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March 2002

Good Friday March 29, 2002 198 Days After  
Today is Good Friday, an interesting name when put against what we are remembering!  Here's a site that covers many things you might want to know or ask about Good Friday.  Are we better humans today than 2 millennia ago? 

Thursday March 28, 2002 197 Days After  
You all know about Japanese haiku...those poems with the 5-7-5 format.  5 syllables followed by 7, followed by 5.  But now, due to the pain of hearing horns honk all day long, a young man in New York named Aaron has created HONKU.. great 3 line poems fighting back against NY honkers.  BEEP BEEP BEEP  

Wednesday March 27, 2002 196 Days After  
Spam, we all get it, we all hate it (at least I think we do)!  This site was created by some folks who have too much time on their hands.  It's SPAM RADIO!   Now you can listen to a computer voice speaking all the trash mail that comes in!   Might be a bit racy, only listen to what you're comfortable with.   spamradio.com   Also did you know that the meat Spam (as opposed to email) has a new product too?  It's Turkey Spam!  Visit them at: Turkey's say SPAM  

Wednesday March 20, 2002 189 Days After  
Remember the original video game, just done in words, but so powerful that folks played if for days and days till they finished it.  It was called Colossal Cave.  Here's where you can get your copy and lots of help in solving it!  You're in a twisty maze of little passages. 

Tuesday March 19, 2002 188 Days After  
It's a well known Tairy Fale...WHAT?  Yes, made famous by Archie Campbell on Hee-Haw, it's Rindercella! I got to learn this!  

Also, by special request, "Deck us all with Boston Charlie!" Pogo's Song 

Monday March 18, 2002 187 Days After  
Our federal government is at it again. They have the power to decide how much in Royalties should be paid when a station plays a song over their internet broadcast feed.  They've set up a Copyright  Arbitration Royalty Panel...CARP for short, and so far they think that a station should pay for every listener who listens to even a clip of EVERY song.  And pay a lot.  It'll be the death of Internet simulcasting of radio stations.  But it's NOT to late, we can respond.  Visit here, get a hold of your politico's, tell 'em your feelings! Save Internet Radio! 

ROAD TRIP, me to the hospital, the motor coach to it's hospital.  We're both much better thank you! 

Monday March 11, 2002 180 Days After  
Now I know we all believe that UFOs don't really exist...but if the should be found, here's where you report them!    I think I saw one...was that one over there...no, yes, wait, I don't know!

Friday March 8, 2002 177 Days After  

The End of the Internet

The Internet has no beginning and no end, it just IS. Or so they say. Why, then, does this website exist, and just what exactly will happen if you click on the big red button presented herein? Will the Internet truly be turned off? Try it, if you dare.

Or Just the Beginning

But there is a way out! If you do turn off the Internet, quickly go to this site, click the big green button, and turn it back on again. Of course, if the Internet is "off," how can you possibly navigate to this site in order to turn it back on again? This paradox is one of the true mysteries of life, and perhaps better left unexplored after all.

Thursday March 7, 2002 176 Days After  
Want to try and stop email spam coming into your box?  Here's several sites...see what works best for you.  

  • Spam Buster, from Contact Plus. A free filtering service that gets high marks from ZDNet.

  • MailWasher. A free e-mail checker that can eliminate spam and viruses (this company gladly accepts donations).

  • ePrompter. Another free service that enables you to see e-mail headers from multiple accounts before the messages hit your inboxes, so you can kill it for good in advance.

  • Spamex. For a small fee, you use disposable e-mail addresses that forward messages to your real e-mail address, which you keep hidden.

  • SpamCop. A spam reporting and filtering service, for a nominal price. 

Wednsday March 6, 2002 175 Days After  
Magnets, more than just fun science projects.  Let's do some experiments.   

Tuesday March 5, 2002 174 Days After  
Awesome pictures from space...and it changes every day!   Wow  Ohhh Ahhh! 

Monday March 4, 2002 173 Days After  
Winter days, still with us!  So how about some stay inside fun!  This site has dozens of puzzles, jig-saw puzzles, and even old video games.  Pac-Man is the best!    I'll get you your little Pac-Man Guys!

Friday March 1, 2002 170 Days After HELLO MARCH
So...the big list is out for 2002, are you on it?  WOW I wish that just 1 person on the list would give me a call!  I'd be overwhelmed!  Here's the list of the 125 or so richest people in the known world.  Take me to the $$$$  

February 2002

Thursday February 28, 2002 169 Days After Goodbye February
First the Olympics and we're glued to the tube...now the Grammys.  did you watch?  Here's the list of winners and also-rans. And the winner is! 

