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Friday March 31, 2006
Well we can't hit April Fools Day without some resources.  After all this day only comes one time each year.   As usual our disclaimer kicks in...this is for ENTERTAINMENT ONLY, DON'T TRY ANY OF THESE THINGS AT HOME!   http://www.pranksite.com/ 

Thursday March 30, 2006   GOODBYE MARCH
SaveTheCookies.com is an international non-profit group, dedicated to saving the cookies all over the world. There are great and noble charities all over the world saving this and saving that... Save the Whales, Save the Children, Save the Rain Forests, Save the Tigers, etc, etc...Join our crusade and Save The Cookies! SaveTheCookies.com

Wednesday March 29, 2006
SING ALONG WITH THIS  http://barbershop.org

Tuesday March 28, 2006
So just how do you spell Pythagoras?  Or insecticide?  Now it's easy NO MATTER what program you're working in!  WordWeb is just a click away!  http://wordweb.info

Monday March 27, 2006
So what punishment can you give your newborn?  How about a bad name!   And here's the WORST!  http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/

Friday March 24, 2006
Who's got the most National Parks near them?  How Many are in your state?  Do you know where the closest one is to you?   You will now!   GET ME TO THE PARK ON TIME 

Thursday March 23, 2006
What if you could bring 100 government agencies together in one room?   Pretty awesome huh?  Well here's 1 web page that does just that.  http://www.fedstats.gov/ 

Wednesday March 22, 2006
WOW Spring is boring already....na just kidding!   So got friends, ANYWHERE in the world with a cell phone?  Now you can instant message them for free.  Check this out, send messages to your friends!  http://www.textmessage.cc/ 

Tuesday March 21, 2006    It's Official, SPRING IS HERE!
And that turns our thoughts to Theme Parks around the world!   Here's the definitive guide.

Monday March 20, 2006 
It may be officially spring tomorrow, but I want it today so we've googled "first spring flowers" and have about 3000 to start your enjoyment of the new season!  WOW LOOK AT THAT ONE 

Friday March 17, 2006    HAPPY ST. PATTIE'S DAY TO YA
OK we're going for the obvious here but everyone needs some GREEN resources today!  HERE     or some quick Irish music   RIGHT HERE 

Thursday March 16, 2006

Wednesday March 15, 2006
You think of Microsoft as a software company, but they have partnered with 3 companies to make a replacement for laptops for most people!  It's a 7 inch screen so it's way better than the hand held palm type stuff and yet small enough for most people to travel with.  SHOW ME SHOW ME 

Tuesday March 14, 2006
Well it's lent, and that gets me on fish and that gets me to fishing and I feel this is going to be a good year for fishing for me!  Last year was a bust due to family duties and so I'm Geared up and READY to GO!   Did you know that you can find out a totally awesome amount of info about just about every lake in Minnesota?  Check it out!  LAKE FINDER MN 

Monday March 13, 2006
Not often we show you a specific product on the Cool Site, but this one is WAY to cool.   Imagine a very light ALL GLASS cup, BUT it weighs almost nothing, it's never HOT on the outside and looks awesome!   Check these out.  I have two and love them.  That's Impossible 

Friday March 10, 2006
Want to know how your kids are hooking up?   Here's the #1 place.  Join up yourself and see what your kids/friends/spouse have posted!  MySpace.com

Thursday March 9, 2006
Microsoft wants to go HEAD TO HEAD with GOOGLE on search engines.   Here's their latest effort.  What do you think.   Some how I don't think the name is valuable.  http://live.com

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!sdneirf ruoy ot segassem terces dneS .ti otni epyt uoy taht txet yna sesreveR etiS looC s'yadoT  Can you figure out today's ETIS LOOC?

Tuesday March 7 2006
Trust your eyes?  I've got a site that will put a bit of doubt in your confidence.  Check out these optical illusions and you'll be unsure of just which way is up.   I like # 17 and it's following series the best...just click on the next at the bottom.  EYE TRICKS FOR YOU

Monday March 6  2006


Today's not as much of a cool site as it is a demonstration!  Did you know that if you go to http://Yahoo.com  and punch in an airline and flight number you'll get all the information about that flight including a map of where the plane is anywhere in the world?   I punched in Northwest 56 (my favorite flight from MSP to Amsterdam) and this is what I got. 
Airline NW Flight Number 56
Departure City MSP Arrival City AMS
Actual Departure Time 9:32 pm Estimated Arrival Time 12:28 pm
Status In Air Equipment A333
Altitude (feet): 35000 Ground Speed (KTS) 463

