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Friday September 29,2006
Travel Day, Live from KKOJ Radio in Jackson MN

Thursday September 28, 2006
Well it's Confucious' Birthday, and what would his birthday be without remembering a few things he said!  http://www.naucon.net/misc/confucius.htm
  or some FUN ones http://confucius-says.com/html/wealth.html

Wednesday September 27, 2006
Today a usable, workable site.  A collection of all the dictionaries on the web.  Great for reference work!  http://www.shopdex.com/1674.htm

Tuesday September 26, 2006
Just how long will they last?  Did couples last longer when the marriages were arranged?  Well here's your chance to predict just how long these couples will stay together.  Better than  AM I HOT OR NOT!  http://www.weddingbetting.com/

Monday September 25, 2006    Happy 90th birthday Mom!  We miss you.
Well we've been having webcam fun, but did you know that most cruise ships update a webcam picture from their bridge every few minutes?   Check it out here, and go to the TENNESSEE Jail cam...actual control room in the county jail.  http://www.abcwebcam.com/keywords_webcam/weird_webcam.htm 

Friday September 22, 2006   OK TODAY FALL REALLY COMES 
So how about a collection of more "unusual" web cams pointed at things around the world? 

Thursday September 21, 2006  WELCOME FALL!
Better than a string on your finger!   This site remembers anything you send it and will alert you at the proper time!  http://www.bigreminder.com/

Wednesday September 20, 2006   Frost last night, about 10 days late.
So you might be a "country folk" but we all like to explore the big cities.  Did you know there's LOTS of Urban places to visit that are so far off the beaten path that even most locals don't know about them?  Like tunnels between the Fort Gary Hotel and the train station in Winnipeg.  I've been in them.  There used to be a night club down there.  Called the Left Bank.  Now they claim it doesn't exist.  HMMMM  Check out these other places that "don't exist!"  http://www.infiltration.org/home.html

Tuesday September 19, 2006
So have you got a co-worker that you just really want to leave a can of Right Guard on their desk?  How about those weird noises they make eating in the next cubicle!   WELL NOW YOU CAN!!  http://annoyingcoworker.com/  Send them an anonymous message!

Monday September 18, 2006
Who really are the richest folks in the world?   Well if you include TV and Books and Comics, you get a different list!

Friday September 15, 2006
It's a Miracle!  Another white buffalo.  But it's the 3rd one at the same farm.  Read about it's significance.  http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/09/14/white.buffalo.ap/index.html

Thursday September 14, 2006
You've heard me talk about it for some year.  The famous Quote!  "Don't go into Computers unless it's your passion because if it's not you'll be flipping burgers!"  Well, Monster.com is a giant job search website, perhaps the biggest.  Read this forum before you decide that there's BIG MONEY to be made in IT (Information Technology!)  http://community.monster.com/Forums/ShowPost.aspx?PostID=162507 

Wednesday September 13, 2006
WOW this has got to be true!  Can you imagine a place (other than Washington DC) where the rules of science are changed?  Where gravity doesn't work right, where you can grow and shrink at will like a President's Budget?  Well build your own vortex in your own backyard.  http://www.randi.org/jr/2006-07/071406vortex.html#i1

Tuesday September 12, 2006
So we've turned the corner to fall!  Cooler weather, thoughts of the holidays.  And a Cookie/Torte/Cake that you just HAVE to make!   It's from ICELAND!  Check this out. http://www.cs.umanitoba.ca/~andersj/vinarterta/vinarterta.html

Monday September 11, 2006    We Remember 9/11
This is a minute by minute timeline.  http://archives.cnn.com/2001/US/09/11/chronology.attack/ 

Friday September 8, 2006
Time is counting down.  I remember last year when I got my tickets for the Andre Rieu' concert in Winnipeg for October 28 2006, it felt so far away.  Now it's right around the corner!  Here's Andre's website, click in and enjoy the music, then GET YOUR TICKETS!!

Thursday September 7, 2006
Air Bag, Air Conditioner, Artificial Snow, Automobile, Battery, Blue Jeans, Chewing Gum, Coin, Compact Disc, Credit Card, DVD Player, Fireworks, Hologram, Jet Engine, Laser Pointer, Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Nuclear Submarine, Paint, Popcorn, Refrigerator, Telephone, Television, Temporary Tattoo, Vaccine, Vacuum Cleaner or Watch.  http://www.madehow.com/

Wednesday September 6, 2006
Just can't let it go huh?   "The Government brought down the towers to start a war."  "It was a missile that hit the pentagon not a commercial jetliner."  "Osama agreed to take the rap as long as we promise never to actually catch him."  Get real, our government can't even fix up one town after a hurricane, do you actually think they could pull off these other things? 