Wednesday February 27, 2002 168 Days After
Want to twist your brain?  Check this out.  It's a bunch of words of all our colors, BUT they are in different shades.  Here's a sample... 

Pink Yellow Orange Green Pink

Can you say the colors you see rather than the words.. Check out the entire site.   I can do it..I can do it! 

Tuesday February 26, 2002 167 Days After
Time for a little fun.  There's lots of Battleship games on the net, but most aren't very good.  Here's a GREAT one that plays very fast.  Have some fun!  You sunk my battleship!

Monday February 25, 2002 166 Days After
And so we say goodbye to another winter Olympics!  Was it good for you?  Do you remember the history of where the games have been?  How many have been in the USA?  Here's a primer that will fill in all your past questions.  Take me to the history.

Friday February 22, 2002 163 Days After
Back just 100 years ago or so, 90% of the people who went to a hospital never walked out.  The thought that there were "germs" in the air that infected people was just to foreign for folks to accept.  Then came BandAids!  Yippie!  Visit their site.  Sticks even when wet!

Thursday February 21, 2002 162 Days After
Birds again.  Do you know how many different kinds of birds that hang out in North Dakota?  50?  100? 150?  I think you'll be surprised.  Here's the list, how many have you seen?  Look there's ONE ..There's Another! 

Wednesday February 20, 2002 161 Days After
Bulbs, not light bulbs, but little secrets hidden in the ground, ready to spring forth and create ultimate beauty.  Everything you need to know about these little orbs is at  Bulb.com 

Tuesday February 19, 2002 160 Days After
A first today, went outside and heard something I haven't heard in a long while, the yard was full of birds. Is spring around the corner?  Birding is becoming the BIG tourism activity in our area, here's a page that explains why.  Cheep Cheep Cheep 

Monday February 18, 2002 159 Days After
Senator Mark Dayton is at Jim Reitmeier/Dan Cooley's farm today speaking on the farm bill.  Do you agree with him?   Check out his "official" website.   The Senator's Web Page 


Friday February 15, 2002 156 Days After
So you think you've had bad days?  You got to see this.  If this is just another day on the river, driving a barge, then I'm never touching water again!   OPEN THE BRIDGE OPEN THE BRIDGE  

Thursday February 14, 2002 155 Days After
Happy Valentines Day!!  We need a little romantic humor, and here's a site with all new jokes.    Hearts, Roses and Chocolate 

Wednesday February 13, 2002 154 Days After
It's the Razzies-the WORST of the movies...Winners get a handmade Raspberry - street value $4.29 - Will the winners show up?  Pearl Harbor?  You've got to be kidding! 

Tuesday February 12, 2002 153 Days After
On Location, Studio A with Jim Bollman! 

Monday February 11, 2002 152 Days After
Who's got the gold?  Here's the list of gold/silver/bronze!  GO USA GO USA! 

Friday February 8, 2002 149 Days After
The Olympics start tonight.  Are you going to watch cause you're interested in sports?  Or because you might be part of another terrorist event?  It's probably what's going to drive the highest viewing ever.   Do you know all the 3 letter abbreviations for the different countries?  Here's the list. It's More than just USA

Thursday February 7, 2002 148 Days After
Olympics Olympics Olympics, it's all we're going to hear for the next weeks.  Here's NBC's Official site where you can get all the scoop of winners, entrants and fun.   How many times will I hear those national anthems this year? 

Wednesday February 6, 2002 147 Days After
Olympics coming up!  I've always been amazed at how those athletes can flex and bend their body to do the sports.  Here's a Skeleton manipulation site...bend their bodies, watch the bones interact.  Can you make them do a summersault?  I can do that...no really I can, watch me....YOUCH CALL A Doctor!!   

Tuesday February 5, 2002 146 Days After
So how much do you want to know about the upcoming election?  Traveling ND and need to know where the roads are torn up.  This site has it all if it ends in ND... My coffee cup is full...I'm ready!  

Monday February 4, 2002 145 Days After
Did Phil see his shadow?  How about the past years?  Here's the history!  Did it match up with the coming spring? 

Friday February 1, 2002 142 Days After
Tomorrow, the infamous groundhogs day!  Will he see his shadow?  Here's the site to find out!  Will Phil see his shadow! 

January 2002

Thursday January 31, 2002 141 Days After
So you want to travel to WHERE?  Whether it's a little out of the way corner of the world, or a major European destination, the US State department has advice for you on EVERY country.  Got my Visa, let's go! 

Wednesday January 30, 2002 140 Days After
What'd he say?  Did you hear the speech.  I think if you were an alien who just dropped in you wouldn't know if he was a Republican or a Democrat.  Good comments all around it seems.  If you need to quote him at the water cooler, here's the text!   My Fellow American... 

