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June 2003

Monday June 30, 2003 Countdown to Europe: 7 Days
Sadly we say goodbye to June of 2003, it was a good month!  BUT WAIT TILL TOMORROW!!  But for today, we've got a fun Water Cooler quiz for you!  Where did they get names like Boston and Idaho and Alcatraz?   Well here's where you got to go to find out! Was it named after a bird?  or a rock? or a pile 'O trash?
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Friday June 27, 2003
Countdown to Europe: 10 Days
Tired of paying those high prices for treats for your pets?   You buy the best and they love you for it, but 5 bucks later they're looking for more and you're wondering how you're going to cover the rest of your bills for the month!  Well fret no more!  Now you can make your very own, delicious, pet friendly treats, for PENNIES!  Check 'em out. YUM YUM THINGS FOR THE TUM

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Thursday June 26, 2003
Countdown to Europe: 11 Days
It used to be the "greasers" who had those cigarette packs rolled up in their sleeves and always a ZIPPO lighter handy.  They could do better tricks with those Zippos than most cheerleaders could do with a baton!   Well Zippo got in the act and has recorded and documented over 540 individual ZIPPO LIGHTER tricks.   And here for your personal enjoyment, video of EVERY TRICK!   Get a lighter, but don't try it at home!
Zippo Tricks.com  (note to our KCNN listeners, sign up for the Chilli Cookoff by downloading your entry form here  eastgrandforkschamber.com )strawberry bar
Wednesday June 25, 2003
Countdown to Europe: 12 Days
Know thyself...WHO SAID THAT?  If you "ask Jeeves" (askjeeves.com) you get dozens of suggested authors.  HOWEVER, if you really want to astound people, learn a few of the quotes of Albert Einstein!  He said some astounding things on a wide variety of subject.  Astound your teachers, amaze your friends!  The world according to Albert

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Tuesday June 24, 2003
Countdown to Europe: 13 Days
Knots, get your Knots here!  Big Knots, Little Knots, Tie em in a row! Square Knots, Round Knots, every one you know.   OK so I'm not so good a poetry, but this page is a MUST HAVE if you want to tie anything down, or up...cause don't they mean the same?  Tie you down,  Tie you up.  How can that be??  Check out the Knots and you will see! Knotology 101 here today and free for the Tying

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Monday June 23, 2003
Countdown to Europe: 14 Days
It's not often that we repeat a cool site, but you got to check this out!  on the side of the 12-story Community First National Bank building at 520 Main Avenue in Fargo. Bird watchers from around the country have been observing the baby falcons.  Last Thursday they were each banded and named.  How do they tell them apart?  Watch them grow, first feeding time seems to be just before 9:00am each day.  River Watch Online  And today we welcome to new and additional affiliates to John Reitmeier's Cool Site-Pick of the Day.  GREETINGS to everyone at KKOJ and KRAQ in Jackson Minnesota, as well as friends in Iowa and South Dakota!

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Friday June 20, 2003
Million Minute March  Completed-But we'll still take donations which will be 100% turned into calling cards for the troops.
Are you left handed?  Will you wear duct tape to your prom?  Got a great milk moustache?  We've got a scholarship for you.   LOTS more weird ways to supplement your college education.  Some of these can't be true!  Unusual Scholarships

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Thursday June 19, 2003
Million Minute March  Completed-But we'll still take donations which will be 100% turned into calling cards for the troops.
You just got to look your best, and without some spiffy CUFFLINKS on those shirt sleeves...WELL your just not putting your best wrist forward!  So check this out.  Awesome gift ideas, funny items, serious links up to 12,000 bucks.  I want a pair of the black diamond ones.  Cufflinks World

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Wednesday June 18, 2003
Million Minute March  Completed-But we'll still take donations which will be 100% turned into calling cards for the troops.
You heard the invitation, your heard us talking about it.  WELL It's our cool site today.  Those pies were so full of GOOD that they just spilled over everywhere we went!  Betty's Pies, THE BIG YUM.  Visit them in Two Harbors (just north of Duluth on highway 61) OR order away right here on the net!!  THANKS KARL!  The Blueberry was my favorite. 
Betty's Pies in Two Harbors We had a Blueberry (my favorite!) Bumbleberry, a creation of raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries and 5 Layer Chocolate.  ALL AWESOME

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Tuesday June 17, 2003
Million Minute March  Completed-But we'll still take donations which will be 100% turned into calling cards for the troops.
Broadcasting LIVE from the
Lake Superior Railroad Museum. WHAT a place!  You've GOT TO DROP BY and get the stories of all the old railroad equipment.  The biggest, the oldest, the first, the awesome, the snow blowers all with complete details!  Tell Ken you're there because of us.  FISHING NEWS FISHING NEWS   REITMEIER WINS "BIGGEST FISH" AWARD AT LAKE SUPERIOR CHARTER FISHING CHALLENGE!   Pictures coming soon.

