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Thursday March 31, 2005
So many uses, so little time, here's ways to use common household products in ways you never dreamed!  You CAN'T DO THAT!

Wednesday March 30, 2005
Looking for a picture?  Did you know that GOOGLE has an image search function that works as good as the looking for words part works?   Check it out here:  Check it HERE

Tuesday March 29, 2005

Monday March 28, 2005

Friday March 25, 2005
Easter Traditions Around the World

Thursday March 24, 2005
Do you know what  RINO means?  How about GOOGLE BOMBING?  These new words have entered our vocabulary, and here's the greatest site to get their meanings!  Republican IN NAME ONLY 

Wednesday March 23, 2005
 Do you know the truth behind the phrase "the Full Monty?"  or "the Real McCoy?"  Check out this phrase history page! 
That Can't Be RIGHT

Tuesday March 22, 2005
We usually have fun here at the Cool-Site but today it's educational.  After the shooting in Red Lake Minnesota it's time everyone gets a little smarter about Neo Nazi's, what they're all about, and the threat they pose.  This isn't just Idaho's problem anymore.   Do some reading here!    Read through this   Then read this, and click on more of the links

Monday March 21, 2005
http://www.scottishradiance.com/springflowers.htm   SPRING FLOWERS

Friday March 18, 2005
The last Friday of Lent this year, but why do we just eat fish on Friday's during the holiday season.   Read this article and I'll bet you'll eat fish at least once per week from now on!  Fish, it's what should be for dinner!

Thursday March 17, 2005  
It's Saint Paddy's Day-where's that green beer?
Did he really chase the snakes out of Ireland?  Where was he born?  Did he eat fish on Friday's during Lent?  Find out here!  Saint-Patrick.com 

Wednesday March 16, 2005

Tuesday March 15, 2005   THE IDES OF MARCH
What do you say to a Drunken Chicken, What do you Say to a Drunken Chicken, What do you Say to a Drunken Chicken, early in the morning?!    Finally a use for American Beer   Read about German Beer Making here   Follow the Rules Guys!! 

Monday March 14, 2005
We see them every day, but with computers and desk top software, some states are changing them faster than hamburgers come flying through the fast food restaurant window.  Yes, we're talking about license plates!  Check out all 50 states and many countries here.  Buy the entire set!   Wow that's what I want in my den!  LicensePlatesUSA.com  

Friday March 11, 2005
Why does your hair turn grey?  Why do we laugh?  Ever wondered why there are so many unanswered questions?   Check out this list, OH it comes with the answers too!  And just why do we have Eyebrows?

Thursday, March 10, 2005
Remember how in the movies there were always rules to follow.  If the music turned sinister there was always going to be something bad happening,  if the clock struck, watch out!  And if the star was slicking back his hair, you know he was going to be driving a convertible in a few moments!  Well, we've got about a thousand of those rules all listed for your as Movie Cliches.  I really laughed as I went through them.   Well, nothing worse than this can happen! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2005
An unusual Cool Site/Event.  This web site needs more talking about than we did yesterday!   Very much Liberace-esque but great talent and fun and a full multimedia presentation!   Andre Rieu from the Netherlands.  Play for me Andre!!

Tuesday, March 8, 2005
We'll talk about it again tomorrow but I attended perhaps the best concert of my recent life.   Very much Liberace-esque but great talent and fun and a full multimedia presentation!   Andre Rieu from the Netherlands.  Check his website and we'll talk more about it tomorrow!   AndreRieu.com

Monday, March 7, 2005
I've stood by a piece of art valued at over 140,000,000.00.  Yes a hundred and forty MILLION American Dollars!  And me without my graffiti spray can...NO NO Just a joke!   It was an awesome experience.   However there's an entirely different kind of art that you can't even see with a hand held magnifying glass.   It's art placed on Micro Chips, the fancy electronic devices that power our computers, and phones and all sorts of electrical devices.  Left there for years they sort of got discovered in 1999 and now folks are looking for them everywhere.  Here's an art Gallery that shows some of the best! Show me the Itty Bitty Art It sure fulfills the line, "If you can see this you're WAY TO CLOSE!!

We're back.  Check out all the fun from Europe at the TRIP LINK below.



Tuesday February 8, 2005   TODAY'S THE DAY!
You Plan, you calculate, you dream, and wait, and then all of a sudden the moment is upon you!   That's how I feel today as I begin my 8th Trip to Europe.  Things are in place, venues are firmed up, and folks are waiting for my arrival.  Berlin is the first stop, here's their English pages.  UP UP and AWAY

Monday February 7, 2005   Was there a football game yesterday?
1 Day to Germany
It's all over but the crying, or at least the commercials!   If you feel you missed one of them visit this site to "relive those Glory Days!"  Budweiser's Wardrobe Malfunction was the best

Friday February 4, 2005
Microsoft wants to DOMINATE, even search engine use.  They've just released a search engine designed to go against Google.  Check 'em out at: search.msn.com

Thursday February 3, 2005
4 Days to Germany
Some folks mark the years by their birthdays, some by the holidays, but we really should mark them by the STATE OF THE UNION address.  Is it SPIN?  Is it pabulum to appease the weak?  Or can we SET OUR SAILS and travel confidently?  Here's what he said.  Mr Speaker, Vice President Cheney, Members of Congress, fellow citizens:  

Wednesday February the 2, Groundhogs Day! 2005
5 Days to Germany
Did he, didn't he, can we take any more of this winter? 