Tuesday September 5, 2006
It's not often we direct our listeners to a TV program, but tonight on Larry King the guest is John Stainton,  the manager and friend of Steve Irwin.  This website describes what happened and reminds you of tonight's interview.  http://www.cnn.com/2006/SHOWBIZ/TV/09/05/irwin.death/index.html 

Monday September 4, 2006   LABOR DAY
If it's a holiday why am I working on Labor Day?  ;-)  Here's the official, how it started, what it's supposed to mean, Labor Day website.  http://www.dol.gov/opa/aboutdol/laborday.htm


Friday September 1, 2006   HELLO FALL  (I don't care about the calendar, September is Fall around here!)
You might remember the day the Clayton Delaney died, but do you remember the date of the Great Hinckley Fire?  Here's all you need to know!  http://www.hinckleymn.com/history.htm


Thursday August 31, 2006   And so we way Goodbye to summer 2006!
It's weird, it's wacky, it's for the gullible.  Are they facts, or just great water cooler chatter.  Check it out for yourself!   http://www.gullible.info/ 

Wednesday August 30, 2006
We've talked about Google Earth before, but they've got a new version out that is over the top Awesome!  Needs a pretty powerful/newer computer, but if you got it, and download the new program...WOW!!!  http://earth.google.com/

Tuesday August 29, 2006   Katrina One Year and still COUNTING
So we don't live in a Real Estate Bubble, but there's still some things you should know about the value AND FUTURE VALUE of your house.   Check out this article!  http://money.cnn.com/2006/08/27/real_estate/pluggedin_tully.fortune/index.htm?cnn=yes


MINNESOTA STATE FAIR   http://mnstatefair.org

Monday August 28,  2006
Just how many airplanes are flying over you at any moment?  Take a look at this   LIVE RIGHT NOW map, and gasp like I did!  http://www.flightexplorer.com/
   Click on US TRAFFIC  also check out FAA DELAYS!

Friday August 25, 2006     The Great Minnesota Get Together is on!
This year there's WAY to many things you can get on a stick!  Check out the list.
Visit their webpage for ALL the info you need!  MNStateFair.org

FOODS ON-A-STICK There are 48 foods on-a-stick featured at the fair. They are:

1. Alligator Sausage
2. Bacon-wrapped Turkey Tenderloin
3. Bananas (chocolate covered)
4. Beef Kabobs
5. Beer Battered Bratwurst *
6. Bomb Pops
7. Calzones
8. Candy Apples
9. Candy Bars (batter dipped and deep fried)
10. Caramel Apples
11. Cheese
12. Cheese Cake (chocolate covered)
13. Chicken
14. Chocolate Chip Cookies
15. Coffee (frozen)
16. Corndogs
17. Cotton Candy
18. Deep Fried Reuben
19. Egg Roll
20. Espresso (frozen)
21. Fudge Puppies
22. Hot Dish *
23. Hot Dogs
24. Ice Cream
25. Frozen Key Lime Pie Bar (chocolate dipped)
26. Kiddie and Minnie Kabobs
27. Macaroni and Cheese
28. Marshmallows (chocolate dipped)*
29. Meatballs
30. Pickles
31. Pizza
32. Political Pops*
33. Poncho Dogs
34. Pork Chops
35. Porketta
36. Pronto Pups
37. Puffy Daddy
38. Reuben Dog
39. Salmon
40. Sausage
41. Scotch Eggs
42. Spaghetti and Meatballs
43. Super Dogs
44. Taffy Pops
45. Teriyaki Ostrich
46. Vegetable Kabobs
47. Walleye
48. Wild Rice *
* Denotes new foods on-a-stick for 2006

Thursday August 24, 2006
Hey it's Thursday, what more reason do we need to do a Cool Site about something weird.  At the Minnesota State Fair they have over 40 things you can purchase on a stick this year.  I'm thinking some of those vendors dipped into today's Pick to get their food ideas!   Did you know that the POLK in Polk Salad can be deadly?  Check it out!  http://www.weird-food.com/

Wednesday August 23, 2006
So do you think height has anything to do with success?  How tall was Joseph Stalin?  How about Fred Gwynne?  Here's a mother list of heights that will surely surprise!  http://members.shaw.ca/harbord/heights.html 


Tuesday August 22, 2006  
Wow what a night.  An old friend came to town.  Jim O'Neill ( http://galvestonguy.com/ ) and I went to broadcasting school in 1977.  Can it have been 29 years ago?  He's a big shot radio network guy and I'm still here at the family farm.  HMMM.  Great to see him! 

