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Thursday June 30, 2005   Goodbye June - What a month.  It's not every month you bury your mother.
Well we talk of viruses a lot but there's some new ones going around that you need to know about.  These will trick you into opening them because of the "news" headlines they contain.  They say they have info about either Michael Jackson or that they have news about how Pope John-Paul was murdered.  If you open either of these you will be planting a virus on your computer which will try to spread itself to other computers on your network.  So main advice...don't open any emails like this.  Here's more info: Who could do that to the pope?  

Wednesday June 29, 2005
So...the bad guys knocked them down, then it was decided to rebuild them (it) and the designs came in, but they weren't what folks wanted, so they designed some more and got a final, BUT then the police said, "NO WAY ACHMED (HOSE?)" and so it was re-designed and now we have a "final?" building design to look at.  Seems like more spire and less tower in their efforts to make it the "tallest" structure in the world!  Visit the "new and improved" Freedom Tower HERE

Tuesday June 28, 2005
You know about the G8, the meeting of the biggest most powerful countries in the world.  Now it's Return to Live8!...and their efforts to end 3rd world debt.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, but I sure know we've got to eliminate poverty wherever we can.  This is the big website for the upcoming meeting on July 2 trying to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY

Monday June 27, 2005
Time to advance your internet skills.  AND share your life or your feelings on issues with the rest of us.  How do you do this?  With a BLOG...short for weB LOG.  Here's a great place to get started.  Click on the "TAKE A QUICK TOUR" to get started!  http://www.blogger.com/start 

Friday June 24, 2005 Well it was quite a night.  Fortunately there were no human injuries, BUT farms around here really took it hard.   My Cousin Ron to the NW of us lost his main repair building AND his main polebarn/storage building.   Our neighbors just to the east lost their main repair building.   Here at the farm we have damage to the roof on the house, significant damage to the roof on the office building, it even stripped the paint off the side of the office building.  A window had popped.  My weather sensor equipment is trashed, and we lost some mature trees.  Here's more info about tornados.  Toto we're not in Kansas anymore! 

Thursday June 23, 2005   Strawberries, Strawberries, it's the time of the season!  Here's a website that has over 3000 pictures of Strawberries.   Use them to liven up your website, or order one for your wall!  Red & Juicy Bold and Beautiful 

Wednesday June 22, 2005.  So many things have happened since we have been together each morning.  Thanks to Dave Tucker for taking the time each day to fill in for me, and thanks to Jim Bollman at KCNN for putting up with him!  BRAC, what does it mean?  Base Realignment and Closure - What does it mean?  What does it mean for us if we don't live right by a government base?  Here's the official government web page.   Accept no substitute. 

As all our listeners know, I have been on Hiatus due to the illness and death of my Mother.   Thank you all so very much for your cards and calls!  It was a new experience for me to be involved in the last moments of someone's life and then all the planning and actions needed after their passing.  I think I'm a different person for having gone through it.  Again, Sincere Thanks from all my Family and me!    John   ...for Mom's Obituary please visit  reitmeier.com


Tuesday May 31, 2005    GOOD BYE MAY 2005   Weather-wise you were weird
Got an interesting site for you today, matter of fact we're going to feature it all this week.   It's called KONFABUlATOR and it's awesome and fun.  It's a collection of WIDGETS, little pieces of software that do all sorts of handy things.   Check it out as we talk about the different areas of things it can do for you!  Konfabulator.com

Monday May 30, 2005  Memorial Day 2005
Here's a little history about this holiday.  Ironically today is it's traditional day.  Some folks want it locked onto May 30 others think it should float to the nearest Monday...what do you think?  We salute all our troops, living and gone!

Friday May 27, 2005   Happy Memorial Day
So the weather's kind of plucky,,,what to do this Holiday Weekend?   How about CYBER ROCK PAPER SCISSORS for hours.   Here's the place.  I WAS GOING TO PICK THAT   I WAS

Thursday May 26, 2005   We say goodbye to Philipp Reitmeier, Good Flying Philipp!
What's an Idiom?  You know many of them but might not have known that they're idioms.  WELL just off the cuff, there's no room to swing a cat ;-)   Check out their origins here.  This is NOT a RED HERING! 