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Monday June 16, 2003
Million Minute March  Completed-But we'll still take donations which will be 100% turned into calling cards for the troops.
Yes we're in Duluth and it's the LAKE SUPERIOR CHARTER FISHING CHALLENGE.  Yours Truly is one of the contestants.  We're out on the big water in the charter boat:
A Lucky Star Charters Captain Randall is a GREAT charter captain!  Give him a call and book now.  Also we want to thank Lakehead Boat Basin for providing us RV parking space.  No kid swings or activates, but if you can entertain your kids yourself, or are without, it's the Greatest place to hook up in Duluth.  Just a 5 minute walk to ALL of Canal Park.  Stay tuned for details on how we did in the contest.

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Friday June 13, 2003
Million Minute March  Completed-But we'll still take donations which will be 100% turned into calling cards for the troops.
Yes it's Friday the 13th, but that's too easy.  Just had to share some graduation pictures with you.  This is Henderson Hong.  He's just graduated from College in China.  We've gotten to know him over the internet and hope that some day he'll come here to experience Agriculture in America, cause that's the degree he got over there!    He's determined to improve agriculture in China!   Congratulations HONG!

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Thursday June 12, 2003
Million Minute March  Completed-But we'll still take donations which will be 100% turned into calling cards for the troops.
I have a God Child with an unusual name.  I can't find personalized key chains, license plates, any of that kitch stuff when I'm traveling.  Makes me crazy.  BUT   HOLD on to your tabs folks...NOW you can get a personalized mini-license in any letters you want!!  Order early and often! Blue Sabre

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Wednesday June 11, 2003
Million Minute March Completed-But we'll still take donations which will be 100% turned into calling cards for the troops.
Happy Happy Happy are those who stop and smell the roses when they're on vacation!  And what better way to get your nose into it than to visit some local museums.  Here's a nationwide list of big/medium/and tiny museums that should interest everyone in some way!  Look at that OLD STUFF!!

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Tuesday June 10, 2003
Million Minute March Continues!
Hey, it's raining all across the Midwest.  What a better thing to do than play with chocolate.  But always keep your beaver hair brush handy!  Sweetly Wrapped
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Monday June 9, 2003
Million Minute March Continues!
Easter Eggs in June?   That's weird.  And I got hundreds, NA over a thousand Easter Eggs for you.  What are they you ask?   Well when software developers create a program the often hide a little video show, or some secret information somewhere.  You have to punch in a secret code, or find a special place to click on a part of a screen that's not easily seen.   Well that concept has now jumped to DVD Movies!  Over 1000 movies that you can rent or purchase have these hidden, "Easter Eggs" just for you.   Visit the sites, get out your disks and take a look around!   DVD Easter Eggs  NO CHICKENS WERE HARMED IN THE SELECTION OF THIS COOL SITEstrawberry bar
Thursday June 5, 2003
Million Minute March Continues!
Happy Birthday Jane! 

Well, the feds did it!  They've arrested and charged an American Icon.  I was never much of a Martha Stewart fan but think there's lots more important things than taking a YEAR to develop a case against a Billionaire for a potential 31,000$ mistake!-IF INDEED she did wrong.  Do you agree?  send a letter of support at  Martha Talks 

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Wednesday June 4, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
From San Francisco to New York, he drives his lawn mower.  Right in the to WORLD book of Records for the 2nd time! MOWING MOWING MOWING, keep that YARDMAN MOWING YARD...MAN...  Would you do that?  4 months on the lawnmower, stopping here and there and mowing mowing mowing! Take me to the YARD...MAN

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Tuesday June 3, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
How many times has someone said to you, "Who ordered this weather?"  Well now you can answer, "I DID!"  Yes now you can ORDER your OWN WEATHER!  Have it delivered on the day of your choice!  Only on the World Wide Web. I WANT SUNSHINE