Tuesday January 29, 2002 139 Days After
Valentines Day is just around the corner.  How about sending a Singing Valentine to your sweetie?  The Twin Forks Sweet Adeline's will come to your home/place of business/or favorite place in GF, EGF, the GFAFB, and now Crookston.  What a deal!  Better get scheduled right away!  Take me to the singers!


Monday January 28, 2002 138 Days After
Need some follow-up to the top of the hour news stories you hear on KCNN?  Here's the in depth part.  Take me to CNN 


Friday January 25, 2002 135 Days After
Proverbs: An apple a day...   or Early to bed...  We all know many of them but what real effect do they have on society?  Here's a mother of all Proverbs site.. Take me! 

Thursday January 24, 2002 134 Days After
Do you think that your Anti-virus software is doing it's job?  Well sign on to this web page and have it checked.  You might be surprised! Wow virus software that makes housecalls! 

Wedneday January 23, 2002 133 Days After
Dave "da lift" Barry is in town.  He's been immortalized (my word) by have a sewage lift station named after him.  Were you at the world's largest pot-luck? Here's all the FAQ's you need about Dave. My Question is... 

Tuesday January 22, 2002 132 Days After
Bismarck trip.  Have you seen the giant buffalo and the giant crane?

Monday January 21, 2002 131 Days After
Did you watch those Globe awards yesterday?  I walked into a pizza place and everyone was starring at Michelle Kidman (how old is she anyway?).  Here's the winners back to 1944.  And the Winner is... 

Friday January 18, 2002 128 Days After
Today's the Day!  Minto Calls!  It's the Bologna Cook-off.  And why not drive up there in your new Thunderbird!     I want the yellow 2 seater. 

Still haven't decided on a sausage recipe?  Let's Make Sausage! And that's no Baloney!

Thursday January 17, 2002 127 Days After
Let's jump in the way-back machine and go back to the 1st Corvette.  Remember when it was?  The 60's?  The late 50's? Can you believe the EARLY 50's??  Here's a page about the very first one that was delivered.   Take me to the worlds oldest Corvette 

Wednesday January 16, 2002 126 Days After
Looking for one of those 'fall in love' movies?  Here's ten to get your significant other to become your spouse.   And don't order the jumbo bucket of popcorn!

Tuesday January 15, 2002 125 Days After
What's all this again about El Niño  and La Niña?  Long range forecasters are telling us that it's out there in the Pacific Ocean again.  Make yourself smart here.    Weather Weather, What's the Weather

Monday January 14, 2002 124 Days After
Need a follow-up to the Marketplace of Ideas?  Here's the website for all the connections you need to catch up on.  Take me to the market.  

Friday January 11, 2002 121 Days After
What is the actual blended color of the universe?  A deep blue?  A crystal red like from a laser...well not quite.  It's actually more like mint ice cream.  I took off my sunglasses, I'm ready, take me! 

Thursday January 10, 2002 120 Days After
Hot Buttered Rum today...the secret Restaurant recipe!

Hot Buttered Rum

1/4 pound butter
1 pound dark brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon ground cloves
Dark rum

In a medium bowl, cream butter and dark brown sugar. Stir in cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Place in airtight container in refrigerator. As needed, place 1 heaping tablespoon of mixture into a heatproof mug or glass. Add 1-1/2 ounces of rum and fill cup with boiling water. Stir and serve.


Wednesday January 9, 2002 119 Days After
More Palindromes!  Fun ones I've never seen before.  OK I'm ready...take me. 

Tuesday January 8, 2002 118 Days After
Today we mourn the death of Wendy's founder Dave Thomas.  However, his foundation for adoption law and helping children find new homes will continue on!  Dave's comment always was, "that no child is "unadoptable"!  Here's the foundation, why not get involved? THANKS DAVE! also visit www.wendys.com 

Monday January 7, 2002 117 Days After
Palindromes should not be labeled thusly because the word does not describe what they are.  Perhaps palindnilap would be better...or pallap's might fit.  Anyhow, here's a whole fun list of them in many languages!  Take me em ekat!

Friday January 4, 2002 114 Days After
The first weekend of the new year!  Time to put everything in boxes and store it all away.  Get the presents integrated into your life and throw what you don't need.   
Thursday January 3
, 2002 113 Days After
The last resolutions info! Where did the pick of the new years day come from?  
Wednesday January 2
, 2002 112 Days After
Time for all those New Years Resolutions! Here's a fun page of "alternate" resolutions...and the greatest yet poem about loosing weight after the holidays!  My lips are sealed...take me!

Tuesday January 1
, 2002 111 Days After
Happy New Year!


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