch!  Think you're hot on Presidential trivia?  Well, take the "Positively Presidential Quiz!"  
 I know my Presidents...let's see, Washington,Jefferson,Lincoln, Kennedy...SEE I KNOW THEM ALL  

Friday February 14, 2003
  Germany Countdown 15 Days
Valentines Day! 
If you haven't got things in order now, well you're just a little bit late!  AND NOW A NEW PROBLEM.  What to do with all that extra duct tape.  We were going to suggest using it romantically, but there's WAY TO MUCH EXTRA to do that, so here's a few hundred other uses to get rid of that stuff....OH YA, don't forget they make great Valentine cards.  Just take some cardboard and cover it with duct tape and then use ball point pens (in many colors) to write your message.   Waterproof, and OH so PERSONAL!!  I didn't know you could do that with duct tape!  
Thursday February 13, 2003
  Germany Countdown 16 Days
It's Romantic, It's Food, It's time to prepare!  Here's the entire plan for a romantic evening with your most significant lover!  Just follow the steps.  #1 find a significant other, #2... I'm a Gormet, make my plans!   
Wednesday February 12, 2003
  Germany Countdown 17 Days
Just 48 hours to go till the Magic Heart Day!  Here's some famous lines from famous poems so that you can impress the one you love (or the nearest person in a bar!  "Hark what light through yonder window breaks!"  I think, therefore I am, I think  

Tuesday February 11, 2003
  Germany Countdown 18 Days
Valentines day...
are you prepared.  I had always heard that you send yellow roses as a "token" of friendship rather than red roses which was more of a declaration of love.  So, what does it mean when you send other types of flowers?   Well, here's the mother list of sending a hidden message with flowers!  She loves me, She loves me not she loves me she loves me not... 

Monday February 10, 2003
  Germany Countdown 19 Days
It's Valentines week, what a warm-up we're going to have!  Chocolate is all that's needed to fight the cold (26 below at the moment) and warm the heart!   Here's 71 recipes for chocolate that you can make at home and bring love into your house.  OH BABY I GOT MY SPOON IN MY HAND! Put in Chocolate in the upper left search and click GO.
Friday February 7, 2003
  Germany Countdown 22 Days
Looking for a slogan?   Need a banner for your next poster?  Tired of sitting and brainstorming till your brain looks like confetti?  Well, fret no more!  Here's the "Advertising Slogan Generator!"  Just put your company, group, or product in the blank-wait a moment, and you'll get back the hottest slogan going!  Not happy with what it gives you?  Hit it again!  Lingenberries - Yesterday Today and Tomorrow!
Thursday February 6, 2003
  Germany Countdown 23 Days
Intense cold...but I'm reminded of blazing sun, county fairs, mosquitoes and of course FUNNEL CAKES!  YUM, made fresh while you watch.  Calories...who cares!  But it's a long time till we can get one.  SOOO here's 14 recipes that will allow you to make them right in the comfort of your own home.  Try one, try several, try them all!  Take me to the Cakes 
Wednesday February 5, 2003
    Germany Countdown 24 Days
It's Monday evening. You've had a hard day at work. You've managed to make it home through grueling traffic jams. You open your freezer and what do you see? Nothing? Then it's off to Hugo's and some frozen food.  But which to purchase?  This guy has sampled over 1000 frozen food boxes and gives you his unbiased opinion. Yum, start the oven Honey! 

Tuesday February 4, 2003     Germany Countdown 25 Days
A quiet reflective day today.  Memorial services for the 7 astronauts at noon central time.  I thought some serene pictures of winter would be a fitting tribute to their lives, and to the lives of all who have been lost as humans push limits of discovery!  Wherever you are, whatever your political leanings, let's take today for reflection.  Take me to the pictures. 
Monday Feburary 3, 2003
Germany Countdown 26
Where where you when Kennedy was shot?  Where were you when the Challenger exploded?  Where were you when the World Trade Center went down?   AND NOW SADLY, Where were you when the Columbia broke up on landing?  Here's the latest from NASA.  May they rest in PEACE!  We Won't Forget 

January 2003

Friday January 31, 2003     GOOD-BYE JANUARY
Germany Countdown 27
Have you ever wondered what could possible come next in the gadget world?  This guy gets to just go to all the coolest shows and look around for the weird, the unusual, the really neat.  Here's his list of what's great at the moment.  It's the GIZWIZBIZ Guy 