Wednesday May 25, 2005
So the gardening begins!  Any last minute questions?  Well if there are, visit here. I MUST BE PLANTING THEM TO DEEP OR TO CLOSE TOGETHER 

Tuesday May 24, 2005
I know it's true, my brother's neighbor's cousin told me!   And so starts another URBAN LEGEND!  So many emails floating around the net are NOT TRUE, yet folks pass them on as though they were proven.   Here is the mother lode of all websites to separate fact from, well, Legend, URBAN LEGEND that is.   Snopes.com 

Monday May 23, 2005
Wow a tornado north of the farm on Saturday.  Have you seen the new Google Maps webpage?  It's got satellite pictures that are incredible!  Check the map of the farm: WOW I COULD SELL THIS
  you can see the motorhome parked in front of my place.  Visit here: Maps.Google.com to find your place.

Friday May 20, 2005
OK OK OK I Know...Star Wars has the floor, BUT I think that the Muppets tonight are worth talking about!  It's FREE and it's going to take you down memory lane.   It's the Muppets version of "the Wizard of OZ!"  Check out the site, gather the kids and watch this!  Who's going to play the Wicked Witch??

Thursday May 19, 2005
It happened overnight,  the final episode of Star Wars has opened.  BIG DEAL HUH?  Well it really is cause it's been 28 years since it started, most of us were much younger then.  I didn't wait in line to be first, I'll see it sometime soon.  Here's an interesting site, interviews between Darth Vader and Lucas, interviewing each other.  Get the background you need so you can talk to your kids/grandkids.  IT'S DARTH VADER NOT DARTH BROOKS! 

Wednesday May 18, 2005
WOW a real live guest in the form of Tim Galloway from Rail Europe!   Get on board with a train pass, only available in America but for the trains of Europe!  RailEurope.com 

Tuesday May 17, 2005
Here's the MOTHER of all travel sites.  Links to every airline, train, bus, city transit, ferry, cruise line, it's ALL HERE  RoutesInternational.com

Monday May 16, 2005
HOW SWEET IT IS!  Remember all those sugar packets you had your hands on when you were traveling...maybe even all around the world?  Well someone collected all of them and put them on the internet.  Finally something I can afford to collect!  Sweet BABY Sweet 

Friday May 13, 2005   HMMM Friday the 13th...
So what happens when you jumble the letters in your name, or your cities name and try to make some new words?  Here's a site that will do it for you, and in an instant!  Make it an ANAGRAM

Thursday May 12, 2005     When will the cold go away?
Posters, remember when the youth had their bedrooms covered with giant posters?  Here's a website with 300,000 of them to choose from!   There must be one in there that you would want!  posters-and-prints.org 

Wednesday May 11, 2005
Slowly the different government agencies are trying to take over your life.  They need to change what it says on the Statue of Liberty and add, GIVE US YOUR LOGIC, GIVE US YOUR MONEY, we might give you some back.  Now the County of POLK wants to put in a law that if someone dumps the makings of Meth on your property, that they can charge you for the cleanup.  HMMM Come on big brothers, back off!  Check out the ordinance they intend to make law...30 counties in Minnesota already have.  TELL THEM NO!    

Tuesday May 10, 2005
DryDay.com Will it rain on your wedding?   How about that golf outing you've been planning with your buddies for years?  Check out this site, claiming the ability to predict rain days in the future!

Monday May 9, 2005
WOW rain, wonderful rain!  And lots of it here at Studio B.  Got a great weather site for ya.  Divided up by literally EVERY city in your state!   North Dakota  Minnesota  Iowa  South Dakota 

Friday May 6, 2005
Having a "northern" garden is like so different from having a garden in the rest of the USA.  Here's a GREAT SITE that talks about the issues of our gardens and is full of ideas and fun.