For our KKOJ/KRAQ listeners, check this out to see Grand Pubah Doug on his Duluth Vacation!


Check out these other Area Web Cam's  Grand Forks  Minnesota Highway Cams    Bemidji State  And our very own camera 

Monday August 21, 2006
Where is the month going?   So you're at the office and you're sitting in a meeting!  Tired of hearing those same old phrases?  Well post this as things that CAN'T BE SAID at the next meeting.  You might enjoy the paradigm shift!  (see paradigm was banned last year ;-)  http://money.cnn.com/2005/08/03/news/economy/annie/fortune_annie080305/index.htm

Friday August 18, 2006    Happy Birthday Chuck Schumacher!   http://gochucksgym.com
Cola, Root Beer Sarsaparilla.  What's the difference?  Why is Cola so popular.  Find out about Sarsaparilla first...  http://www.1001herbs.com/sarsaparilla/      http://www.straightdope.com/classics/a1_354.html

Thursday August 17, 2006
It's complicated in the Mid-East.  Let's try to make it more clear.  Who's my friend, who's my enemy, who's on the "don't know if they're a friend or enemy list."  Check out the chart, print it and carry it along.  Sound like Anders on Couper (sic).  http://www.slate.com/features/2006mideast/middleeast.html  

Wednesday August 16, 2006
So what does a community do when a big box retailer moves into an even bigger box?  All that space has to be used for something!  Here's how a bunch of communities "redid" the box!  http://www.bigboxreuse.com/ 

Tuesday August 15, 2006
TACKY TACKY TACKY, it's TACKY POSTCARDS from a different era.  Send em, collect em, but don't tell your friends you like em!  http://tackymail.com      Happy Birthday Phyllis Schlafly (1924)

Monday August 14, 2006
Ok I'm traveling, I'm in a bar, we're going to click glasses and say Cheers, BUT WHAT TO SAY in this country.   Don't go unprotected and uneducated!  Here's how to do Cheers in most every country!  http://www.awa.dk/glosary/slainte.htm 

Friday August 11, 2006      See you at the Chili Cook-off in EGF tomorrow!
So are their more Buddhists than Hindus in the world?  What percent of the world claims to be Jewish?  I think you'll be surprised by this web page!  http://www.adherents.com/Religions_By_Adherents.html 

Thursday August 10, 2006
That's it NO MORE SHAVING CREAM onboard flights.  TSA has new rules as of this morning.  Check 'em out at  http://www.tsa.gov/

Wednesday August 9, 2006     Happy Birthday D. Bell!
Well, we did unusual/weird modes of transportation yesterday.  Well where are you going to drive those vehicles but to buildings like this!  http://www.2loop.com/strangebldg.html 

Tuesday August 8, 2006
Some people just seem to have too much time on their hands!  Can you imagine getting a commission to create an entirely new vehicle!  Make it look different, power it differently and make it COOL!   Check out these great concept AND for sale transports!  http://www.diseno-art.com/encyclopedia/strange_vehicles/strange_vehicles.html 

Monday August 7, 2006
Actually today's Cool Site is more for Friday, but HEY, we're just back from the Jackson County Fair and we're still recovering.   This site let's YOU control the environment in a home in Texas.   Drive the owner crazy!   Turn the lights on and off.  YOU TAKE CONTROL!  http://www.drivemeinsane.com/

Friday August 4, 2006
It's much more than throwing salt over your shoulder if you spill some.  Where did these superstitions come from anyway?   But here's the BIG list.  I don't believe it for a moment....Watch out!  Don't step on that crack!  http://www.oldsuperstitions.com/

Thursday August 3, 2006
Imagine this, a website that let's you decide what stays in the news.  You can "digg it" or you can vote to bury it!   http://digg.com/view/world_business

Wednesday August 2, 2006
Traveling day today.  On our way to Jackson MN and the Jackson County Fair

Tuesday August 1, 2006    WOW Where is the Summer goin?
Ok, today's site is called Strange Geography and you kind of have to dig into it to get it.  But this lady has some weird land/geography locations around the USA  I've been there!


Monday July 31, 2006
Today's Cool Site is an educational one.  All about the back room of the internet.  What keeps it running and how it works!   Talk about Economic Development

Friday July 28, 2006
Ode to the CupCake!  When summer gets hot it's just the right size treat!  Visit the mother-lode of all Cupcake sites!  http://chockylit.blogspot.com/

Thursday July 27, 2006
Let's all go to Medora, Let's all go to Medora.  http://www.medorand.com/

Wednesday July 26, 2006
We think of it as a place where there's WAR going on, but did you know that Birders are watching and active in IRAQ?  Check out this birders blog!  http://birdingbabylon.blogspot.com/

Tuesday July 25, 2006
http://www.lmic.state.mn.us/chouse/northstarmapper.html    MAP THIS!