Thursday January 30, 2003
What do you call a group of wolves??  NO not a pack!  Or a gathering of woodcock?  Here's some big lists of groups of animals!  A big list.  An even BIGGER list
Wednesday January 29, 2003
Did you watch it?  Did you like it?  What did he say last year?  Or what was said in the years past?  I got em all folks, right back to the 40's.  Watch Nixon's last one.. One of his comments, "we are at peace with every country in the world!"  What happened??  Check them all at: State of the Union Speeches 
Tuesday January 28, 2003
Remember the efforts to get into the World Record books by making the most snow angels?  Well, here's the picture results.  ONLY IN NORTH DAKOTA 

Monday January 27, 2003
Interested in finding out where any commercial airliner is as it's flying over North America?  Check this website out.  Put in the Airline and the flight number and it will play out it's location, altitude, and speed...along with departure/arrival time!  Also, check out the map of all the flights in the air at the moment.  Awesome!  Please Fasten your SEATBEALTS 

(An aside from John:  Penn & Teller, long time magicians have a new show on SHOWTIME.  Although it's sad that it has to be full of bad (actually VERY BAD) language...It should be mandatory watching for all the folks who believe in psychics, UFO's, talking to the dead, etc.  The are great DEBUNKERS!   I salute them.  Catch the show called  BULLS%&T on Sunday nights!)
Friday January 24, 2003
Proverbs...we've heard so many from our parents, but what do parents in other countries tell their children?   Check out this  MOTHA List of Proverbs from around the world.A stitch in times saves a 100 dollar pair of levi's 

Thursday January 23, 2003

Wednesday January 22, 2003
Morning JSEC meeting.  Is your business a member?

Tuesday January 21, 2003

Monday January 20, 2003
Martin Luther King Jr. Day!  Do you know what he really stood for?  This author says White America doesn't really understand.  Why does the media distort history? 

Friday January 17, 2003
I'm sick and tired of CRIMINALS being held up as heroes, just cause they're good sports players or entertainers, I don't think we should let our kids look up to them as role models or important people!  Here's a long list of arrests and mug shots! 
Smile pretty for the camera....TURN TO THE LEFT  

Thursday January 16, 2003

Wednesday January 15, 2003
What kind of weather will it be next summer?  Is it a krap shoot?  Or can we sit here in January and decide, WET, DRY, WINDY? ? ? I can't predict for you, but I can tell you the history for both our states!  Check out subsoil moisture, and past weather, make your plans for your garden or your fields for next summer. Minnesota  North Dakota  
Tuesday January 14, 2003
Today is my Father's Birthday!  Willard Wentzel is 88 years young!  Back in 1995 he was interviewed by a German foreign exchange student who was staying with us for that school year.  The focus of the interview was about his time as a soldier in WWII.  It's an interesting article and you can read the transcript at:  What a Story! 
Monday January 13, 2003
Friday in Chicago.  An evening at Medieval Times!  What a fun evening.  Good eating (no silverware...must be a "save water" thing...less for the dishwasher!)  Good service, and all that jousting, battling, king and crown thing!  Highly Recommended!  MY WENCH IS BETTER THAN YOUR WENCH! 

Tuesday - Friday
Minneapolis, Madison WI, Chicago!  Awesome trip, lots of fun, food, friends!  Glad you all could come along.

Monday January 5, 2003
So, you've never seen the original Star Wars movie?  Where were you hiding?  In a Space Warp off Pluto...well now's your chance!  The Star Dudes have made a 5 minute long animated flash feature that completely covers the important parts of the movie.  Fun to watch for the first time, or MANY TIMES! Hey DUDE, may the Farce be with you!
Friday January 3, 2003
Don't let the winter Blaaa's set in!  There's SO much to do right here in our backyard.  Here's Minnesota's state site with lots of specials, some really close...get on out and have some fun.  Pack your Bags Honey, we're off for some fun! 
Thursday January 2, 2003
How about a New Year's Resolution to stop smoking.  But wait...that's an overwhelming task!  Here's some good resources to help you make that goal!  Your time is right now!  I CAN DO IT  I CAN DO IT 

Wednesday January 1, 2003

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