Thursday May 5, 2005  Cinco de Mayo
It's PASTA heaven day today.  All the shapes and sized you could want in one convenient site!  Which one is your favorite??  SEND ME THE PASTA THAT YOU DREAM ON

Wednesday May 4, 2005
Planting a garden would just take too much time away from watching Television, here's a project that you can do in just a few minutes, and have some fun with your friends.  MOLD MY FACE IN JELLO??? 

Tuesday May 3, 2005
Can't get on Amtrak or Rail Europe?  Well ALL ABOARD, run these German trains right from your Desk!  Chug-a-Chug-a-Chug

Monday May 2, 2005
Snow?  It's MAY!  Where are the May Flowers??  If you're bored and need some computer action before you get some outside action check out this quickie game site.  I like battleship the best!  MISS  MISS MISS  HIT YOU SUNK MY BATTLE SHIP


Friday April 29, 2005
It's an amazing website.  They've collected and scanned high school yearbooks and other class pictures.  Thousands of them.  Check it out and see if they have your picture!  WorldSchoolPhotographs.com  

Thursday April 28, 2005  CANDY CANDY CANDY  They really did it with my favorite candy bar!  Now a Dark Chocolate Almond Joy  YUM!!  I want a thousand of em.  If you're going to SIN with Chocolate in America, this is your only Choice!! Need more History of Candy...Here's a timeline and story about most of the popular brands.  Why didn't start making that one!

Wednesday April 27, 2005   http://AmIRight.com Wow, how many way's can you rewrite a song lyric?   Here's a site that has 2000 parodys along with confirmation of song lyrics for many more songs. 

Tuesday April 26, 2005 - tias.com THAT INTERNET ANTIQUE SITE

Friday April 22, 2005
FLY ME TO THE MOON, or at least to Minneapolis Wonder what the conditions are at your local airport?  IFR (instrument flight rules) or MVFR (marginal visual flight rules) are tracked at this great site.  

Electrifying!  This map shows you where lightning has recently struck in the USA.  HOW DO THEY TRACK THESE THINGS??   Here's a map a little closer to home! HEY OLE, COME IN FROM THE RAIN

Thursday April 21, 2005
Sportsmans Lodges.com

Wednesday April 20, 2005
It's Spring Time and our RV Park is open.  If you can't visit us in person, please drop by the web page now and then.  Find out what's happening in the Daily Diary section.   PrairieRV.com  

Tuesday April 19, 2005
Sir, let me help you with your bags! There's several other luxury trains, mostly railing around Europe.  Check 'em out here.

Monday April 18, 2005
All Aboard Here's a train that I'll probably never get to ride!  But what a trip it would be.  6 Days, Moscow to Beijing.  It's the Trans Siberian.  But with the new "world climate"  Americans are encouraged to make other arrangements.

Friday April 15, 2005
Well it's tax day, I guess all we can do is SING our WOE! 

Thursday April 14, 2005
http://amasci.com/hoax.html   Yes hoaxes you should read about but DON'T TRY!

Wednesday April 13, 2005
Move me up Move me Down Move me ALL AROUND  Controllable Web Cams

Tuesday April 12, 2005
Are your Representative and Senators really doing something?  Or are they in Washington sitting on their $1,300.00 office chairs and chatting on the internet?  Check out this website that is the Mother List of Congressional activities, divided up by the folks who represent us.  HMMM  I Guess there's some action. 

Monday April 11, 2005
At, By, In, On, To and 30 some more.  What are these little words and how should be use them?  You should never end a sentence a preposition with! 

Friday April 8, 2005    Happy Wedding Day Paul & Leah
The Life and Times of Pope John Paul II  The official Vatican Ceremony

Thursday April 7, 2005
http://www.gapminder.org/projectsView-2.htm Want to know how your income fits in with the other Americans?   Or how about the rest of the world!?  Check out these graphs.

Wednesday April 6, 2005
http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/      http://arje.net/rasterbator

Friday - Monday - Tuesday
As all our listeners know, we spent 5 days at the hospital tending to Mom!  The news is good and she's back home and expected to make a full recovery!   Thanks for all your prayers and calls. 


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