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Monday June 2, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Summer time, Summer time, Sum Sum Summer time!  And what a better time to be out looking for castles.   CASTLES?  Yep, did you know that America (and Canada) are full of em?  Even in Minnesota!  Check these out when you're on a drive! Wow look at the Turret on that one! How about Castles in Canada?  Here
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May 2003

Friday May 30, 2003 Million Minute March Continues! 
Summer is on it's way...it might actually be here right now!  Time to make some travel plans.  Here's a great site of lots of Road Trips you can take around the U.S. of A.  I've been to many of the places.  If you're going on a trip, feel free to email me and ask me my opinions of where you're going!  Road TripAmerica  You may have heard us talking about milk bottles that had a "bulb" at the top where the cream collected.  Here's a link to a picture of those bottles!  Go down to bottle 21

Thursday May 29, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
So you have a cell phone.  What process did you go through when you picked out the last phone you got?  Was it just cause the salesman said, "that's what I use?" Or did it have a pretty face.  Which phone has the best "fringe zone reception?"  Which works the best with a head set?  Here's a cell phone evaluation website!  Lots of serious phone owners telling you what they like and don't like about MANY different models!  phonescoop.com  Click on CARRIERS on the left, then pick a carrier and start looking at the models!   My next phone is going to be a Motorola v60ic.   Best sound quality for my "remote" radio programs!

Wednesday May 28, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
The last JSEC (Job Service Employer's Committee) meeting of the season.  Are you an employer?  Then you should be a member of JSEC!  Valuable information, and great experience sharing with other employeers!

Tuesday May 27, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Summer time is officially here!  Have you got yours planned yet?  We're booked till into August, and now over the weekend comes the word that NOTE (my #4 foreign student, from Thailand will be coming to visit in August YIPPIE see my students) How often have we heard the words, Goody two Shoes, or Nitty-Gritty, or how about, to pay the piper?  Here's a web site with dozens of these phrases and their meanings and origins. Where did you hear that? ? We talked about Hostas...  here's the forum 
Monday May 26, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
A quiet day today as we salute our armed forces, particularly those who gave their lives, or were wounded in their efforts to protect our nation!  Thanks to all of you!  Here's a page of information about Memorial Day, it's origins and a strong effort to return it to May 30th.   What are your feelings about that? Memorial Day 2003

Friday May 23, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Memorial Day Weekend, with LOTS of activities all around.  As you're planning your events, you might just need some more food ideas and we got a TON of them for you.  Drop by this website and pick and choose as needed.   And please don't forget to take part in some of the activities that are in place to remember those brave folks who gave their time and for some their lives to keep our country free!  Razzle Dazzle Recipes

Thursday May 22, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
After circulating through e-mail for months--and then being featured on CNN and in the London Times-- this video clip has become an Internet classic. The video plays Gloria Gaynor's disco anthem "I Will Survive" as the theme for a three-fingered, one-eyed extraterrestrial named "Blit Wizbot." The author of the program, Victor Navone, says he spent 250 hours to produce the program--and his hard work didn't go to waste.

Download this file to your hard drive. This file is an Mpeg file and you will need a Media Player to view it. It is well worth the effort. Download the Alien Song [ 3.2 MB MPG file ]

Wednesday May 21, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
There's cool webcams all over the universe.  However, there's not to many in the Minnesota/N. Dakota area.  Hey Iowa stole the  "Watch the corn grow" Idea.  BUT down there in Fargo (no not the movie).  First egg laid April 25th.  It's time for the children to make their appearance and you can watch on today's Cool Site Web Cam!
Any day now Frieda!

Tuesday May 20, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Do you get all those emails about saving some kid from cancer by sending on the plea for help to your email list?  Or that you can earn big bucks or a $50.00 gift certificate just by forwarding mail?    THEY'RE ALL HOAXES!   Here's a great site called Truth Miners!   Fun to check out, and valuable for when you get those "suspect" emails!  Truth Miners

Monday May 19, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Today, actually this weekend, we're on the Lake of the Woods!   What an interesting couple of days!  Sunday was my toughest day on the lake.  The rollers were coming in from the NE and it didn't seem to matter what direction the Launch was facing, the boat just kept rocking back and forth, BUT I did bring in a four pound Walleye.  (Did I mention the rain and cold?!)  Monday dawned with calmer winds, but no sun.  The good news is that it didn't rain the entire time we were on the lake!  Here's some pictures of our success!  __Upload coming___  And visit our new friend and guide, Darby, at his Launch company website!   Reel Adventures  some pics from our fishing Thanks Darby!  From Darby's boat, I had the largest fish on line that I've every hooked.  They estimated it was a northern about 18 lbs and 42-46 inches.  After fifteen minutes of fighting we lost him at the boat.  It was both a sad minute, and the most exhilarating moments of my fishing life!  I would have let him go anyway, but a picture would have been great!   OH WELL, another reason to get back to LOTW!