Tuesday February the First, 2005
6 Days to Germany
Wow, the days are counting down and soon I'll be in trains planes and automobiles.  Check out this Cab in ASPEN and then ask yourself, "Why am I driving that plain vanilla sedan!  UltimateTaxi.com


Monday January 31, 2005   GOODBYE January  Thanks for the warm temps! 
7 Days to Germany
With the trip to Germany coming up I got to thinking about traveling around the good ole USA!  And that of course takes us to UNUSUAL Homes of the NON Rich and NON Famous!    Here's some Great Mobile Homes of Mississippi

Friday January 28, 2005
Tired of those "all from the same wind tunnel" looking cars?  Check out these beauties!  WOW Hit that Snowbank With This ONE

Thursday January 27, 2005
What do you call it when the words just FLOW from someone's mouth?
Logorrhea  Check out the words you'll need to be a Logorrheaist!

Wednesday January 26, 2005
It's coming, Mardi Gras is right around the corner, or at least right around the weekend.  I'll be flying on Fat Tuesday, but you can party Party PARTY!  Here's the Hot Sauce King, Tobasco's "heat you up and party" webpage.  OH that's a Hot One!  

Tuesday January 25, 2005
It's computer lesson day!  You need to get the Microsoft Antispyware Program!  It's awesome.   Oh BILL   FIX ME   

Monday January 24, 2005
Goodbye Johnny!   We'll Miss you! 

Friday January 21, 2005
Remember what Bush II told us at his inauguration speech yesterday?  Well then you probably have no memory of what Dwight D. or FDR said.  Here's copies of EVERY President's "opening remarks!" AND NO it doesn't start 4 score and 7 years ago! 

Thursday January 20, 2005

Wednesday January 19, 2005
We were traveling and so talked about the new "above zero" temps.

Tuesday January 18, 2005

Monday January 17, 2005

Friday January 14, 2005   Happy 90th Birthday Willard Reitmeier

Thursday January 13, 2005
Think you're pretty smart?  Think you could pass an 8th Grade Graduation test 100 years ago?  I don't know if I could... Try it for yourself.  Teacher Teacher  And they say "he only had an 8th grade education!"

Wednesday January 12, 2005
Someone trying to get you to donate to the "Tsunami Relief Fund?"  Promised you a big bonus is you help them get money out of an Asian country.  These are SCAMS.  Let me rephrase that for you,  S C A M ! ! !  Do your reporting here.

Tuesday January 11, 2005
To Pack or Not to Pack...that is the question.  I know that I travel with WAY TO MUCH STUFF and I keep trying to down scale,
down scale, down scale!  Here's a list of several sites that help take the clutter out of your suitcase!

Monday January 10, 2005
It's fun to watch construction as building go up, but for me it's even more interesting to see them come down in just a few seconds.  Here's a great site with about 20 building demolition videos.   Enjoy.

There once was an Ice Sheet named Ralph
Inhabed by an unfriendly elf
thou he tried to be nice
as he slid round the ice
tripping Gophers kept him in good health

On a basket ball court named the Betty
played the men and the women so sweaty
they'd run back and forth
yet they had no remorth (remorse?)
winning Sioux games left them feeling heady     copyright 2005 John Reitmeier

Friday January 7, 2005
When it's this cold out, nothing sticks to your ribs like bread/eggs/milk!  Here's a listing of recipes for 2 of my favorite breakfast foods! 
German Toast    

Thursday January 6, 2005
Delta Airlines did a major reshuffling of their fares.  At the moment you can go roundtrip (subject to change) from Minneapolis to Los Angeles for under 220.  Get 'em while they're hot! FLY ME

Wednesday January 5, 2005
He's our "envoy" our Abgesanter our inviato.  Secretary of State Collin Powell is the "official" voice of America.  Right now he's in Asia as our rep.  Follow his travels here.  PLEASE FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELTS

Tuesday January 4, 2005
Just how do those animals survive winter when it's 24 degrees below zero---for the 2nd day in a row???  Here's a great site that even tells us how mosquitoes "live" through the winter.  BRRRRRRRRR 

Monday January 3, 2005  Happy Birthday Henry Förster!
BRRRR 24 below here and that ain't wind chill!!  Don't know about you, but I'm having a big problem with all the tsunami news reporting.  Did you hear this morning that there is a terrorist group in northern Somalia and they are insisting that ALL AID goes through them, HMMMM.  Is your money actually going where it's needed, how much is siphoned off along the way.   Senator Frist says his list is a collection of charities that will "deliver" as promised.  frist.senate.gov 

New Years Eve 2004-2005
What do they do in other countries?  Check this page and decide where you'd rather spend this evening!  New Year

Don't Call it FIRST NIGHT, Call it:
Erste Nacht - prima notte - primeira noite - eerste nacht - premičre nuit. 
Visit the Grand Forks First Night Website HERE


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