Germany 2006  Here's some quickly captured photos of the Christmas Market in Berlin


Part of the Christmas market fun is the rides.  They're much more extravagant than
the equal rides in the states.    More of a visual experience.

Nutcrackers and Rauchermen (put incense cones in them and they smoke!)

Here's Carsten Pohlmann, a student in Crookston in 00-01.  He now has a Doctorate
in Meltalurgy.  He may join us for Dinner in Berlin!

The giant Ferris Wheel dwarfs the vending booths at the entrance to this market at Alexander Platz

Proof positive that I was there

Every market is framed by a giant Tannenbaum (Christmas Tree)

Holding cups of Gluvine (warm wine with spices) and the camera all at once.

It's Really Tall!

All of this taking place in the shadow of the Berlin Dom! 

Now That's a BBQ Grill!  Lots of 1/2 meter long Sausages.

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