Friday May 16, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Time to celebrate Syttende Mai, commemorating Norway's independence from Swedish rule in 1905. And what a better way to celebrate than to spend a day telling Norwegian and Swedish jokes!  Check out some new ones...  Here  and  here too!

Thursday May 15, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
A pretty special day in the area of astronomy!  2003 is host to 2 (count em TWO) TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSES!  Find out what is happening out there and the best time to watch from your area! Hey, at least I don't need Sunglasses to watch this!

Wednesday May 14, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Throughout the ages, man has pondered the question, "How much is inside?"
With a few extra bucks, and a decent spot on the internet, our Cool Site exposes these long-hidden truths.  How much is inside a pound of bacon?  Oreo Cookies?  A beer keg?
 Just how much is inside?

Tuesday May 13, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
It's National Etiquette Week so how could we not bring you some great tips on the do's and don'ts of social graces.  Table Etiquette BUT of course we can't just leave it there... we've got to have some fun with other kinds of Etiquette!  Like...Redneck driving etuquette!  When approaching a four-way stop, the vehicle with the largest tires always has the right of way.  Never tow another car using pantyhose and duct tape.  When sending your wife down the road with a gas can, it is impolite to ask her to bring back beer.  More here... Earwax proprieties!
Monday May 12, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
WOW a great weekend, but Sadly, no fish for the Cool Site Guy!  The weather across Minnesota was wet and dreary at best, and the fish weren't interested in biting...at least not on Big Detroit!   Here's a picture of the boat we were out in.  Our Guides, Gary, and Jeff Mohr treated us like we were royalty.  (even a propane heater on board).  I was matched up with Ray Smith, a sports writer and we have a top-notch time doing everything but bringing walleyes into the boat!  Jeff also likes to "kite fish."  Hey I had never heard of it either.   But that's our cool site...check it out!  Catch THOSE WALLEYES!   Next Year...Baudette...YIPPIE

Friday May 9, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
It's here, the big Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener!  We'll be coming to you LIVE from the Million Dollar View of the Fireside Restaurant FireSideDL.com here's our schedule for the weekend and some of the fun expected!   Please...good weather!
Minnesota Governor's Opener

Thursday May 8, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Well...fishing season opens in Minnesota this weekend.  But anglers have been out all over the state.  Here's a site that gives you lots of fishing info if you're one of those folks who tries to "find the fish."  I on the other hand expect the fish to find me!  Fish Tales

Wednesday May 7, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Think about the items you carry on an airplane.  Regular baggage, but you probably always bring something unusual.  And then consider that you forgot it on the airplane.  Or completely forgot where you left it.  Well, it probably ends up at this place in Alabama and if you don't claim it after a required waiting period, it ends up being sold.  You can truly say, "someone's LOSS can be your gain!"  Here's the leftovers, you might find something you need, or GASP what if you find something you lost! Unclaimed Baggage

Tuesday May 6, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Own a piece of history, live underground, the US government spent millions on these Missile Bases, you can purchase them for a song!  I want the one by Denver! MissileBases.com
Monday May 5, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
OK guys, children, nieces & nephews, it's time to take action!  Mothers Day is this Sunday!  If you've never done it before, ORDER Mom something she's never received before.  Christie Cookies are AWESOME.  I've eaten hundreds myself and know that they'd make a great gift.   TODAY might be the last day to get them to MOM on time.  So visit their website, or call today!  Christie Cookies  1-800-458-2447  

Friday May 2, On the road in the Big Brown Bus, live from Hastings MN on the way to Chippewa Falls WI, what a great day to Travel.

Thursday May 1, 2003
Million Minute March Continues!  MAY DAY 2003
We celebrate it every year...giving out May baskets and celebrating the arrival of spring.  But do you know it's roots?  Long a pagan holiday, it's probably one of the oldest yearly celebrations every.  Here's a web page about that part of it's history.  May Day History

And in most places in the world it's a different kind of May Day Celebration...the day of the employed, the holiday that started labor unions and work days going from 12 hours 6 days per week to something shorter and more palatable.    Labor Unions and May Day

Monell's BBQ Ribs
(John says - this is our most requested recipe)
3 - 6 lbs of Short Ribs
layer these ingredients on the ribs...
1 Bottle of Ragu w/Mushroom Sauce
1 Bottle of Hunts BBQ Sauce
1/2 to 1 lbs of brown sugar
(depending on how many ribs you have)
Bake at 250 degrees for 6 hours uncovered
copyright Monell's Dining & Catering, King/Monell 1996.