Monday July 24, 2006
So you're traveling across the country, or the globe for that matter and you hear a radio station's call letters.   Why did they pick that weird choice of letters?   Well here's a couple of thousand answers.   http://home.earthlink.net/~nelsonbe/origins.call-list.html

Friday July 21, 2006
Got a nice, clean home, swap it when you want to travel.  Here's 10,000 homes you might switch with!  http://www.homeexchange.com/

Thursday July 20, 2006
Yes it Really exists!  The Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists.  Visit their website....but not right after breakfast!!  http://www.roguetaxidermy.com/index.html

Wednesday July 19, 2006
Fun with science projects.   Do them at your own risk!  http://www.amasci.com/unew.html

Tuesday July 18, 2006
Did you know that the "other side" is fielding a competitor to CNN and FOX News Channel?  It's called Aljazeera and until they start broadcasting on cable, they've got their internet site in English up and running strong.  Did you see the guy from the Hez... media on CNN last night,  wouldn't answer questions directly, kept blaming everyone but them.   BUT LOOK AT THE VIDEOS, which army is marching over American and Israeli flags?   Doesn't anyone but me notice that?   Here's their website...  http://english.aljazeera.net/HomePage 

Monday July 17, 2006
Winnipeg was WONDERFUL!  It was great to see old friends and co-workers from GASP the 1970's.  They all got much older ;-)   Watch any TV?  Those houses that TV families live in?  Where are they?  Do they really exist?  Well check out a bunch of favorites here!  http://www.zillow.com/howto/FamousBirdsEye.htm

Friday July 14, 2006
Well the extra staff is in place, the farm sitters are here,  Dad is getting taken care of, and I'm off to Winnipeg Manitoba Canada for a few hours!   Yippie!!  It's a reunion of Yamaha Employees from the 60's and 70's.  Lots to do in the "Peg" Here's one of their tourism websites.  http://www.destinationwinnipeg.ca/

Thursday July 13, 2006
Tired of waiting on the phone for 10's of minutes trying to get to a live person?  Well here's the list of most called places in the US of A and the codes to push to get to a person!  http://www.gethuman.com/us/

Wednesday July 12, 2006
No superman here...just MacGyver to the rescue.  Here's a list of ALL the "magic" saves he made and a bit of the science behind each one  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_problems_solved_by_MacGyver 

ARE YOU IN BUSINESS?  Here's a MUST read about the former GE leader and the new business world we live in!  STUDY THIS!

Tuesday July 11, 2006
So you get yourself 1 GIANT Paperclip and start trading.  But you have to remember the ultimate goal is that you want to trade that paperclip for a PAID FOR HOUSE!   WOW is that an uphill battle or what?  This guy did it and you can read about it here.  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/13804920/ 

Monday July 10, 2006   The month is slipping by!
Have you heard about a "basement betty?"  How about a "google jockey?"  These are all new words with a "double-tongue" designation.  Check 'em out, add 'em to your vocabulary!  http://www.doubletongued.org/ 

Friday July 7, 2006  AHHH  the weekend again!
Did you know there's an "American" school in Paris France?  It seems quite interesting.   They even have a page of monthly recipes.  Check out the July page, and then look around a bit!  http://asparis.schoolyard.com/pages/sitepage.cfm?page=6915 

Thursday July 6, 2006    Jim Bollman Birthday     HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE!
So you're going to move to a new country!  Here's all you need to know about moving to another country.  http://www.justlanded.com/english 

Wednesday July 5, 2006   Summer's in FULL SWING NOW!
Remember the old traveling game called 20 questions?  Check out this site.  It is smarter than any of my travel partners!   http://www.20q.net/
  I got to get the portable unit!

Tuesday  July 4, 2006
YA YA YA I know it's AMERICA'S DAY  but how often is there a World Cup Soccer game with such interest on ANY DAY!   You know all about our 4th, here's about the SOCCER stuff that the rest of the world is so interested in!  http://fifaworldcup.yahoo.com/06/en/

Monday July 3, 2006    Countdown to my birthday.
OK what's long and cylindrical and full of HOT AIR?  It's a new way to put fireworks in the sky!  Disney invented it and soon it will be coming to a fireworks show near you!  http://disney.go.com/inside/issues/stories/v040831.html 


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