Friday March 3, 2006    It's 3 3 06 if you're into numbers.
If you can't make it to a fish fry (hey it's Lent) tonight.  Then follow this to make your own fish fry at home!   FISHY FISHY SWIM ON MY PLATE   

Thursday March 2, 2006
OK here we go again, tired of getting those telemarketing calls just when you're sitting down to dinner?  There is one AND ONLY ONE official government run site where you can post all the phone numbers you want to the nations DO NOT CALL LIST.   Won't stop it all but it will stop a LOT!  DoNotCall.gov

Wednesday MARCH 1, 2006
What year did who start what?   Yes it was on this day in 1961 that President Kennedy started the Peace Corps and yes they still operate.   Join up! peacecorps.gov/


FAT TUESDAY Today.... visit the Burbon Street webcams  Caution - Adult pictures

Tuesday February 28, 2006
So you didn't quite hear what the Dr. said was plaguing you?  Just hope it's not one of these Weird diseases!  NO WAY MAN I DON'T HAVE THAT

Monday February 27, 2006
Well it's over  Olympics XX have passed.  Here's the OFFICIAL list of winners and...well folks who were just there for the experience!   HEY MOM I GOT THE GOLD

Friday February 24, 2006
Think there's no more ways to make money in the USA?  Check out this creativity!  Story-of-our-Christmas-break 

Thursday February 23, 2006
Do you know the difference between a WICK and a BITER?   Well you should ;-)  Here's a complete, animated description of all the Curling moves!   SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP SWEEP!

Wednesday February 22, 2006
What would you do with 300,000 tires, just laying around your farm?   Tiredoutranch.com

Tuesday February 21, 2006
Olive Oyle?   http://www.italianmade.com/foods/cat15.cfm 

Monday February 20, 2006
President's Day.  But not just any Presidents!  Just a couple of them.  But we're up to 40 some of them.   Here's the National Gallery's Portrait collection.   Why is Bush Jr. NOT in the list?  You don't get a portrait till "after" you serve!

Friday February 17, 2006
It's not in your area yet, but you got friends, and they got houses in big cities, here's a great place where you can check out the value of their house, even make comments like,  OH I see the place down the street just sold for 1 1/2 million bucks...little comments like that!   Zillow.com   Created by the guy the developed Expedia...so you know it's good!

Thursday February 16, 2006
OK OK OK it's time to follow the Olympics...here's news and upcoming stuff!  OFFICIAL OFFICIAL OFFICIAL 

Wednesday February 15, 2006
OK, it's the day after Chocolate OVERLOAD!  So how best to "come down" from that Sugar High, than to take a visit through Walt Disney's PERSONAL Apartment at Disneyland.   Yes it really exists! Who's the Leader of the CLUB??

*  Wednesday the gang from KKOJ comes home via NWest flight 31 *
Tuesday February 14, 2006


Monday February 13, 2006

*  Doug, Gerry, Dennis, Donna have moved to: B&B Belgravia, Belgravia London   *
Friday February 10, 2006
Here's the ammunition you need before you go to the next sporting event....comebacks for the umps/refs too!   Heckledepot.com
*  Doug, Gerry, Dennis, Donna moved to:  Turret Guest House Edinburgh Scotland  *

Thursday February 9, 2006
Idioms, "A stitch in time saves...something!"  And dozens more  right here!  http://idiomsite.com

Wednesday February 8, 2006
Aaron D. Tires yes sadly it's a real name in a phone book somewhere.  Check out the creativity of others who find a need to be humorous! 

* For all you KKOJ fans following the adventures of Doug Johnson, today he's at  the CROOKLODGE York, England   
Tuesday February 7, 2006
It's all visual today, here's a website of all sorts of "tricks" that you can put on your website.  http://www.crazyimages.com/ 

Monday February 6, 2006
It's way beyond "If you spill salt throw some over your shoulder!" These OLD SUPERSTITIONS usually have some founding in fact.  http://www.oldsuperstitions.com/

Friday February 3, 2006
Places to take your sweetheart  OK  Gifts for the sweetie

Thursday February 2, 2006    YES  it's GroundHog Day  
Like some furry animal on the east coast can tell us what our winter is going to be like!   But HEY it's tradition so here we go... http://www.groundhog.org/   No Shadow in NW Minnesota, that's for sure!

Wednesday February 1, 2006   WELCOME FEBRUARY
And WELCOME to the Gallery of Regrettable Food!   Talk about a trip down memory lane!