Thanks to Michael King, owner/operator of Monell's in Nashville TN, drop by when you're there for their southern family style meal...and tell em John sent YA!!

April 2003

Wednesday April 30, 2003 Million Minute March Continues!  Please send in all you've collected.
September 11, 2001, it seems so long ago, and yet our world is still being shaped by those events.  There is a competition on to design a WTC Memorial.  You can enter.  You've got 30 days to get your registration in, and then a short time longer to get your actual design to NY.  Read the rules and put your thinking cap on.  Your design could be forever on display in the big Apple.  World Trade Site Memorial

Tuesday April 29, 2003
Million Minute March Continues!
"Life on the Fraction"...what can that mean?  Well a fraction means a piece of land that's only a part of a section or a quarter of land.  And this "Life" that we're talking about is at the turn of the century in NW Minnesota.  Here's the unedited, raw text of life for one family, leaving Norway, only making it to Sweden, and then finally to America and then Minnesota.  Times were tough but folks survived.  Read the story, check the pictures and then consider your life today.  I'm thinking this is pretty good even on a bad day!  Life on the FRACTION

Monday April 28,2003
Million Minute March Continues!
Lake Agassiz.  We hear about it, we understand that 1/3 of America was under it's water at one point or another, but what was it really all about?  How has it affected how we live, what we do.  What's under us?  Here's a rather dry thesis about it, but hidden away in all the text is some great pictures (20 miles wide) of what the earth under us looks like and where different cities and places fall on the geography of this "middle earth"  or at least Middle America!  take me to the LAKE This is Chapter 2, which has the best diagrams.  But you can read the entire book starting here

Friday April 25,2003
Million Minute March Continues!
Spring has sprung, the birds are singing, time to plant a "VICTORY GARDEN!"  Although we're not really going to declare a victory in this war...What a great thing to do to plant a "Victory Garden" as our ancestors did after WWI  and WWII!

Here's a list of what folks used to plant in their Victory Gardens!   Heirloom Seeds

Thursday April 24,2003
Million Minute March Continues!
Today is the BIG DAY!  Our press conference to announce where we are on the MILLION MINUTE MARCH.  We were expecting to announce about 650,000+ Minutes but Altru Health Systems completely changed the moment with their announcement that rather than raising $4,000 towards the effort, that they were going to make a target of raising $20,000.00 for the Million Minute March.  That translates into almost 600,000 minutes of long distance calling time!  UNBELIEVABLE!!!!  We are overwhelmed!  Stay tuned for more information as it developes!

Wednesday April 23,2003
Million Minute March Continues!
Live from The Manitoba Museum  on North main Street, Winnipeg!  Their history will come alive for your family!  Check out the Hudson Bay collection of artifacts...what a day.

   Thanks to Penny and DestinationWinnipeg.ca for making out visit to Winnipeg so enjoyable!

Tuesday April 22,2003
Million Minute March Continues!
LIVE from the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg!  The bears, the birds, the babes...no no...no babes  but what a great walk around!   And just a few bucks for the entire family!

We were guests at the new Clarion Hotel. Visit their website:  clarionhotelwinnipeg.com  BIG clean rooms, water park, day spa, and a great location, right by Polo Park!

Monday April 21,2003
Million Minute March Continues!
So did you eat enough HAM to require you to "bulk up" on water?  Or did you equalize it with chocolate Easter Eggs and coconut cake?  AHHH Easter, time to get ready for spring time.  Our cool site today takes us to a German site with LOTS AND LOTS of data about, US Air Force Bases, details on how to read the tail of an Air Force plane, and a list of all those acronyms and abbreviations that we keep hearing.  What is the difference between  DAA and DAAS ?  Answers to these pressing questions and more at: 

Friday April 18, 2003
Million Minute March Continues!

Time for some pause, reflection and a little fun!  Here's some Easter Riddles to keep folks busy while waiting for them HAM to come out of the oven!  Riddles     More Riddles

Thursday April 17, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Propaganda always sounds like a bad word.  But is it?  Is it unfair to put yourself, your company, your nation in the most favorable light that you can?   Here's an "official" website of the U.S. State Department.  Here's what they self describe the site as: "
International Information Programs is an Office in the Department of State whose purpose is to inform foreign citizens about America and its foreign policy."  Hmmm looks like a good place for Americans to find out things too!   Lots of current and policy information.  Read and Enjoy!  I'm ready...take me to the INFO   

Wednesday April 16, 2003 Million Minute March Continues! 
My yard is full of Robins although today is not a particular spring feeling day.  They say more snow tonight, YUCK so the Big Brown Bus is going back into it's cave for a few days!  BUT IT IS A FULL MOON and that brings up thoughts of tulips and other spring flowers in my garden...and that brings me to thoughts of  the Farmers Almanac! Now in it's 3rd Century of publication, this book is crammed full of useful information to help us "predict" the weather for the coming year!  Peter, the editor is a friend of mine...so lift all you can from the web page...or get out and pick up a copy at your local magazine rack!  Farmers Almanac  Today they tell us why and how Easter eggs were first colored! 
By our Calculations we're now OVER 1/2 way there.  Yes, over 500,000 Minutes of talk time have been donated!  THANKS!!  Visit the website:  MillionMinuteMarch.com

Tuesday April 15, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
Check the date...it's TAX DAY, time to pay the piper, head to the poor house!   Ahhh it's not so bad...but certainly a time to make tax jokes.  I'm happy to be able to pay taxes and do my share of supporting our country, BUT...who can resist a good IRS joke?   So here's a couple of sites to give you the tools (substitute jokes) you need to be the HIT of the Water Cooler!  Tax Jokes    More Tax Jokes 
  Monday April 14, 2003 Million Minute March Continues! 
As a person who claims German heritage, I'm not to happy about Germany seeming to be a member of the "Unwilling" group.  I don't understand how they could disagree so aggressively. But we must remember that their "leader" got elected on the phrase, "NO WAR."  Now he's in a pickle just like a former president of the USA.  Remember when we heard, "Read my lips, no more taxes!" and then circumstances changed and the taxes came and the voters threw him out.   Same story.  He ran on this pledge and now has his tail caught in a situation that there's no solution to.  BUT there's a big movement on in Germany to Support us!  They've even got a sign-up sheet for folks who will VOLUNTEER to join the Coalition!  Check out the web site!  German News RULES!

Friday April 11, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
How about a different perspective on the way.  This is SKY NEWS a sister network to Fox News, but from the other side of the pond!  Here's their IRAQ File pages...see what else is being reported. 
Sky News Iraq File

Thursday April 10, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
From the cradle of civilization to today's war.  Iraq and the area in encompasses has an incredible history!  perhaps back 7000 years. If we stay on the track we're on, soon you'll be able to (and want to) go and visit this historic place.  Time to learn up a little history!  Check these two sites and sit down with a cup of hot chocolate and check out the past.

.Achilles.net    Gilgamesh History

Wednesday April 9, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
The news from Iraq sounds positive this morning!  Time to look back and learn/remember other times like this.  WWI was supposed to be the war that finished this type of activity.  Learn about how it started, who took action, the different time lines, and lots of pictures.   Start here and spend some time.  World War 1 

Tuesday April 8, 2003 
Million Minute March Continues! 
Let's get the view of the war from the Mothers side!  This website was created by a Marine Mom, and has really blossomed.   Find out what the Mom's are thinking, what they're feeling, what they're doing for their sons and daughters who are on TDY!  MarineMoms.us Wrap your cookies in Popcorn so they arrive in good shape!   

Monday April 7, 2003
Million Minute March Continues! 
We've talked about it for days...you can order it from the internet but it's about a dollar an ounce...now we've got a recipe and you can make it at home for pennies!  What are we talking about?   QUARK...the generic cheese of Germany.  They eat 22 pounds of it each year, you've got to try it!  Quark Cheesecake recipe coming from Germany soon. It CAN'T BE THAT EASY! 

Friday April 4, 2003
Thursday April 3, 2003
Wednesday April 2, 2003
Million Minute March Continues!  THANKS to all who contributed in ANY way in Greater Grand Forks yesterday!  And those checks...WOW  Thanks again!  We'll be in Warroad/Roseau on Friday, Northwood next week.  Can we come to your town?  Visit the official website: MillionMinuteMarch.com 

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