Tuesday January 31, 2006   GOODBYE JANUARY
So remember all those food items that seem to have disappeared from the grocery stores?  They're all hiding here!  Hometown Favorites 

Monday January 30, 2006
Stories about dumb things people do always interest me, but when it's businessmen who get paid a LOT of money, it seems particularly interesting.   Here's CNN's top 100 list of STUPID business moves.   Better fill that coffee cup, you're going to be reading for a while!  WE GOT DUMB WE GOT DUMBER BUT WE'RE STILL LOOKING FOR DUMBEST 

Friday January 27, 2006
Don't have time to scour EBAY for the best deals?  This webpage sorts it all out for you and gives you all the auctions that are going for under a dollar with less than 1 hour to go before it's over!  TIME KEEPS ON SLIPPING SLIPPING INTO THE FUTURE 

Thursday January 26, 2006
You've heard about it, now see it.  MillionDollarHomepage.com

Wednesday January 25, 2006
OK Bored with winter I am, time for some weird science experiments!  For Entertainment ONLY

Tuesday January 24, 2006
http://video.google.com  WOW You could spend all day looking at these videos.

Monday January 23, 2006
Vinyl, friend to all, and the number 1 way we used to get our music delivered to us.   This guy has a collection of some of the weirdest songs you NEVER heard!   Dog's barking Beatle tunes?  But wait there's more!    Check it out!   ROFF ROFF ROFF 

Friday January 20, 2006
FIRST THE DISCLAIMER: By clicking on today's (or any day's website, you agree and understand that we are presenting this as informational and as entertainment.  You are a big person and can make your own decisions about what's appropriate or not and hold us responsible for NOTHING!    Having said that, you got to check out this practical joke website.  More fun than one person should have in this life!  NO NO I Won't do that!

Thursday January 19, 2006
Not just the time, but where is the sun shining in the world.  ALL RIGHT here   http://time.gov/

Wednesday January 18, 2006
USB Ports, the easy way to get information in and out of your computer.  But did you know there's TONs of "devices" out there that you can use for your USB port, some of them quite unconventional...there's even a USB Coffee warmer.   A fan, and all of these!   Now that's WEIRD

Tuesday January 17, 2006
Diets, have we got diets,  Whether it's the Crash Diet, or the Idiot Diet or the Green Tea diet, they're all here.  Pick one...no really pick any one!   http://www.free-diet-plans.biz/

Monday January 16, 2006
If you don't know what Skijoring is, you need to visit today's website!

Friday January 13, 2006

Thursday January 12, 2006
We've talked about it a LOT! Hoaxes, weird demands of rock stars, mug shots of the not so rich but really famous... Now the guy who SNUCK ONE BY OPRAH!   Visit the SMOKING GUN for the facts!  http://www.thesmokinggun.com/ 

Wednesday January 11, 2006
OK we've always focused on new and exciting things here, but we've got a STOP REMOVE list for you today.  These are the words that LSSU  (Lake Superior State University) (and who are they again? )  Says should be BANNED, BANISHED, REMOVED from our speech patterns!  NO YOU CAN'T SAY THAT ANY MORE!

Tuesday January 10, 2006
You're in a Diner, you hear the words WRECK EM?   Should you duck?  NA it's just Diner Lingo.   Find out what it means  here: HEY MACK A COUPLE OF ZERO's 

Monday January 9, 2006
Well today's cool site came upon is totally by accident.  I was searching for something about FROST and came upon these quotes by Robert Frost.  They're to good not to share!   ONCE UPON A QUOTE

Friday January 6, 2006
Don't be Dumb Learn this stuff before you Crime   http://www.dumbcriminals.com/

Thursday January 5, 2006
It's a different winter-weather-wise for you and me, but it's also different for our feathered friends.  Here's a great bird watching site with lots of info on how to attract and keep winter birds near.  I'm a Bird Watcher, I'm a Bird Watcher, watching Birds go by!

Wednesday January 4, 2006
The news wasn't good.  One survivor, 13 dead.  Another media debacle.  DId you know we have a Mine Safety and Health Administration here in the USA?  This is their official web site.   http://www.msha.gov/

Tuesday January 3, 2006
Is it time the world hears your ideas?  Can you contribute to the knowledge base of the universe?  Well put your 2 cents into this think tank!  THE WORLD THINK TANK 

Monday January 2, 2006   HAPPY NEW YEAR
Traveling, check here first  MINNESOTA ROAD CONDITIONS  NDRoadConditions




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